MIAMI (CBS4) – These days, there’s a list for just about everything, and it’s almost a guarantee that Florida will get the short end of the stick.

As I’ve asked before, could it be that the people who compile these lists are envious that we live in this great state and they don’t?

The new list slamming Florida says the home of Mickey Mouse and Disney family values is, in fact, the smuttiest city in America.

Yes, Snow White, L.A. may be the capital of pornographic film production, but Orlando is the capital of porn film consumption.

According to Men’s Health magazine, the home of G-rated theme parks is X-rated when you leave Fantasyland.

The criteria included porn bought, rented or streamed, the number of adult entertainment stores and the number of porn internet searches.

Tampa was eighth smuttiest and Miami twelfth helping Florida take the title as the smuttiest state.

But how can Orlando be smuttier than Sin City itself? Vegas took second.

And the none-too-saintly New York and Los Angeles didn’t even make the top fifty.

Florida may need to launch a P.R. campaign to counter all this silly, negative publicity.