MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – The husband of a Miramar mother who’s been missing since Friday night is pleading for the public’s help, saying he is worried about her safety.

“I’m so worried about her,” said Cid Torrez, the husband of 38-year-old Vilet Torrez, who Miramar Police say has not been seen or heard from since she left a friend’s home in Miami-Dade Friday night.

“It would mean the world to me and my kids if she could be found,” Torrez told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. “We have been separated for a few months and have had our problems. But this is so unlike her. She would never leave her kids. This is so unlike her.”

Police say Torrez had taken Friday off from her job at Bath Fitter in Doral on Friday, because it was a teacher planning day in Broward and her two sons and daughter, who are between 4 and 12 years old, had the day off from school.

“I spoke to her Friday morning and then she did not come back,” Torrez said. “Then Saturday her van was at the house where she lived with the kids,” he said, at 12915 S.W. 28th Court, in a gated community off Miramar Parkway.

That van was towed away by Miramar Police on Monday.

“On Saturday I called her job but she was not there,” said Torrez. He said he delayed calling Police until Monday because he thought she might come home.

“We hope that she can be brought home safe,” said Torrez.

Shortly after that interview, two Miramar Police detectives showed up at the home that Vilet Torrez lives in with her three children and where her husband met the media for interviews.

Those close to Vilet Torrez also said she was very reliable.

“She’s a really great and sweet lady,” said Clarissa Garcia, who told D’Oench that she is Torrez’s best friend and godmother to her son Sid Jr.

“This is not in her character to behave this way at all,” said Garcia. “We have been friends for year and she just doesn’t do this. She is my best friend. We talk to each other two or three times a day. The last time I spoke to her was Thursday morning. Then I called her phone Friday and all weekend.”

“Then I texted her Monday morning,” she told D’Oench. The text that she showed D’Oench read “Hey U ok?”

There was no response. “She never answered me,” said Garcia She’s never done this before. And I was here when they towed her Van away, the police did, they just towed it away. I am very worried about her, very worried about her.”

She told D’Oench that she was concerned that Torrez was not reported missing until Monday. “There’s so much time that’s gone by,” she said. “That somebody was missing and she was not reported missing until Monday. That is wrong.”

“She is very much a home body and she was always picking up her kids and bringing home her kids. And when she didn’t do that, the grandmother and grandfather did.”

Another neighbor, Ernesto Rodriguez, agreed. “She was very reliable and always good about her kids. This is not like her.”

If  you can help Police with this case, call Miramar Police at (954) 602- 4000 or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

Peter D'Oench