MIAMI (CBS4) – Christine Silva was stressed trying to balance work and family, with no time left over for herself.

“I was constantly exhausted. I felt like I was never able to keep up,” said Silva.

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So she tried something new. She hired a Wellness Coach to help her regain control of her life.

“Within the very first session, I realized this is not about just getting exercise. It was about how do I see myself and where do I want to be,” explained Silva.

A Wellness Coach takes a holistic approach, focusing the body and the mind. They meet clients one-on-one and create an individualized health plan.

Margaret Moore is CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation. “The coach is really trained to help you take a bigger picture of you, over all aspects of your health and wellness and then come up with a formula that combines all of these things together.”

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Wellness coaching used to focus on helping individuals cope with one particular disease. And Life coaching was reserved for busy executives. But now it’s more mainstream for anyone, and it’s endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Christina’s been working with her coach for two years and says her life has changed

“I’m more relaxed almost on a almost daily basis,” Christina explained.

Of course hiring the right coach is key. So ask a lot of questions about fees, what’s offered, communication, and how many times you meet.

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Wellness coaches can come from a variety of backgrounds such as fitness, psychology, physical therapy, nursing and others. A national certification is underway.