MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Drivers caught on camera running a red light face a fine of $158. But if you’re a police officer, you may get a pass in some cities.

In Hallandale Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Sunrise, police officers from those cities may be let off with a verbal or written warning if they caught running a red light and are not on duty, according to the Sun-Sentinel. However, if cops from other cities are caught, they’ll be fined just like everyone else.

Each time a police officer is caught on camera running a red light, the footage is reviewed and the fine dismissed if it can be determined that he or she had a legitimate reason.

There doesn’t seem to be a uniform policy among cities which employ red light cameras and how they’ll treat law enforcement violators.

The paper points to an example of a U.S. Marshal who got in touch with the West Palm Beach police after she was ticketed. She said she was in her personal car, but was on ‘official’ business. Fine dismissed.

Hallandale Beach police Chief Dwayne Flournoy defended his city’s policy of ticketing officers from other agencies but only giving written reprimands to city officers, according to the paper. He said if the officer is caught doing it repeatedly, it could lead to harsher discipline which would be much worse than a fine.

The Sun-Sentinel contributed to this report.


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