MIAMI (CBS4) – You’ve heard of people being asexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, metrosexual… how about datasexual?

A Huffington Post story says you’re a datasexual if you have an obsession with your personal data.

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Datasexuals obsessively record everything they do and think data is sexy.

You know the type: people who can’t sneeze without telling the world on Facebook, who photograph everything and share the pictures with everyone, who tweet more than they eat.

Datasexuals are creating and sharing massive amounts personal data online and on their mobile devices.

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Some are using a Big-Brother-like app called Placeme that can track every step you take, the stores you visit, how much time you spend in each aisle shopping and the temperature of the places you’ve visited.

There’s even something called the Quantified Self Movement, where people use digital devices to track most aspects of life: sleep, mood, food, exercise, weight.

Some are calling all this digital exhaust.  I’ll be less polite and call it digital diarrhea or just plain narcissism.

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Sexy?  Not!