MIRAMAR (CBS4) – The children of Vilet Torrez have been removed from the care of their father nearly a week after the mother disappeared.

During a custody hearing Friday morning, Vilet’s parents were given custody of the three children. The father, Cid Torrez, will have supervised rights.

The kids were removed Thursday night after a confidential call was made to the Department of Children and Families that said Cid reportedly said he was going to get a gun and end it all.

“I heard exactly that,” Vilet Torrez’s brother, Javier Blanco said. “I’m gonna end it all.”

When pressed further, Blanco said he didn’t hear him say it, which Cid’s attorney said was simply hearsay.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported the couple had an on-and-off relationship in recent months and that Cid sometimes lived elsewhere.

Cid’s family said taking the kids away from their father isn’t fair.

“I understand the court doesn’t want to take any risk of somebody telling that this was going to happen,” Cid’s aunt Ruth Lopez said. “But he, there is no evidence. I think the court is covering themselves.”

The move came on the same day that police may have found new evidence in Torrez’s disappearance. Police executed a search warrant on Torrez’s home Thursday. CBS4 cameras showed investigators photographing strange marks on bricks surrounding a flower bed.

The marks were so concerning, police decided to take the bricks for further examination. On the front door, you can also see faint stains or smears.

Torrez lived in Miramar and left behind her children, her family, and all of her friends.

“She would never leave those children,” said Naiyava Blanco. “Those children are her life, her life. She would do anything. Go through hell for them.”

During a Wednesday press conference with Miramar Police, new pictures of Torrez were released showing the mother with a big smile on her face. Her family said that how she always is at home.

Investigators told CBS4 they’re checking to see if her credit cards have been used. The last time anyone saw her was Friday, when she had dinner with a friend. Now, cops are following every lead and scrape of information they receive.

If you have any information, call Miramar Police at 954-602-4000 or Broward Crimestoppers at (954)-493-TIPS.

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