MIAMI (CBS4) — Would you paint your house orange or green, if it meant living mortgage free for a year? Some local residents are hoping to turn their homes into gigantic billboards and cash in.

Thousands are applying for the chance at a transformation to turn their classic Florida homes from drab to fab.

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“I don’t mind. I don’t care what color you paint my house as long as you pay my mortgage,” said Claudette Marc, who applied for a chance to have her house painted.

Marc lives in northwest Miami and wants her home to spruce up their neighborhood.

“I think it will be beautiful. I think people will admire it,” said Marc to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

The marketing company Braniacs from Mars came up with the idea to use people’s homes as advertisements and transform them into gigantic billboards.

Brainiacs CEO Romeo Mendoza cannot believe the response he has received from thousands of people across the country.

“We are a very out of the box marketing company. We provide unique marketing solutions for large and small businesses,” said Mendoza.

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Just how far out of the box? One family in Buena Park, California, is getting their mortgage paid for a year.

“We thought it would be nice to have a company pay the mortgage so we could pay down our bills and the credit card balances and stuff like that,” said Scott Hostettler.

The company behind this idea budgeted for a hundred paint jobs but had no idea the depth of need.

“Now we’re easily surpassing 40 thousand applications and it’s really all over the world,” said Mendoza.

Among the applicants, Claudette who discovered the contest on line while searching for ways to help pay her mortgage after losing her nursing job.

“I have three kids and my grandson so taking care of them, the house, and the bills, is just hard,” she said.

In order to qualify, you must own your home. Chances are if you live in a gated subdivision, your home owner’s association won’t let you go through with it if you get selected.

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