MIAMI (CBS4) – And you thought fast food only made you fat and made your blood pressure soar by upping your sodium levels?

Now, a new study in the journal Public Health Nutrition says it might be messing with your mind too.

The study finds commercial baked goods, including doughnuts and croissants, as well as fast food pizza, burgers and hot dogs, are increasing your risk of depression.

Researchers found that people who ate the most junk food were fifty one per cent more likely to get depressed.

A similar study reported by the Mayo Clinic showed the people with diets high in fried foods, processed meat and high-fat dairy had an increased risk of depression.

And yesterday, “60 Minutes” aired a story that pretty much equated sugar with Satan.

Is it just me who’s getting depressed just by listening to everything I can’t eat?  The “60 Minutes” piece flat out said the American lifestyle is killing us.

We may have no choice but to change what we eat, even if if we don’t like it.


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