FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Another son of the man accused in the 2010 murder of a Nova Southeastern University professor has taken the stand for the prosecution.

Sean Tundidor, brother of Randy Tundidor Jr. who along with his father is accused in the robbery and murder of Joseph Morrisey, said he heard about the murder on TV. He also said he heard their father, Randy Tundidor Sr., say “Nobody *expletive” with me.”

Sean Tundidor said when he talked to his father about it, Randy Tundidor Sr. admitted to sending Randy Jr. into the home to rob it so he could have money to buy crack. After learning this, Sean Tundidor testified that he contacted the Plantation police department and agreed to wear a wire to get incriminating statements from his father and brother.

In testimony Thursday morning, Sean also recalled noticing a missing knife from a display case at his father’s business.

“It held knives. All of them were there except the big one. The box was on the floor,” said Sean.

On Wednesday, Sean’s brother Randy Tundidor Jr. took the stand to testify against his father. While both men are charged in the crime, Tundidor Jr. agreed to testify against his dad as part of a plea deal in which the death penalty was taken off the table.

On the stand, Tundidor Jr. said his dad called him and asked if he knew anyone who could scare his landlord, Joseph Morrissey, because he was planning to evict him. Tundidor Jr. said he would do it.

Tundidor Jr. testified that he tied up Morrissey and his wife Linda and spoke to his father by walkie-talkie. He said he was told to search for anything of value and had a gun but told his dad he wasn’t going to shoot anybody.

When asked why they used walkie-talkies, he said it was because his dad told him “If they used a cell phone, they could be tracked.” He also said he covered the Morrissey’s heads with towels, “because he didn’t want them to see his dad because he knew they would recognize him.”

During the horrific crime, the Morrissey’s were forced at gunpoint to drive to an ATM and withdraw cash. Tundidor Jr. also testified that his dad wouldn’t let him leave and reportedly said Joseph Morrissey “has to die.”

The younger Tundidor claimed his dad tried to shoot Morrissey but the gun jammed. That’s when he used a knife to stab him repeatedly, according to Randy Jr.

Randy Sr. also grabbed a gas can from the garage, doused the living room and kitchen and lit it on fire, according to his son.

Linda Morrissey and her son managed to escape the house.

Attorneys for Tundidor Sr. said there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime and Linda Morrissey never identified Tundidor Sr. as the second assailant. On Tuesday, she clearly identified Tundidor Jr. as one of the men involved in the crime.

Tundidor Sr., charged with murder, armed robbery, armed kidnapping, home invasion robbery and arson, could be sent to death row if convicted.


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