HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4) – The sale of dogs that come from puppy mills is now banned in the city of Hallandale Beach

The Hallandale Beach City Commission unanimously passed the ordinance Wednesday night. Retail store owners will now have to provide a valid certification of source for each animal.

Commissioners took up the issue after a citywide outcry which began two years ago. Officials hope the ban will encourage those seeking a family dog will consider adopting from the shelter.

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  1. MLazarow says:

    The ordinance is written as follows.
    You cannot sell dogs or cats in Hallandale Beach with four exemptions:
    1. a rescue
    2. a shelter
    3. a pet store that operates in cooperation with a shelter or rescue
    3. local, legitimate breeder where dogs are bred on the property
    The certificate of source can only come from one of those four places.

  2. Judy Earley says:

    Michele, thank you for informing that there was more to the ordinance than showing A source, but the guts of the ordinance listing the allowable sources.
    I am quite sure the Mayor and Commissioners would not try to water down the provisions and risk public outcry.
    BTW- you appeared to be one of the most cool and collected and educated people in the room. Hallandale seems to need more of you.

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