MIAMI (CBS4) – I have enormous respect for the U.S. military.  Our troops have every right to do what’s necessary to train for their dangerous missions overseas, even if that training involves waking up thousands of people in the middle of the night.

But it would have been nice if the military had made certain the public was warned about pre-dawn training exercises in Coconut Grove.

Instead, F-16s and Blackhawks scared a whole bunch of people who were already on edge after hearing about a new underwear bomber.

The military did indeed send out a perfunctory press release yesterday evening, but it was vague, saying there would be some urban training this week that wouldn’t negatively impact citizens or their daily routines.

I guess for them it’s not a big deal to turn a heavily populated area into a simulated war zone in the wee hours of the morning with aircraft flying so low that houses shook.

At my house, the intense noise lasted for almost an hour, badly frightening one of my kids and me too.

One friend in downtown Coconut Grove told me she woke up thinking a U.F.O. was landing on her house.

But others barely stirred.  Ambien must be very effective.

The military didn’t have to give us every detail of their plans or exactly where they’d take place.  But a well-publicized warning about loud, nighttime military exercises sure would have helped.