MIAMI (CBS4) – Those looking for authentic Cuban cuisine, look no further than South Beach and Bernie’s Latin American Café.

Located on 16th and Alton Road, chef and restaurateur Bernie Matz cooks up traditional Cuban food in a very non-traditional way.

“This is a very simple, unpretentious local spot that serves a modern healthy approach to a classic Latin flavors,” said Matz.

That’s not to say you won’t find cheese steak, sweet potato fries or any of those Latino favorites we all love and crave, but Matz makes it a bit healthier.

It’s a more modern approach to the same Latin American cuisine with whole grains, real fresh veggies, fresh salad, quinoa, and a mix of 5 different varieties of rice, things you wouldn’t find in a typical Latin American restaurant

Most meals run between $8- $12 dollars, making Bernie’s LA Cafe a South Beach staple for those who enjoy healthy Latin cuisine.

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Lisa Petrillo


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