CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – Coral Gables Police are looking for a man they said walked into a home and stole a bicycle and a purse before racking up credit card charges at a few different locations.

Authorities said the thief entered through the open garage door of the home along Jeronimo Drive in the Gables.

“We left the garage door open over night,” homeowner Rich Richards said. “A burglar came in to the garage, took a bike off the bike rack then came inside and took a purse.”

Richards said he feels violated.

“I can understand somebody seeing, hey a garage door’s open, take the bike. But to actually come in the house? That’s a whole different story,” Richards said.

The home was full of sleeping visitors at the time. Four adults and three kids slept through the break-in. Some of the people inside were visiting from out of town.

“That’s very disconcerting, obviously. You feel very upset,” Richards said.

The thief got away with an Italian bicycle worth about $1,000 and a purse filled with credit cards that belonged to an out-of-town guest.

Surveillance video caught a man using credit cards from the purse at a Home Depot, a Chevron Gas Station and a WalMart in Doral.

Cops say the robber saw a chance, and he took it.

“Sometimes, these people aren’t career criminals,” said Detective Brad Baena. “They just act on the opportunity to do it. There’s a rise in these types of criminal activities in the community.”

Detective Baena said the break-in can serve as a reminder to the entire community, that you should always lock your interior garage door.

“A lot of people get a false sense of security by securing the garage door only,” Det. Baena said.

Richards said he’s learned his lesson, and he hopes others learn from his mistake.

“If I had the garage door shut and the inner door locked, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Anyone with information about the man seen on the surveillance footage is asked to contact Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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