MIAMI (CBS4) – Miramar Police continued searching waterways in the city Tuesday. Police would not confirm exactly what they were looking for but the searches took place just minutes from the home of missing mother Vilet Torrez.

Torrez has been missing for a month. She was last seen inside her home and suspicion has fallen on her husband, Cid, who family members say Vilet was planning to divorce.

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Vilet Torrez’s brother, Javier Blanco, told CBS 4 News that the searches are painful for the family to watch but they are grateful investigators are working so hard to find Vilet.

“I know this is not a cold case,” Blanco told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “Things are happening everyday.”

Police believe foul play is involved. CBS 4 News first revealed last month that Cid Torrez is considered a person of interest in the case. Search warrants obtained by CBS 4 New show that Cid Torrez provided DNA and hair samples to police as well as his fingerprints.

Torrez told CBS 4 News that he did not know where his wife is.

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“Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?,” CBS 4’s Carey Codd asked him.

“Nothing at all,” replied Cid Torrez.

Javier Blanco said his family cannot stop thinking about strange comments Cid Torrez made over the years about his wife.

“He told my mother that she was dead and that he sold a truck by telling the person who was buying it that she was dead and he needed to pay for her burial,” Blanco said. “These are things that normal husbands don’t do.”

While the family waits for answers, police continue to search areas around Miramar for Vilet Torrez and clues to her disappearance.

“We want the person who was involved in her kidnapping — or even her murder — to be caught,” Blanco said.

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Police said they were finished searching on Tuesday but that more searches are planned. Investigators told CBS 4 News they did not recover Torrez’s body and would not say if they found any evidence related to her disappearance.