FLORIDA CITY (CBSMiami) – Several people were involved in a shooting in Florida City near Davis Parkway and NW 5th Saturday afternoon, but exactly who was shot, who did the shooting, and why the neighborhood was raked with gunfire are questions police have yet to answer.

Jaradeen Moore lives only a few blocks away from the shooting scene said she heard 15 to 30 shots.

“it sounded like a helicopter,” she said.

The shooting happened at 3pm near a crowded apartment complex. Police closed the area for several hours and interviewed witnesses.

Witnesses at the shooting scene said there were multiple victims, but Florida City police have not yet confirmed that information

Moments after the shooting Florida City police also discovered a gold Chevy Pickup truck on the side of the road just after the Florida City entrance to Florida’s Turnpike. The truck was in the northbound lane before the Campbell Drive exit, left on the side of the road with the doors open. The truck was riddled with bullets, with  at least four bullet holes visible in the windshield.

Police did not say if people fled from the truck or if they were taken to the hospital. But sources tell CBS 4 news that the truck was related to the shooting in the neighborhood.

A witness who did not want to identify himself said he had heard that there would be retaliation from another shooting but that he didn’t think “it would go down like this.”

Repeated phone calls to Florida City police have gone unanswered.

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  1. Me says:

    God I have to move back into the United States about 60 or so miles North from Florida City.

    1. CECE says:

      Did you hear what you just said 60 miles North so what are worried about ?.. Out of all the places in the USA why Miami? I dont care where you go in Miami or live you have to be aware of your surroundings it is a total war zone there. It’s like the wild wild west. Guns and Death everywhere. I moved away from Miami along time ago. It is not the same place I grew up 40 years ago

  2. Elliott says:

    I was born here in 1951 and would never move! Yes, more crime, more population etc. Beautifull weather, nice people, a cosmopolitan city. Alll of you who claim to be from here but have moved out, you have no idea what a bad city is about. Compare to Detroit, Flint, California gangs, south side of Chicago, San Antonio, Maricopa County AZ., etc., etc. Miami is still paradise. It’s just your desire to badmouth Miami. That’s all. The world has cities where you get killed for a pair of shoes! We still don’t lock our doors at night…

  3. rausky says:

    Hey cece it’s bad everywhere you go. I’m hoping to leave Miami within 3 and a half years whenI retire. When I leave, I don’t even want to hear news about Miami. This plscae is a CESSPOOL and a DUMP!!

  4. BadDude says:

    mmm my parent live across those apt where the shooting happen, this is a shame there’s kid playing outside that apt lucky the kids didn’t get hurt.

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