MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Several Miami-Dade commissioners who have found themselves in the cross-hairs of auto magnate Norman Braman have begun to fight back.

Braman, who successfully led a campaign to recall former county Mayor Carlos Alvarez, has made it known that he’d like to see reform minded candidates challenge four incumbents on the commission and fill a 5th open seat in August race, according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald.

During Tuesday’s commission meeting, Commissioner Dennis Moss took a stand against Braman.

“As the story goes, at the end of the day, every bully meets their match. Norman Braman is a bully,” said Moss.

Moss added that he and three fellow commissioners targeted for defeat by Braman were not afraid.

“I know some folks in this community are afraid of him and he’s trying to make folks his lackeys and flunkies and puppets but I’m not one of those individuals,” said Moss. “And I would also like to say a bully thrives on fear, but once a bully understands that you are not afraid of him they go and find somebody else to terrorize.”

The paper reports that Braman has already convinced state Rep. Luis Garcia, who will drop out of a congressional race, to challenge Commissioner Bruno Barreiro.

Barreiro said he too is not afraid. He pointed out that he’s defeated challengers in the past and the only way to end Braman’s bullying will be another win on election day.

Barbara Jordan said Braman’s threat will only make her campaign harder, even it means she has to go door to door to drum up support against a well-financed challenger.

Commissioner Audrey Edmonson said it was a sad day for the county when one person can dictate who sits on the commission.

CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald contributed to this report

Comments (7)
  1. Caring Mom says:

    Way too many characters have made local politics their life-long income-producing “service.” Quite a few have strong-armed just about anyone to ensure their children follow their tracks. There IS a reason for this. Whether locals latch onto race, ethnicity, party or income bracket (imagined), Miami’s is small town politics at its best. This “multi-cultural paradise” is a house divided, and Caesar’ made it clear: Divide and Conquer. Our local leaders will remain until they die . . . it must be a good life. Otherwise, what would many of them actually DO?

  2. tim3500 says:

    Somebody has to fight these corrupt politicians.

  3. Michael Wind says:

    mr braman please investigate debbie wasserman schultz and all the politicians in 33154 area where you live,clean up your area first.

  4. Elliott says:

    Hooray for Braman! Takes his personal time and resources for the improvement of our local area and it’s politics and no one realizes this effort. I hope he manages to sweep all these career politicos out of the city commission. Just trying to wonder what woukd they do if left without their seats?…

  5. Robert says:

    These are the same guys that sold us out with the Marlin Stadium, the American Airlines Stadium, the previous basketball arena… all on County land… give-aways but the tax payers are footing the bills and the commisioners are the heroes. They make too much money (and/or kick-backs) and an incredible pension for the little that they do for the people of Dade-County. Get rid of all the dead weight that we have!

  6. gary says:

    He’s not a bully, he’s doing what we all would like to do – get rid of over-paid life-long local politicans who’ve ruined nearly everything they touch. The deals they’ve made and benefitted from which were supposed to be good for the community won’t fit on this post. NO ONE should serve more than 2 terms – some of these shouldn’t have been elected AT ALL. Good riddance to bad rubbish




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