MIAMI (CBS4) — A South Florida man bullied as a kid for being overweight changed his life and now he’s working to change the lives of others.

He created a unique health and fitness plan that helps people struggling with weight to get back on track. But the big question is does it work?

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Mother of three Jill O’Malley wanted to make a change to her health and lifestyle so she decided to try the plan created by David DiPlasquale out of Coconut Creek.

The lifestyle and nutrition coach knows all too well about losing weight and changing your life. He was once obese as a child and even bullied for his appearance. So, he dedicated his life to health and fitness. Not only did he transform his body, but he has now transformed the lives of thousands across South Florida.

“I’ve always had a little to lose; nothing that I thought was any major weight loss. I never have been extremely obese,” said Jill O’Malley.

DiPlasquale said following his plan can lead to success, “There’s no plateau in this plan. It’s learning how to eat the rest of your life, keeping your metabolism alive. But we are brainwashed in this country to eat less and exercise more.”

His Get On Track Fitness plan requires that you workout only one hour a day on the treadmill.

“We have to monitor our heart rate which our heart is the most important muscle in the body. If we monitor these basic principles, we will be successful,” said DiPlasquale.

In his plan, he lays everything out for you and snaps a picture of you every eight weeks to show your progress.

Jill wasn’t too happy with her first pictures.

“It wasn’t true, no, I thought that wasn’t me,” said Jill when she first saw her pictures.

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CBS4’s Jawan Strader could totally relate to Jill O’Malley.

In his first pictures, his gut was hanging over his shorts that barely fit and he had love handles popping out everywhere. Jawan never imagined that he could look this bad. H, like millions of Americans, struggled with his weight and needed help, so he decided to try the Get On Track Fitness program as well.

Following Jill O’Malley’s journey, her starting weight was 140 pounds at 50 percent body fat. Her goal, to lose 30 pounds and gain muscle.

The program requires you eat every two to three hours.

“When I looked at it, I thought you have to eat three hours a day, every three hours you’re eating and he said it’s going to speed up your metabolism and I thought, I just like to eat two times a day, I don’t need to eat five times a day,” said O’Malley.

After following the plan for almost a year, Jill is barely recognizable to her friends and family.

She has lost 52 pounds of total fat and gained 29 pounds of muscle by using a treadmill and eating right.

“It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt better in my life,” said O’Malley.

Jawan agrees, “I’ve lost more than 70 pounds of total fat and gained close to 50 pounds of muscle thanks to a unique plan by this South Floridian bullied for being obese as a child,” said Jawan.

DiPlasquale said, “That’s what I live for. I live for the fact that I’m changing people’s lives.”

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