MIAMI (CBS4) – Mel Gibson… Paris Hilton… Lindsey Lohan… Kiefer Sutherland… the list of drunk or high celebrities getting into trouble is endless.

Bad examples? Of course, but everyone has problems.

My problem is what seems to be a surge in celebrities celebrating drunkenness and drug use.

Superstar singer Rihanna tweeted a picture of an IV in her arm at a hospital after reported hard partying in New York.

Her people say she had the flu.  But, days before, she tweeted racy pictures grinding with strippers, saying strippers were the best stress relievers.

Then I heard a talk radio genius say she was fine with Rihanna’s alleged drunken behavior because Rihanna was young and rich.

Really? Even though it landed her in a hospital?

And there’s the monster hit, “We Are Young.”  Its music video shows a drunken bar brawl, while the song’s lyrics glamorize getting higher than the Empire State and getting so drunk you feel like falling down.

I wonder what all these famous folks would say to the family of thirteen-year-old Kaely Camacho, killed here last month by an alleged drunk driver going more than a hundred miles an hour?

An overwhelming number of the tragic stories we have to report every day on the news are caused by drinking and drugs.  Celebrities shouldn’t be helping make things worse.