MIAMI (CBS4) – If you don’t, you might change your mind after you hear this story.

A baby girl, born weighing less than two pounds in Resistencia, Argentina, was pronounced dead after her premature birth.

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She was put inside a tiny coffin and placed in a morgue refrigerator.  More than ten hours later, her mother went to the morgue, to take a picture of the baby, to have something to remember her by.

But. when the mother opened the coffin, lifted the cloth that covered her baby and touched her hand, the ice-cold tiny little girl, somehow, cried.

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No one can explain how hospital and morgue workers missed any sign of life.  They have all been suspended.

And nobody has any idea how such a tiny baby could have survived the morgue’s frigid temperatures.  She is in critical but stable condition.

Her father refers to what happened as his daughter’s “resurrection.”

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The parents named the baby Luz Milagros, the Spanish words for light and miracles.  It’s hard to think of a more fitting name.