MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Thousands of people filled the amphitheater at Miami’s Bayfront Park Sunday afternoon to demand justice in the death of Trayvon Martin. The attendance fell far short of the 75 thousand predicted by US Rep. Frederica Wilson, organizer of the event, but they missed a spirited rally held under a blazing sun.

The Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to a crowd of more than 3,000 people, chanting “No Justice, no peace.”

And the Reverend Jess Jackson called for an “end to vigilantism.”

The crowd belted out its approval of former Miami-Dade police director Bobby Parker’s comments.

“This is the time to become energized,” Parker shouted. “This is the time to take action. Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

Miami commissioners Michelle Spence-Jones and Francis Suarez also spoke. Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho showed his support, saying he stood up for Trayvon.

“He was my student. He will forever be remembered as a child of Miami-Dade,” Carvallo shouted.

He was one of the many local speakers and performers to appear on stage to energize the rally, including a James Brown impersonator, Singer Betty Wright, and former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning.

The crowd stayed to hear from singer Chaka Kahn, who wrote a song memorializing Martin.

The rally started at 4 and lasted nearly three hours.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with the parents of Trayvon Martin and both Jackson and Sharpton.

“Number one Zimmerman should be arrested,” Jackson told D’Oench. “And number two they should change the law that encourages vigilantism.”

“He racially profiled Trayvon,” said Wilson. “He was a neighborhood vigilante.”

Martin, 17, of Miami Gardens, was shot February 26th while walking through a gated Sanford community by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense. Citing the “Stand Your Ground” law, police did not charge Zimmerman in the shooting which sparked outrage and cries for justice across the nation.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said only one outcome would acceptable in this case.

“I told the family from day one I would help them,” he told D’Oench. “I will be here until Zimmerman is arrested.”

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said she was truly appreciative to those who turned out.

“It means so much to me to see all of you,” she told the crowd.

Martin’s father Tracy Martin told D’Oench, “I feel good about this crowd. We know our neighbors love us.”

She told D’Oench that it was important for her and her husband to attend the rally to show their support for all of those who were there.

‘I am grateful for this turn out of at least a few thousand people and there has to be justice in my son’s case,” said Fulton.

“Trayvon was my baby,” she said. “He was my child. It’s in the hands of God, but everything will be alright.”

Among the demonstrators, Jeff Rose of Miami told D’Oench. “I think it’s pretty amazing that no one has been arrested yet.” His wife, Patty, echoed his sentiments, saying, “I feel there needs to be justice for Trayvon Martin. It’s not clear why no one’s been arrested yet.”

Governor Rick Scott has appointed a special investigator to determine if Zimmerman will be charged, cleared or if this case will go to the Grand Jury.

The F.B.I. and the Justice Department are both investigating.

The protest will continue nationwide in cities including Los Angeles and Chicago to keep the focus on the case, protestors said.

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  1. Benny says:

    True. If Zimmerman was black he would be in jail for murder.

    1. Just AnObserver says:

      I call bull on ya, Benny.

    2. JobsBill says:

      benny is obama’s son’s cousin.

      1. cabrerski says:

        Oh?? Is Benny here illegally as well?

    3. Joe says:

      If Zimmeran was black nobody would be calling for a lynch mob.

      1. Oldtaxpayer says:

        RIGHT ON.

    4. sailordude says:

      Actually the shooters of 14 are not in jail so you don’t know what you are talking about THEY ARE BLACK TOO! They don’t even have any suspects!

    5. MLKrollingingrave says:

      If Zimmerman were black, the ‘community’ would be saying “Don’t Snitch”.

      1. bnchy says:

        You are absolutely correct!

      2. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

        This is true – no snitchin!

    6. Chris G. says:

      That’s the way it SHOULD be, Benny — & getting prepared for execution if found guilty of that murder in a court of law.

    7. Devon says:

      People finally saw the real picture of him, 17, 6′ 2” with a gold grill and slit eyes, looking as stoned as a junkie.

      1. coltster says:

        They will still show his pic when he was 12. Real honest people. NOT!

      2. CHRIS3760 says:

        yup. remember hitler’s baby pics…and look what happened with him.

    8. Marie says:

      A baseless assertion.

    9. Obamalicksanus says:

      And he’d deserve to be there. Blacks are 13% of the population but commit 80% of the violent crime.

      1. ShootEmFoDeyRunNow says:


    10. ShootEmFoDeyRunNow says:

      Whine, whine, whine…

    11. John says:

      Zimmerman should run for president.

      I would vote for him.

    12. soul leister says:

      difference is the hispanic zimmerman has witnesses that backed up his story. This is not about race its about facts… it doesn’t matter what color zimmerman is HE HAS WITNESSES that backed him up… people that see racism everywhere except their own mirror are the problem here.

    13. Publius2012 says:

      No. he would get a free pass from Eric Holder, especially if he had whacked a white guy or blocked a polling station.

    14. soul leister says:

      this is not about race… there are witnesses that back up zimmerman’s story… its about the available facts… blacks want to have different facts to work with… our judicial system deals in facts not after the fact fantasy… had zimmerman been black and had the same witnesses the states prosecutor would not have been able to hold him either… grow up and taste the rainbow.

    15. busseja says:

      I doubt it. but If Zimmerman missed with his shot Trayvon could have been arrested for assault and battery.

      Asking Trayvon “where are you going was no crime.” Assulting Zimmerman was.

    16. harley2007 says:

      A statement with absolutely no facts to back them up.

    17. blackiswhack says:

      If Zimmerman was black then he would be in jail a long time ago for rape, murder, robbery or drugs. Thank all that is holy that he is not black as one more spookmonkey does nothing but add more problems to a planet infested with that garbage race.

      1. sean says:

        actually the political and judicial tides are changing and have been for the past 30 years
        yes while more blacks are in jail
        they are also getting away with more and more crime due to what i like to call “affirmative action trials”
        leftist idiots think the system is racist because more blacks are in jail than whites
        when in reality it’s just because they commit more crime
        but due to the idiotic leftist protests there is more leeway available to blacks in court due to them being over represented in the prison population

  2. Beverly says:

    Those people who committed the crimes(especially if they are Black), will be charged. Zimmermann ADMITTEDLY STALKED and SHOT AN UNARMED Child and has NOT been Charged!I know you think this is OK, but we don’t think it’s ok, and we’re not gonna stand for it! You know EXACTLY where Al Sharpton is : Leading the fight against someone who thought they were going to get away with MURDER and not even be charged. If it was YOUR son you’d be crying and Trayvon would already be UNDER the jail and you wouldn’t be making excuses for a Black person who killed your son and YOU KNOW IT! You’re just mad because Rev. Sharpton is leading he fight against injustice.That’s his job! SOMEBODY has to do it! It’s bad that two people got shot in Miami, but that still doesn’t let Zimmerman off the hook!

    1. changomango says:

      So Zimmerman never lied about following Trayvon, called police and waited until police arrived after the tragic event yet you don’t believe his version of events only because they don’t jive with your narrative. After evaluating the evidence, his statement and eyewitness testimony, the police department and district attorney concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with any crime, justice served! And my son is not a gold toothed, tattooed, drug smoking, thieving graffiti artist, thug wannabe who’s been suspended from school on several occasions, so looks like they failed as parents who now seek to profit from their sons death, oohhhh feeeeel the luuuuv (of money)!.

    2. Aunt Blabby says:

      Unarmed CHILD ?????Please !!!!!!

    3. James says:

      Utter baloney and you know it. Poor trayvon never learned any respect fro strangers. In the end it got him killed. THAT’s the lesson

    4. Just AnObserver says:

      I’m calling BULL on you, Beverly.

      Your racism is showing..

    5. jon says:

      stop calling 6 foot 3 football playing athlete Trayvon a child that term just inflames the already out of control lynch mob

    6. Bud says:

      Admittedly according to who? Zimmerman will not be convicted of anything!

      1. rjm2238 says:

        At this point it looks as though he should not be convicted of anything, BUT, we have not got all the info yet. You should learn patience. If the young man we are speaking about was possessed of it he would be alive now, wouldn’t he. That gang banger, in your face attitude doesn’t always work out. More often than not it will not see you home. There is a saying, “You can never have too much gun” We used to apply it only to hunting situations, but these days, seeing what is going on now, it is appropriate to everyday life. That my friends is a shame, a dan_m shame. Rich in New Mexico.

    7. Haters Ball says:

      You are a deluded race baited who won’t be happy until there are dead blacks and whites. You are a fool who incites the foolish. Just like your hero Al Sharpton. He sees an opportunity to make some money off a dead kid and he is all over it.

      YOU and your ilk are moronic hypocrites.

    8. Ken says:

      Well Bev, love the way you and most hate mongers never EVER let facts interfere with a good story. Unfortunetly your logic and justifications hold about as much water as a promise from Obama. The facts just dont add up to what you are saying Lady, so get off your high horse and quit pretending you have value to the community, because, frankly, you dont

    9. Jim Bob says:

      Parents are never responsible, children (old enough to be a Marine) are not responsible…he couldn’t have just walked straight home and if confronted called 911? He couldn’t call his dad?

      Since none of those calls were made, as far as we know, it looks like he talked smack to himself and decided to confront the guy who was following him. It ended badly. Lots of gunfighter movies about just this thing…fight over a girl, fight over a slight of honor…been happening to young men of all colors since the beginning of time.

      It seems that some people like Beverly seem to believe that the kid was stalked and shot from an ambush…it doesn’t sound like the evidence supports that theory.

      1. Abe Froman says:

        Better people than Trayvon, been killed in the past month and the media ignores it. Why liberal white media bosses wnat blacks rioting and killing baffles me. I wish they would riot at Rockefeller Square or Greenwich Village, and give these money grubbing media lefties what they deserve.

      2. jarjar says:

        unifies the base anti-freedom base. Guarantees reelection of pro-union politicians which means more money for the bosses. They care less about what happens on the streets. They’ll just jet off overseas for a while.

    10. DEBBIE says:


      1. coltster says:

        You go Debbie….:)

    11. Erick says:

      I didnt realize I couldnt follow someone in my own neighborhood who I dont recogninze and is acting in a suspicious manner. George saw Trayvon and called the cops. This is exactly what a law abiding citizen should do. Observe and report.

      Even if George was following Trayvon, so what? If Trayvon was doing nothing wrong then he should just continue walking away. Further, a 911 operator has no authority whatsoever to “order” someone to stop following another person. In fact, if you rread the unedited transcript of the 911 call George obeyed the “order” to stop following Trayvon even though he was under no legal obligation to do so.

      If Trayvon punched Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground and was bashing his head in the concrete, I would argue that those are the actions of a thug and a criminal. IF this is what went down, George was within his rights to defend himself from this potentially deadly attack.

      Regardless, anyone who has already judged George OR Trayvon as guilty or not guilty based on what they have seen in the news is wrong. We need to let the police do their job and allow our justice system to sort things out. We dont know all the facts, they will come out as the investigation progresses.

      Based on the wacky posts from the liberal left, as well as the equally crazy and racist posts from a vocal minority on the right, there will always be a large number of crazy white and black folks who will never see reason no matter what the evidence shows.

      Unfortunately, being Black and anti-white is acceptable. It is a shame that we havent gotten to the point where racist comments from both whites AND non-whites are equally reprehensible.

    12. GF says:

      An unarmed thug was probably looking for an easy break in, and that attacked him and he had to shoot.

    13. concernedgranny says:

      Zimmerman did not stalk Trayvon and Trayvon was anything BUT an innocent child. A witness said that Trayvon was smashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete after breaking his nose. It doesn’t seem like Zimmerman is racist, he tutors black children and has blacks in his family. Check out Trayvon’s twitter and FB pages. He’s a lot different than the 5 year old picture the media is showing. We have to let the system play out. We are a land of laws. BTW, Rev. Al is a hate mongering race baiter…remember Tawana Brawley and the Duke LaCross incidents?

    14. Joey says:

      He shot a low life thug. May he rest in HELL.

    15. Ken says:

      Sharpton and Jackson are out there to keep their names in the news. This situation isn’t one that’s wanting for media attention. Sharpton and Jackson love and need the attention (and ancillary financial gain) that this situation will bring to them personally. It’s hard to take you (or this incident that you really, really want to make a cause) seriously with his name attached.

      What do you think happened here, Beverly? That Zimmerman followed Martin around, then decided to shoot him in full view of at least several witnesses during or just after a phone call with 911 with no provocation whatsoever, just because he was black? Stop looking at this as a racial issue and ask yourself if that makes any sense at all.

    16. Oldtaxpayer says:

      Bull, this was no child and if you know then tell us what he was doing there, and did he have a job then was he in college, or trade school, and release all of his records.

      He could have said. I’m sorry and are leaving the neighborhood right now….

    17. Snæbjörn says:

      Excuse me while I wipe my tears from my and your friends “doing their job” make me puke.

    18. Dutra says:

      Your “child” was 17 years old, six (6) foot tall, and 160 pounds in weight. He wasn’t wearing Huggies.

      Trayvon was a punk! Find another saint to worship.

      – The convenience store video, where Trayvon supposedly bought his Skittles, will not show him patronizing the store.
      – Trayvon has a criminal record.
      – Trayvon’s fingerprints will match those lifted at one of the burglary scenes.
      – Trayvon will have Zimmerman DNA under his fingernails and on his knuckles.
      – Trayvon was nowhere near where he should be if he was on his way home.
      – The toxicology results will show drugs in Trayvon’s system.
      – The jewelry found in Trayvon’s backpack will be traced to a burglary where his prints were also found.

    19. Liberty4Ever says:

      Trayvon was NOT A CHILD – you need to get your facts straight. The family put out a picture of Trayvon when he was EIGHT YEARS OLD but Trayvon was no longer 8 yrs old – he was 17 yr old. He was much taller than Zimmerman and the facts will reveal that Tryavon was a thug and was indeed the attacker and Zimmerman had every right to use the Florida “stand your ground” law. I am thankful to live in a state that allows me to protect myself against THUGS of all colors.

    20. D Brown says:

      Nope. I am mad because the “Revs” and others want a mob lynching. I am truly irate about a seeminly senseless killing. Notice that I said senseless. There is an investigation going on now by local, state and FEDERAL agencies and I am sure that the facts will come out. If Zimmerman is accused and convicted, i am also sure that justice will be done. Now, are my comments racist? Please let me know.
      Also, is Jackson’s love child old enough to vote now?

  3. Jesse says:

    I say were Aunt Blabber why would you say such things….all I want to to start a riot and watch people destroy their community with hate. ITs a big distraction wink wink!

    1. BLABBASHIN says:


  4. DoveSONG says:

    ARE they looking for the people who DID it? ARE they letting them go free? Then right there – that is the POINT!

  5. DoveSONG says:

    WOW… maybe YOU will caught in the middle… sad just sad for ANYONE to hate as much as you obviously do – What you sow, lady, you shall reap. so be careful what you wish for others, it may just come to you… If i were you, I would pray.

  6. charles says:

    Al Sharpton? Frederica Wilson? This is Duke Lacrosse and Tawana Brawley all over again.

    1. pdxqt says:

      And it appears to be plagiarizing the script of “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

      1. usul333 says:


      2. steview says:

        Indeed. First thing I thought of. I don’t find many people who remember it – or read it, though.

      3. KayZ says:

        First thing I thought of too when these race card players Jessie and Al showed their mugs, not to mention Obowmao.

      4. woody says:

        Even MLK was a rabid plagiarizer, so it’s “all in the family”….

      5. dude says:

        dude i was totally watching that movie last night!!!! for the first time!! i was thinking the whole time, man just like that florida situation.

      6. AynRandBiotch says:

        No doubt it is a Tom Wolfe moment. Incredible!

      7. Shepherd says:

        Good one, but unfortunately everyone who attended the event wouldn’t understand the joke.

    2. Gerry says:

      Al Sharpton the spokes person for NBC and Jesse Jackson the pride of Chicago and both are a prime example of a primative culture.

      1. John says:

        They are prime examples of old goons that still have it, they can still extract the cash from hard working black’s wallets without them catching on that they’ll get nothing for their dollars squandered.

        Is there a race issue, yes, only when the cash flow runs low at the Sharpton, Farakan, and Jackson residences. Otherwise they don’t give a dam about 14 blacks shot at a funeral in the same state they’re protesting.

        I’m laughing at these clowns, because they really are funny.

      2. Michael says:

        No doubt right?! Are they in Detroit protesting the black on black crime? Miami to protest the black on black crime? New Orleans to protest the black on black MURDER rate? Heck no! There isn’t any money in pandering black on black causes… only when it is aimed at whitey do these two hypocrites get involved.

      3. Ron Langevin says:

        You spelled that wrong, it is Al DULLton, the midget, and gorlella “rev” jaclson. They smell and look like orangutans, and the real reason they were there is there was free bananas for all!

    3. Meme says:

      Actually, I think Sharpton’s calls to incite riots has helped Zimmerman much more than Martin. The more the public learns of this story, the more sympathy Zimmerman gets, especially after the race baiters start spewing their rhetoric.

      1. RPatReilly says:

        It’s a shame when any young man is killed. The story states that this young man gave his life for this cause. Martin did not give his life, it was taken from him during an altercation. Young men are killed everyday for very immature reasons. When the parents, the schools and the media begins to chastiise this immature behavoir and impress upon these kids the long range consequences of their violent actions maybe these acts will diminished.

      2. lingsun says:

        There was no cause. Not unless the cause is to rob and kill white people. Martin gave his life for that cause.

      3. joe says:

        No loss why is anyone upset??????

      4. joe says:

        Zimmerman is a national hero and should be treated as a hero.

      5. Earl P. Holt III says:

        The only difference between Trayvon Martin and every other black criminal is that Trayvon was involuntarily retired from his profession…

      6. joe says:

        Zimmerman is the hispanic version of the new ZORRO

      7. joe says:

        Trayvon said he is very hot now.

      8. brother benedictus says:

        Race baiters? Yep. Exaggerators too? Seems so, when it serves their cause … 75,000 were expected? “more than 3,000” showed up? The aerial photo shows an amphitheater with 12 sections, each containing about 8 rows of about 15 seats … quick math shows that the seating capacity is 1,440. MANY, many sections are far less than half full. I’m thinking that there were fewer than 1,000 people in attendance. That doesn’t sound very good though, does it? “A crowd of thousands” sounds almost like a majority. Too bad it’s likely just another big lie.

    4. Mo says:

      And yet many of these same people screaming for :justice” where cheering i n the streets when OJ Simpson was found not guilty by an African-American jury despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      1. james says:

        The jury in the O.J. Simpson trial wasn’t overwhelmingly African American. I am black and I am waiting on the evidence to be revealed before passing my judgement. Keep your racists comments to yourself.

      2. james4usa says:

        White Supremists, are the people that claim Somalia,Ethiopia, Kenya are inferior to say… Germany, Denmark, Sweden.

      3. paulus31 says:

        james4USA need to listen to black Pastor Dr. James Manning’s Sermon about black people linked here among the above posts. That’s a real eye opener to the hoods!!!

    5. Playrighter says:

      Wilson is a disgrace to her office. She is either a conscious liar or an ignorant pandering buffoon. The 911 tapes (the real ones, not the dishonestly edited NBC version) show NO racial profiling. Zimmerman wasn’t even sure of Trayvon’s race when he was asked “white, Hispanic or black?” and answered the officer’s question.

      Sharpton is a racist buffoon. No justice no peace? How about KNOW THE FACTS before inciting crowds to racial hatred? No vigilante justice? The FACTS so far say there was none in the shooting. Yet that’s exactly what Sharpton, Jackson and these rallies are subtly promoting. (But people can forget Tawana Brawely and Freddie’s Fashion Mart when Al revs up the crowd.

      Jackson needs no introduction. Just a one way ticket away from this mess.

    6. saddlebum 1 says:

      I think Blacks should apologize to many Americans for the “whitey” and “cracker” comments thrown around in this medley of blame. Blacks have “no right” to jump to racist comments as they have raced to judgment showing their bias against innocent people. Shame on you racist.

  7. Bill E Bob says:

    He beez all up in the cut! Who wanna know?!

  8. DJ says:

    Meanwhile, 14 black people were shot at a wake last night. Two of them died. You didn’t hear Sharpton or Jack.ass make cute rhyming slogans or even mention it .. because the shooters were black (as it is 99% of the time).

    1. Haters Ball says:

      It’s because no one cares, so money can’t be made off it. Thats why you never hear those 2 phonies speak up about black on black crime. It just doesn’t sell like a black kid being killed by a pseudo white person(spanish jew)..

    2. snapper says:

      Yep, all involved looked like they could be Obama’s children.

      1. Puke says:

        could you imagine obama with gold caps and a hoody?

    3. Black Beast says:

      Where I live Blacks commit 100% of the crime.

      1. rev al says:

        You mean America?

      2. A Real American says:

        oh yeah and all ther whites are just fine americans right? pay there taxes, work everyday, dont curse. Whatever! you must be on that meth your cokkin up, oh forgot whites dont commit crimes where you are from

      3. singal says:


    4. bigbill says:

      exactly! 1/2 the murders in the country are by blacks, 90% of tose black on black, but there aint nothing wrong with that, just when a white hispanic shoots a kids with a hoodie, who is in charge? Obama? Not a chance

    5. Sir Boris says:

      But there was a white car mentioned.

    6. zonee says:

      In “Rep.” Fredericka Wilson’s district too. Where is her outrage? Where s the rally for these familes?

      I guess if your kid gets killed by assualting an self defending OTB (other than black), that makes you more equal than the parents of children who killed by other blacks?

    7. ahksehl says:

      I guess it was a trifecta for us then!! Win Win WIn! One in a box, two on the block!

    8. james4usa says:

      Some people sport a DNA within 3% of Ocean Invertebrate. Source any Bio Chemist with PHD in Nano Tech.

    9. dennis says:

      They would be considered uncle Toms

    10. John Doe says:

      Don’t Shparton and Jackson realize that if you demonize the police as racists and encourage people “not to snitch” on black-on-black criminals, they are making it easy for blacks to kill each other?

  9. HL3 says:

    These people have WAY too much time on their hands.

    1. Art Vandelay says:

      When you’re getting a government check, not paying taxes, and taking in additional income from illegal drugs, you have all kinds of free time.

      1. JByrd42 says:

        And they continue to reproduce.

    2. CrackerMan says:

      More would have shown up but they thought it was work.

  10. David Gurney says:

    Trayon is dead today because of that egregiosly bad Florida law-the one banning housing convenants.

    1. EW-3 says:

      Trayvon is dead today because he picked on someone much smaller then himself that happened to have a gun.

      If this happened more often the bullies of the world would stop being bullies.

      An armed society is a polite society.

      1. Jake V. says:

        Well said sir. Well said.

        ….and you wonder why they are always talking about taking the guns away.

      2. Donnie K says:

        No truer words were ever spoken than that. Trayvon made a FATAL error on that night, plain and simple. Funny how every single night all over this country many blacks are killed and usually by each other. Where is the outrage about that Al Sharton and Jesse Jackson ??? Maybe if you would use this as a teaching moment instead of an attempt to make this a race issue then you would get a lot more accomplished. Guess you both are too stupid or too smart to realize that and I’m not sure which.

      3. John Doe says:

        You have to do more than just “pick” on someone or be a bully to be lawfully shot in self-defense.

        You have to threaten serious bodily harm or death. Trayvon is dead and can’t tell his side of the story, but while I can understand getting into a fight, jumping on someone after he is down is pushing your luck.

        If you are hitting or kicking someone who is down, don’t be surprised when people take you as a dangerous threat, not to mention having very bad sportmanship.

      4. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

        Yeah, armed citizens bother two kinds of people
        1. Criminals
        2. Marxist

      5. Puke says:

        Truth be told. Pack heat and live free. .45 ACP hollow point.

    2. BarneyCrush says:

      Trayon is dead today because : He was casing apartments for future burglaries…he was followed by a neighborhood watchman and felt disrespected by that…he eluded the watchman, then came up behind the watchman, sucker punched him and then jumped on him and began slamming his head into the cement walkway; a punishment that was necessary due to the disrespect…most of these “disrespected” idiots wind up in prison…this one ended up in the cemetary due to Florida CCW laws.

  11. Andrew Musaelian, San Diego says:

    Open letter to Al Sharpton: Mr. Sharpton you are a total embarrassment to the human race and of course to the african american race. Every event that involves a black or african american you jet to the location to show your bigoted face and spew racism. You have absolutely NO CREDITABILTY. You are a total loser and have nothing positive to add. All you are looking for is a black vs. white riot. Go back to your Harlem apartment where you get free rent and just sit there and act like a Reverand. Pray, not just shoot your big fat mouth off.

    1. Gerry says:

      But he is the hero of the African race.

      1. BarackkObama says:

        Isnt he the king of all black people?

    2. EMJ says:

      I used to be in your boat until I started watching his Politics Nation show. After getting used to his speaking style, I realized the man is not what you state. Jesse Jackson is another story and he certainly likes a TV camera, but Rev Sharpton is not some trouble making race baiter. I don’t think he would have the caliber of guests and the ratings his show has if he was as you describe.

      Surely, you should know that the Martin family went to Rev Sharpton for help because they were being cheating of justice in this case. Once Sharpton went on TV simply to question why there was not even an arrest is how this all got started. To me it’s the same feeling I get when I hear Putin or Chavez won elections by landslides. It just doesn’t seem to be the truth.

      While writing this I had the TV on and heard in my ear Travon Martin screaming for help and then the chilling sound of a gunshot. It gives me a deep, deep sadness and I’m a white, southern born man of 52. Did you know the exact same things you are saying about Sharpton are exactly the same things my parents and others said about Martin Luther King? Sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers to get justice in this world.

      1. Playrighter says:

        Ruffling feathers can be good — when it’s based on fact, rather than hysteria.

        Sharpton may have producers line up guests for his television gig (which he apparently got by claiming too few blacks were on the air), but he does have ZERO credibility when it comes to “civil rights”.

        He stands in front of a crowd of worked up blacks (much on false charges) and threatens to escalate if he doesn’t get his way, chanting “no justice no peace” and claiming to be against vigilantes while creating a mob of just that.

        Then there’s history: Tawana Brawley and Freddie’s Fashion Mart. You wouldn’t give Andrew Dice Clay credibility on kindness to women, you wouldn’t give Hitler credibility on reverence for Jews, you wouldn’t give William (“I get up every day and ask myself how I can destroy capitalism”) Ayers credibility in the area of respect for business and government (he also bombed facilities).

        So why would Sharpton have any credibility when it comes to respect for the rights of citizens?

      2. paulus31 says:

        Did YOU really hear treyvon martin screaming for help, or did you hear somebody ELSE telling you that, huh? You see his father has told the Sanford Police that that was NOT his son’s voice. His girl friend on the phone with him told also told the Police she asked Martin to leave and go home, but he told her he was NOT going to do that, but he was going after Zimmerman, did you know that???

      3. DKneute says:

        I suggest you google “Tawana Brawley”.

  12. Timmy says:

    Unarmed bl__ck and innocent all in the same sentence

    1. gil44 says:

      I can write that sentence: Trayvon was unarmed and black, but the best available evidence seems to show that it was Zimmerman, not Trayvon, who was innocent.

      It appears that the voice yelling for help on the 911 call was Zimmerman. On the initial police report, he is quoted as saying something like “I was calling for help, but nobody came.” I’ve seen the videos of him arriving at the police station, and I can’t tell if he has grass stains or not because he had dark clothes. Even the enhanced videos weren’t clear enough, and if they were it’s likely the enhancement process would obscure them by borrowing details from nearby pixels.

      What crime did Zimmerman commit? Is it a crime to shoot someone who is on top of you and punching your face?

      1. Ruckus says:

        The NAACP has already condemned Sharpton’s race baiting . The President started the gang of three are continuing it. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrahahnn ,and Al Sharpton.

  13. SkeeboMacbane says:

    If Zim wanted the punk dead why would he have called the police? He could have just shot him and let the police try and figure out who did it. Time and facts are not on Skittles side.

    1. Dan says:

      That’s a great point that hasn’t been addressed.

  14. rexhandsom says:

    the 2 black racist …………. much of the problem, just keep hiding the Black Crime………. Jessie and Sharpton are doing more harm than good..

  15. dvs says:

    it;s amazing how many of these people are marching for “justice” but none of them are waiting for, or allowing the police to do their job first. sounds justice is more about “just us” having a platform to be the biggest racists possible.

  16. rich says:

    Welfare debit cards are loaded today!

    1. Ron Langevin says:

      And pants dragging hoodie wearing mental midgets will be “taking care of business”, the Hoes wil be hoeing, the booze stores will be bustling, etc, etc.

    2. Susie Purebred says:

      And whites can’t be happier! Go verify those statistics.

  17. susie says:

    Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse team….have we learned nothing from these incidents?? We can not live in a country where the mob rules, where its okay for mobs to threaten viloence against individuals. There are more than enough state and federal investigators involved in this case. Let the truth come out and let our legal system work.

    1. been banned says:

      You forgot the Jenna 6…

      1. Keith Oblerwomann says:

        …and don’t forget the Crown Heights riots where Sharpton’s “activities” got an innocent Jewish man killed.

    2. Gwen says:

      Mob rule, chanting kill him. kill him!! Apprapos to this time of year, don’t you think? It sounds strangely reminiscent of a tradgedy that happened 2000 years ago.

      1. Lincoln Robertson says:

        Yeah, and they call Zimmerman a vigilante.

      2. Fendbassfan says:

        Great point! And from the two EYE witnesses, just as innocent!

      3. incredulous says:

        You’re referring of course to the Easter Bunny right? I didn’t know we celebrated Easter back in those days but …OK. I wonder who won the Easter egg hunt.

  18. Dace says:

    The parents need to end this nonsense. It does us no good.

    1. JOSE says:

      they will when the money stops

      1. no limit digger says:

        Both of the parents quit their job due to this. I guess they hit the lotto

  19. tylerjake78 says:

    Isn’t Zimmerman a hispanic democrat?! WOW, I give Obama and Sharpton a lot of credit for stirring this up in Florida. A swing state he needs to retain his presidency.

    1. Perry says:

      Good call. They could have selected from many different killings over the past few months but this one has politics written all over it.

    2. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

      They vote Demoncrat anyway – Obama could personally shoot their first born and the dummies would re-elect him.

      1. blackiswhack says:

        Blacks don’t generally vote as a group and that is good for America. Now if we can just get those white people who think that they are black to stop voting.

    3. bigbill says:

      they are stirring this up to get the black vote out in November that is all, no one really cares that the blacks in the inner city are killing each other all day long, just when its a non black killing a black, get ready for a race war.

  20. Dace says:

    I’m sure they don’t want to be around you Klansmen either.

  21. alanwillingham says:

    Why are Black vigilantes attacking this Hispanic man and using such racist language? Why does the media continue to show 3 and 4 year old pictures and refer to a 6 foot 3 football player as a “child”?

    I have heard some call the Hispanic man a “White” Hispanic, which is clearly intended as Hate Speech, attacking both the heritage and ethnicity of the man they are urging Bounty Hunters to drag in without legal justification, Dead or Alive.

  22. Me says:

    I’m confused… Zimmerman was told by the police on the 911 tape that he didnt need to follow him. He said “ok” and was walking back to his truck. It is in the record that the altercation took place less than 50 feet from the truck. If Trayvon was “running scared for his life”, how did the fight happen next to Zimmerman’s truck ????

    1. skyehawk says:

      Much better yet , If he was scared (the 6foot 3-4 football player ) Why didnt ‘ he call 911 ?? He was talking on his phone , he had plenty of oportunity , the much smaller (hispanic man ) did call 911……. though……run that by al sharpie !

  23. sailordude says:

    It wasn’t even thousands maybe 1 thousand but it looked like 500. I watched it on CBS Miami’s live aerial news feed. I’m sure someone posted it on youtube, the place had a LOT of empty seats and it was not that big of a place to start with. Anyway, looks like the race riots won’t happen until Obama gets defeated this November. make sure to vote America especially if you are white or Latino! We need to kick the race baiter out of the White House!

    1. Snitch-in-Time says:

      Standard Operating Procedure for left wing media is to multiply atten-dunce numbers of all liberal events by 5 and divide attendance of all conservative events by 10. They have been doing this for years. The polls and these phony rally atten-dunce numbers are nothing but Band Wagon propaganda for the left.

  24. tremayfreon caudwell says:

    my only question is “what calibre does Mister Zimmerman shoot”?

    i wants one for Christmas.

  25. DEBBIE says:


    1. eddyjames1952 says:

      A couple of days before,he was caught in possession of burglary tools and a bag of women’s jewelry. Also a bag of marijuana leavings. Pot head,trouble making thug wanna be. Smoke em when you catch em!

      1. woody says:

        Wannabe thug, wannabe cop, and a wannabe President stirring the pot…

    2. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

      At least they didn’t post a picture of him as a baby holding a bag of skittles.

      1. Ron Langevin says:

        Al, that is coming as thi current outrage is seeming to fizzle.

  26. Phillep Harding says:

    Oh, yeah. So Trayvon was wearing the wrong clothing and was in the wrong neighborhood and one of the homies checked him out. Right?

    If that was a Black neighborhood and Zimmerman was Black, we would not have heard a single word about this, just another number, like the funeral home shootings.

  27. interpcurves says:

    Read Trayvon’s tweets and tell me about his innocence again afterwards.

  28. Buzz says:

    “There has to be an end to the vigilantism that we’ve seen in this case,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson. “The must be a message sent that this won’t be tolerated.”

    Listen to race hustler moron Al not-so-Sharpton talk about and end to vigilantism. Just what does this idiot think he is promoting? How about the pink panthers and their bounty of $10,000 for the arrest of Zimmerman and their comments that if the law doesn’t mead out the justice they want they will do it themselves? That’s not vigilantism in not-so-Sharpton’s eyes I suppose. And he is calling for only one outcome in this case, and of course that is the execution of Zimmerman regardless of any facts. This race pimp will not say a single word about the seven blacks that attacked a Hispanic youth, or any black that kills a white or even a black on black killing. He can’t pimp his race hate on those situations. Al not-so-Sharpton an Jessie mug-face- Jackson should be in jail for inciting racial hatred and riots.

  29. Nicholas Kronos says:


  30. pastormineb says:

    O, there will be justice, alright. But you probably wont like it. What you mean is payback for your years of hatred and frustration.

    1. The Truth says:

      Threats are beneath a man of the “Cloth” PastorMineB, just ask you cousin Al SHarpTON and Jessie JERKson! White rage is also perkulating along side of your Black Rage so be careful what you wish for.

  31. Haters Ball says:

    There are no journalist anymore, only talking heads and cut & pasters. In a world of info-tainment journalism is a unicorn.

    1. Jake V. says:

      i love reading these forums and getting others take on whats going on in the real world. This is exactly why….you are 100% correct.

      There is no news anymore, its all entertainment. In this case its a mob mentality over race issues smothered in the death of a 17 year old youth.

      Well said. The analogy is excellent.

  32. Bombdog says:

    was this turned into an Obama get out the vote rally

  33. jon says:

    The media doesn’t care one hoot about Trayvon, they care about milking racial situation to increase their viewers and wbsite hits. Lib TV and news is always dead last in ratings. A opportunity like the Trayvon case only comes once in a while thats why they are trying to drag it our for as long as they can. It’s like their next Katrina

  34. bob the builder says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

    and what cause was that that he was killed carrying the banner for?

    I wasn’t under the impression that Trayvon died while trying to progress any particular cause. In fact, the line that has been parroted by the media was that he was just walking home with iced tea and skittles.

    nothing by racing bating vultures hijacking a tragedy to push cheap political points.

    1. John says:

      The cash flow cause.

  35. georgeeboy says:

    Do Reverend Hymietown and Reverend Shakedown get paid by the DNC and the Obama regime anyways despite their miserable failure to muster a quota for even a mini-riot? Appears this “gathering” could have been held at a local Starbucks.

  36. Ascetic43 says:

    I wonder if any of these fools know about Africom, and the re-colonization of Africa by the Obama admin…. Derf.

  37. Dave says:

    Where is the outrage for the WHITE college student GUNNED down by three BLACK guys last week or the LATINO KID that had his teeth kicked out and was stomped by 10 young BLACK kids? No big deal that happens EVERYDAY.

    1. Gwen says:

      Don’t forget the 13 year old white kid walking home from school. He was attacked and set on fire by two black young men. Oh I guess that doesn’t count the kid was white.

      1. EMJ says:

        The crime you mention is horrible! But, is is not tied to the Travon Martin case whatsoever. were the black yound men caught and arrested? doesn’t matter, it has nothing to do with Zimmerman making a racist judgement and murdering an unarmed child.

      2. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

        I find it fascinating that so many people posting here are clairvoyant! They are ready to assign guilt because somehow, miraculously, they know exactly what Zimmerman and Martin were thinking going into this confrontation. They “intended”, they “knew”, they “plotted”, they “planned”, ad nauseam. I, alas, am NOT clairvoyant. I would be glad to sit on this jury, if there is to be one (remember Zimmerman, a Jewish-white/hispanic was questioned by the police for 5 hours before they decided not to arrest him. For the uninformed here, he was handcuffed as a standard procedure while being detained and transported to HQ for questioning. No guilt attaches. Had there been cause, they would have booked him, had him magistrated and jailed pending grand jury.).

        The “clairvoyant” ones here have no place on a jury, because they are totally tainted.

        For that silly “he shot an unarmed person” argument, had I been threatened by a Mike Tyson-type man-mountain goon with the ability to turn my head into bloody fudge with his fists, and IF I were carrying, I would have capped that thug to save myself and never looked back.

      3. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

        @EMJ: The poster was pointing out the comparison in how different crimes are treated. I don’t see that he/she tried to establish an equivalency so much as to question why similar crimes are handled and viewed differently. IMHO, a fair question.

    2. MrrLickit says:

      There is no outrage if the victim is white, because that does not raise funds for politicians or ratings for the media.

    3. kendrick1 says:

      Not to mention the teen that was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two black teens!

    4. EMJ says:

      and so that tragic event means it OK for Travon to be murdered? Again, all people want is an arrest? were these black people arrested in the cases you listed? No one says guilt or innocence, just a freaking arrest. The day when people judge other people based on the person and not an entire race or religion is sadly not going to happen in my lifetime. I agree there should be outrage at the crimes you listed. But that has nothing to do with the Travon murder case. Different people, different crime. Your logic is like when a kid gets caught doing something wrong and says ‘but he did it too!!’. Two wrongs don’t make a right..

      1. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

        You are correct here, in that a previous crime does not justify a current crime. This is a false equivalency, which says that if Clinton, without penalty, got Monicas in the Oval Office, then Barry is entitled to the same. Don’t follow, nohow!

        All the people want is an arrest? How do the (stupid) people somehow decide who should be arrested? what you describe is ” the MOB wants…” There will be an arrest when it is apparent there is sufficient evidence to support the idea that a crime has been committed and that prosecution is warranted. Lacking same, a person in interest is released pending further investigation.

        Who are you to demand that ANY person be arrested?

  38. ChrisAR says:

    Rev Sharpton….Hypocrite much? Whipping up the crowd, demanding action be taken against Zimmerman… In the name of anti-vigilantism!

    1. Jake V. says:

      After pushing the exact opposite 6 years ago when a black man killed a 17 year old white youth.

      Sharpton stood behind the Stand your ground law when a white was killed by a black. Now that it has been swapped (obviously a black was killed by a white, rather non-white)…its a terrible law etc.

      You know what they call that? The good ole Flip-flop….conveniently siding with whatever issue furthers his self aggrandizing, bigoted, political Agenda.

      And to think he is a ‘reporter’ on MSNBC. ROFL.

      There is now news on TV anymore.

  39. TBBTfan says:

    When YOU PEOPLE put all your eggs in one basket, try to make sure you’re not trying to make a THUG into an angel. It’s not going to hold up, we’re going to see through it, and you just make yourselves look stupid.

    1. gorbud says:

      They don’t really look stupid. They are in fact stupid. How do people keep falling for the same line of B.S. time after time. The two stooges keep singing the same old song and the dopes keep dancing and sending money. With leaders like this you get just what you deserve.

      1. tp says:

        including the white house

  40. joe says:

    Who’s this Trayvon guy everyone is talking about?

    1. TBBTfan says:

      some thug who got shot while assaulting a neighborhood watch guy

  41. Indy says:

    The crowd fell way short?What happened? A new pair of Nikes come out?

    1. Art Vandelay says:

      They were too busy pilfering the local Walgreens.

    2. heelers4me says:

      Indy -LMAO!!!

    3. BarackkObama says:

      Crowd fell short due to police presence.. we did not come to honor anyone – we came to loot and when we couldnt loot.. we went back to our govt. supplied housing

  42. Cari Russell says:

    Trayvon did not give his life for “the cause” his life was taken from him. He didn’t die willingly for martyrdom

    1. John says:

      Trayvon Martyr would approve, it is all done in the name of the higher cash flow.

  43. Dr who of get smart says:

    Question please. If Zimmerman is half hispanic and half white and is being referred to by all the race baiters as white, wouldn’t that make Obama’s race also white since he is half african american and half white(irish)? Therefore he cannot be called our first black president. Just something to think about for those of you who can think without bias.

    1. Rob says:

      There is no Hispanic race. Most Hispanics are white. The press likes to divide and try to show race splits, but white is the race…. Hispanic, Anglo, etc.

      1. Rob says:

        The “white” population in the USA is increasing in percentage, because almost all Hispanics are white.

      2. Gene says:

        Actually, most Hispanics are Mestizos (part American Indian and Spanish), like most Mexicans are.

      3. Lisa says:

        So they’re only “hispanic” when they step up to the voting booth???

    2. franksam says:

      He’s not half African-American. He’s half African.

      1. The Bruce says:

        Perhaps we can invent the term, “Halfrican-American.”

    3. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

      He’s actually our first Indonesian citizen American President. When he attended school there as Barry Soetoro, his step father (Lolo) surrendered his American citizenship (dual citizenship not allowed then). Since there are no records available (someone assigned a bogus Connecticut Social Security number for him), we can only assume he is still an Indonesian citizen.

      1. KC says:

        Nice to finally see people are realizing the truth about the Usurper in chief. If only Congress would wake up and put him in handcuffs like he deserves. Every dam politician out there knows he is ineligible for the office he is in!

  44. Sid says:

    I totally agree with Al Sharpton “there has to be an end to vigilantiiism’ Yeah Al you and your “Lynch Mob ” would be a good start.
    Have a nice day

    1. Marie says:

      It would perhaps help if the New Black Panthers took their bounty off of Zimmerman’s head.

      “Rev.” Sharpton, have you called for that?

      1. John says:

        There is a bounty on every white person’s head, welcome to the club Zimmerman.

  45. Sane American says:

    Stop and think folks. If Obama and his minions Sharpton and Jackson get things stirred up, Obama can declare marshal law and postpone elections indefinitely. After all, he did the Presidential proclamation necessary to set that in motion. That is probably the only way he can stay in office. As for the Martin fiasco, it is a crying shame to see the black community acting this way when they say nothing about the 13 year old set on fire by black teens taught by their high school teachers to pick on whitey.

    1. georgeeboy says:

      Is this why Homeland Security just bought 450 million bullets? That works out to a bullet and a half for every American citizen!

      1. Art Vandelay says:

        It’s two-fold: it’s to intimidate US citizens, and drive up the cost of ammo.

    2. cubanbob says:

      You really have this much disrespect for our Armed Forces? You really believe the military would follow such an order?

      1. paulus31 says:

        What is marshall law, is that the one from 1946-47???

    3. xdream12 says:

      I don’t think the marshal law thing is going to work very well. Mr. Obama is surrounded by hundreds of heavily armed folks who all have sworn to uphold the constitution. I suspect if he got very far off the constitutional path he would suffer a fate similar to that of Anwar Sadat. As for the black community, this is nothing more than a sideshow to deflect attention from the fact that their culture is falling apart around them and there is no help on the way.

      1. Lou Bator says:

        Please, it’s called MARTIAL law, folks. Learn how to spell it if you’re going to use it. Marshall is the guy that works in the dairy in the local supermarket.

  46. JuatAGuy says:

    More and more people are learning they are being lied to by the media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al.

  47. RAY says:



  48. bflat879 says:

    The pity of this is it shouldn’t be a prediction about who can get the most people at a rally, it should be about justice. Justice and truth go hand in hand so, the first thing we need is an investigation. The race pimps are out loud and clear trying to muddy the waters right now so that, if they don’t agree with the results of the investigation, they can agitate some more.

    I’m willing to wait for the results and then form an opinion. In the meantime, why don’t Sharpton and company head for Chicago, where young black men are more likely to get shot for just walking around and being black, than they are in Florida.

  49. Edgar Friendly says:

    Perhaps that many people did not show up because not everyone is full of hatred wanting a race war.

  50. HL3 says:

    Why not show a picture of Zimmerman when he was 12 years old? Typical liberal media double-standard.

  51. HapHarris says:

    The New World Order is now composed of two types of people: the insane and the criminally insane. And, they are all out to get YOU-!

  52. realist tx says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH – go home all of you and get a job…

    1. Jake V. says:

      I am home, and was just working. LOL

      Lets see, I own and operate a LLC and work 60+ hours a week. I read real news and post opinions online. Lets just say its an outlet.

      Quit projecting your insecurities about your job (or lack thereof) into this article because you don’t like the fact that motives are being called out and defined here (based on racial lies).

      Very clearly this is not what the media portrayed it to be. Deal with it. I don’t like Obama and I am not projecting that onto you pal; grow up.

  53. Ohmylumbago says:

    Bunch of idiots.

  54. Wild Bill says:

    There doesn’t need to be an arrest…the thieving doper seen smashing some guys brains out has already been killed.

  55. Jose says:

    The name of the game here folks is divide and conquer ,please don’t fall for al sharpton and jesse jacksons views on this case.If zimmerman is guilty yes he should go to jail,but what if he is vindicated from the crime.Are we judge,jury,and executioners here.Don’t fall for Obamas new strategy of dividing the nation between races,this is how he plans to win in Nov.

  56. Ironhorse says:

    I can’t believe that no one has commented on this being a professional article while the headline has a misused word. It should be “than.” Good grief.

    1. Lou Bator says:

      Agree…and the proponents on this board of marshall law. It’s MARTIAL law.

  57. jerry says:

    no_limit_niga found out he DID have limits after all…

  58. koama says:

    Al Sharpton, Jr. News Editor, CBS Miami

    1. Al Aktar Bo0by says:


  59. Charles says:

    This whole episode is sad. Trayvon lost his life and Mr. Zimmerman is under attack. Let’s be honest! None of us knows what really happened and we will probably get only an approximation of the truth when the legal course is run.

    But what do we want? Is it racial warfare? Is it racial rectitude? Is it more deaths? Is it civil war? Are there any arrangements (be specific!) which would satisfy those complaining on behalf of Trayvon as to what would satisfy them?

    Does everyone just want Mr. Zimmerman arrested? Really? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

  60. Mary says:

    This is all about getting Obama re-elected. Obamaq cannot win The White House without Florida. So this issue is all about getting people to register to vote and poor Tray is the tool for the Dems. Had Obama not said the comment about “If OB had a son he would look like Tray” it would have taken a longer time to figure this out. The White House is running this Circus.

    1. Jake V. says:

      The white house IS a circus.

  61. Art Vandelay says:

    Of course they didn’t show up – they’re lazy even when it comes to protesting.

    1. Lincoln Robertson says:

      That’s why they are bused in during elections!

    2. Fendbassfan says:

      You know, I thought people were just stereotyping when they engulfed a whole race with that description, then I started noticing them at work, and EVERY SINGLE ONE fit that description to a tee. Have you noticed them on the Reality Show, ‘Survivor’? Every one of them fits that description, even the big He Man Muscular ones.

    3. protectionfromevil says:

      The NAACP ran out of $75 gift cards. That is why nobody showed up.

    4. harley2007 says:

      Nobody paid them.

  62. Norwegianbear says:

    This trumped up racial spectacle goes on the books as another piece of evidence of Obama’s agenda. After helping getting everyone riled up, he sits back and watches his minions fanning the flames. It is beyond my comprehension how Americans of all races. from all walks of life could be hoodwinked into electing this divider to be the president of the United States of America.

  63. True colors says:

    Just by reading these posts, I see there are a lot of George Zimmerman’s out there.

    1. Marie says:

      Yes. There are many of us who are not willing to be beaten to death by a wannabe gangster.

      I am actually sorry for Trayvon. He bought the lie and paid with his life.

      But Zimmerman was under no obligation to be beaten to death.

    2. cottoneyed says:

      And you’re a brain dead drone who long ago turned in curiosity for the leftist dogma.

    3. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

      Listen True Colors – George had compassion – some of us really…don’t…care. I do feel bad that I haven’t cleaned my Glock in 6 months.

  64. Lincoln Robertson says:

    The paintings you write?

    1. Al NotSoSharpton says:

      The escalate you ring that makes them crackers whip they see!

    2. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

      Jyeeeah – Resist – WE MUCH!

  65. cruiszn says:

    Yes, Jessie, It won’t be tolerated. Unless it is a black man killing a ________. Then it may not be tolerated, but you and your sidekick, Al, will be silent. If only you two would go away, race relations would only improve exponentially. Take your coward Eric Holder with you.

  66. SpankySpankster says:

    This is all just politics.

    The Dems need some causes to get their voters fired up. They are scrounging around for ANYTHING.

  67. Willey says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!” I didn’t realize that being a thug was a cause. Humm, I guess you learn something new everyday.

  68. Fangs12 says:

    The fact that the Miami-Dade Police Director (is that like a Chief of Police?) was at this rally is rather disturbing. I mean, the top cop calling for civil unrest and stirring up the crowd. He should be relieved of duty immediately.Miami-Dade County is a total zoo. Take my word for it, I’ve been there, but not for long.

    1. Jake V. says:

      I thought the same thing about the school board member being in attendance, as well as this being organized by a MEMBER OF THE HOUSE.


      This is all a big joke. Like the pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Peter says:

      He’s not a top cop because he’s no cop at all, if he ever even really was one. He sure ain’t one anymore if he was there to support the criminal element of his city. It would appear without further information that he is a political hack sucking up to the wrong crowd.

  69. Ret says:

    Hate + Hate = Hate squared. This rally did nothing but excite the people to go and kill/hurt innocent white& Hispanic people. I fell sorry for anyone who follows sharpten & Jackson. Looks like they alway know how to stir the pot to get donations.

  70. nickel says:

    Forget about the race baiting distraction, look at what Sherriff Arpaio has found about the forgery of Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth and fake Selective Service registration card. NOW THAT IS A STORY.

    Not one that the media will report unfortunately, but a blockbuster of Watergate proportion when the public finally finds out about it. Google March 31 Press Conference of Sherriff Arpaio and listen to their findings. It will shock you.

    1. Jake V. says:

      I live in the greater Metro Phoenix area.

      Joe Arpaio, regardless of your views on Obama and this particular case, is a corrupt condescending sheriff who should be deposed and charged with crimes for letting 400+ child molestation/sexual assault cases go un-investigated under his direction.

      Over 10,000 felony warrants were outstanding in this county at one time…also under his direction.

      If you don’t live here I wouldn’t comment on this. It’s somewhat absurd; Sheriff Joe is a grandstanding fool, whom like Al Sharpton, does nothing unless it benefits him (self aggrandizing is the term I believe).

      1. Lou Bator says:

        I beg to differ. As a resident of Maricopa County, I am not a big fan of Arpaio. However, for all of Sheriff Joe’s grandstanding and local news hogging, he ain’t got nothin’ on Al Brawley Sharpton and his ilk. Don’t forget that Sharpton’s protege, Jared Maupin, is/was a resident out here, and has tried to start trouble, but is always cut off. With any luck the punk has left town…Lord only knows it is too hot out here for them folks to want to do anything, come the hot weather in June!

  71. cottoneyed says:

    “For this cause”. What cause is that, Mr. Parker? Being down for the struggle? Being a punk on his facebook page, giving the finger in his pictorial? Smoking and selling pot to his classmates in a Miami high school and “winning” a suspension. Are any of these “for the cause”, Mr. Parker? Somethin’ tells me that that “sweet 17 year old boy” would have killed George Zimmerman that night if Zimmerman hadn’t iced him, first. Justa’ hunch based on what we now know about that “sweet 17 year old boy”. And Mr. Parker would be no where to be found!

  72. mikelorrey says:

    FYI: Zimmerman was not “self appointed”, neighborhood watch groups are volunteer organizations, and as the recent HD video clearly shows, when he was brought into the police station, he had a rather large gash on his head which corroborates his story of being decked by Trayvon the delenquent.

  73. Figures Never Lie says:

    Everyone with an IQ above zero realizes that Obama is behind all of this. If I the Romney campaign, I would put out a video during the September time frame which shows how Obama / Holder hung the Hispanics out to dry because we all know that the outcome of this is pre-ordained.

  74. gregbuls says:

    Another garbage article: “Martin was shot while walking through…”
    NO. It should read:
    “Martin was shot while on top of a screaming Zimmerman, who was screaming for at least 45 seconds after Martin decked him with a single punch and then repeatedly banged Zimmerman’s head against the pavement.”

    Many blacks have learned the truth in the last week or so, which is why the crowd was smaller than expected. Most came for Chaka Khan.

  75. Barry Soetoro says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!””

    What cause is that? Lynchings without a trial? Wasn’t that what the real black civil rights activists fought against? I mean, before the movement was taken over by divisive hoodlums like Sharpton and Farrakhan looking to line their own pockets.

    1. Jake V. says:

      I have wondered the same thing many-a-times.

      This is like the 60’s again, except the tables have turned.

      That means you all are HYPOCRITES.

      1. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

        Hey Barry, where’s the birth certificate? And by the way, let’s look at your grades in college – you must’ve failed in Constitutional law – that healthcare law is tanking…

  76. bnchy says:

    A rally of the REAL racists who can’t wait to jump on the racist bandwagon and rush to judgment whenever there is a conflict between a black and a non-black. (HELLO Duke LAX and Tawana Brawley) Organized be a US Rep? Hey Wilson, didn’t you swear to uphold the Constitution? No one here wants the truth; they only want THEIR brand of justice. Disgusting!!! And Wilson, I liked you better as a soccer ball anyway.

  77. cruiszn says:

    I recall some poor white boy being doused with flammables by several black boys, and set alight, not too many weeks ago…Wow, the coverage has been non-stop on that, huh? Deafening isn’t it???

  78. Lars says:

    It’s “than” not “then”!

  79. Ray says:

    This is garbage. Then? How about “than?” But half of y’all didn’t even notice. The dumbing down of America to increase the Republican likelihood of winning.

    1. Figures Never Lie says:

      Go to bed Ray. You’re delusional

    2. ML says:

      Thank you. I thought I was the only person left who knew the difference.

    3. Jimbo says:

      “Dumbing down” is a progressive socialist tactic. Hopefully your second sentence is a prophecy for the next election as we the people retake DC and State Capitals from the left-wing radicals.

    4. JLanceCombs says:

      I was about to make the same comment.

    5. Ruckus says:

      Get bak on your meds Ray. You are embarrassing yourself

    6. Wilder Napalm says:

      Uhmmmmm Ray just so you know the liberals have been in charge of edjamacting our children for the last 40 years. Not to mention the Dept. of Edjamacation was created by Jimmy “peanut brain” Carter. So if the kiddo’s are dumber than rocks its because the Democrats, the teachers and the unions have failed miserably.

    7. gthog61 says:

      Considering the blatant stupidity of the typical obama supporter I don’t see how anyone can conclude that the “dumbing down of America” helps Republicans.

    8. Ruckus says:

      This Administrantion has lowered the bar so low, it can’t be much dumber. Obama has increast the debt in three years more than Bush did in eight year, Still have Guantanamo which he promised to close the first year. Of course, most Obama’s supporters don’t pay taxes so I am sure it doesn’t matter.

    9. fulredy says:

      Unlike you, we understood what they meant. So Ray, tell me who’s dumb again?

  80. dudleyjohn says:

    thirded. And who was the Revulsion Jackson referring to when he said the vigilantism must stop? I thought it was a referral to the bounty by the new black panthers until I saw who had said it.

  81. October says:

    Oh, come on, you two…the writer had to communicate with ebonics masters.

  82. Kolgoroth says:

    Not really sure if this is correct, but isn’t a person innocent until proven guilty, despite race religion or gender? At least i thought that was the way in America. These people are ready to lynch someone and the trial hasn’t even started.

    Pretty sure this happened already back when they used to burn women for being witches. Dont remember them getting a trial either before a mob burned them.

  83. James says:

    Remain in the imaginary world where you belong.

  84. laffin'atcha says:

    They teach that NOTHING is more important than ratings…

  85. jarjar says:

    Quickest way to get everyone back on the plantation.. Obama sinking in the polls even among his base, so as soon as a crime between 2 certain races comes up push it 24/7.. voila, instant unity=reelection. Sheeple are so easy to manipulate that’s why America is dead.

    1. Jake V. says:

      …and has been for 25+ years.

  86. Jon Juergensen says:

    Hoodies be for hoods from da ‘hood.

  87. snapper says:

    When the former police chief and the school superintendent turn out to rabble-rouse alongside the milliner’s nightmare Frederica Wilson, you can be sure the community is, to be polite, troubled.

  88. eazy says:

    The black community would be a very powerful force in this country,if the liberals wouldn’t have aborted millions of black babies since roe vs wade. liberals are increasing the number of abortion clinics in black communities because they believe those “unwanted babies” are better off dead!

  89. maxtor says:

    the police director was out of line getting up there and saying what he did. he should stay netural and side on the side of law and order. what he said could result in a lot of bad things happening!! dont know who he is or his race, even if he was white, but i can just about imagine. anyway, what ever his race, he was wrong to give a speech at a rally with words of his choosing. wrong as two left feet there Parker!!

    1. John says:

      Hi mouth was flapping as part of the cash flow entertainment put on by Jackson, Farakan, and Sharpton. They don’t care any more than I do.

      What is surreal is that 14 blacks were shot nearby and no one shows up to rally against gang violence there, which actually killed and hurt, more blacks, including kids, than some guy defending himself from this one black, after having his head nearly caved in on the pavement.

      Nobody cares, that is what’s surreal about it. It’s all fake caring, and party rallies for the higher cash flow.

  90. Javon says:

    Why aint there be ranting about the gang shooting that killed 2 and injured 12 in N. Miami….Cuz it was black on black?????

    1. John says:

      That black death, regardless of the numbers, does not generate cash flow.

      If it doesn’t generate cash flow, they aren’t interested.

    2. A. Levy says:

      Blacks don’t protest unless there’s someone involved they can sue and get a major payday. The minute Zimmerman is arrested, they will sue the Sanford PD, the City, and the DA. They can’t do it now because legally, those officials are net yet officially involved in the case.

      This is not about a dead kid. This, as usual, is about how much money they can make.

  91. JohnFLob says:

    ““This is the time to become energized,” Parker shouted. “This is the time to take action. Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!””

    Help! This make no sense. There was no “cause” before Trayvon’s death.

    ““There has to be an end to the vigilantism that we’ve seen in this case,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson. “The must be a message sent that this won’t be tolerated.””
    “The must be a message….” or did he misquote Mr. Sharpton and mean to say ‘There much be a message…’. How about saying THERE MUST be a message…

    This story as posted does not read like a news report. If this story were the spin cycle of a washing machine it would destroy itself and disintegrate.

    1. John says:

      Don’t get worked up over it. The higher cause is the cash flow, that is what they are going on about at these rallies. They work people up into a frenzy, then pass the collection plate, or donation cards, and sign up sheets. If you lock in the brainwashing, you’re in, and you pay the anti as many times as you’re asked, for the higher cause, the cash flow cause.

  92. mmilesll says:

    Are these people nuts-the school superintendent made a complete ass of himself and should be fired. What are all these people going to say if Zimmerman is found not guilty. I am sure they will all apologize for all the hate speech.

  93. coltster says:

    What a bunch of racist fools. Tools for Sharpton and his ilk. The parents are even worse for encouraging all this b_s. It is no wonder blacks are becoming the most hated group on the planet next to their Mussie brothers.

    Face it, this kid was on the fast track to being a hoodlum. EVERYTHING points to his lack of character. Tattoos at 17? Who paid for all his gold teeth? Which is a black thing and also a gang thing. His twitter proves his mind set. There is no doubt in my mind this Martin kid brought his own demise upon his self.

  94. Joinamerica says:

    The Black leaders have failed America’s black communities so completely, they have to try and get people to focus on the statistical rarity, white on black crime. Many thousands of blacks are killed by blacks every year. And then there is the matter of the drugs, violence, terrible schools, all of the misery in the projects, even though American taxpayers have poured 13 trillion dollars into these communities. Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson and the Black Congressional Caucus members are all multi-millionaires thanks, imho, to the corruption, the political patronage, and sometimes embezzlement. But the people they are supposed to be helping, they aren’t doing so well.

    Look how this article is written. It isn’t reporting, it’s advocacy. Advising those who didn’t show up that they missed a great time. Can you imagine if this were a Republican organized event? The reporter would have written about what a complete failure the event was for not attracting a large crowd, and oh yes, there would have been a very low guess as to how many people actually showed up, and pictures of empty chairs to further drive home the point. Anyone else sick of the bias in the media? I sure am.

    1. A Real American says:

      didnt know we where supposed to have different leader as we are all Americans. You prove that whites keep this devide up. Leaders are leaders. I dont see the white leaders doing any better for the trailer trash on meth that you guys seem to hide away like they dont exist. I think you leraders have failed everyone.

  95. jfhdsiu says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

    Just WHAT cause did trayvon give his life FOR. And HOW did he give his life? That statement implies that the “cause” already existed and that trayvon gave his life FOR ‘that’ cause! The ’cause’ existed BEFORE trayvon’s death? That sounds as if there was a conspiracy that trayvon GAVE his life for.

    1. Morris says:

      The “cause” is ignorance.

  96. Obamalicksanus says:

    Prepare for the coming race war when Obama gets the boot.

  97. mostberg says:

    Truth here is that if Zimmerman is guilty then this White (hispanic to be more accurate) on Black violence is very rare these days. Most common is Blacks killing other Blacks. Next most common is Blacks killing Whites and other non-Blacks. These are the sad facts, and if this problem of violence among young Black men is ever to improve their “leaders” need to face up to those facts and take action. That is if they really want to help their own people. Blaming others will not help. Sharpton and Jackson are not helping with what they do If anything they make things worse.

  98. JD says:

    Leave it to the main-stream media to hype up the left, while downplaying the right. I remember Glenn Becks rally in D.C. a couple of years ago, they said only a 100K showed up, but about 600K were really there. I also remember The New Black Panthers said they were going to confront Beck, but when they looked around and saw all the people there, I guess they had second thoughts.

  99. Morris says:

    They failed to report that they were also soliciting funds from the crowd at this memorial today, typical low-class trash profiting off the death of a child.

  100. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

    “If Zimmerman was black he would be in jail for murder.”
    Probably because he wouldn’t have a permit and that would be due to past criminal activity.

  101. artemis133 says:

    LOL yeah, and ‘Chaka Khan’ is spelled wrong, and in the third paragraph from the end, there’s a sentence “It’s very simpe,” LOLOL

  102. paul says:

    Umm so that photo in the video is what?.. of Martin when he was 10 ?!?! I mean really. What a travesty in journalism. They should show his latest photo that HE put on his one twitter acct. Yo know, the one the media doesn’t want to post…. him much older, with a white tank top, sporting his gang gold grill teeth. Nope. now showing that. Can’t show reality, must show an innocent boy at age 10. This is why i never believe main stream media.

    1. peter says:

      Trouble is the “controlled” media controls the minds of simple people.

  103. Slavery was the second worst thing that happened to America.

  104. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

    Really?? There ain’t no way Trayvon would have volunteered his life for a small crowd to see how Chaka Kahn aged. And everybody does it…they stare at the picture of aged stars like looking at a bad accident…you just can’t help it.

  105. George says:

    “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

    Wow, talk about prostituting this poor kids memory. He didn’t give his life for any cause. My guess is he would much rather be walking the streets now than being eulogized by a bunch of maroons.

  106. zea says:

    they are trying to make a Martyr of this guy, all the deaths that go on in the black community, each and everyday and they pick this only because it wasnt a fellow black who did it. OBVIOUS Race issue goin on here. But it’s all the libs like this’s to breed hate.

  107. nutnyourmomsbutt says:

    Capital YAWN.

  108. stirndepot says:

    He died because he smoked some chronic, got the munchies, and the thought he could take out some old dude in the dark

  109. Al Aktar Bo0by says:

    Hard to tell how many – the camera dude zoomed in and reduced the field vision to make it look like a whole lot of people.
    My guess is about 350 people – mostly to see Chaka Kahn for free.

  110. Zeke says:

    Anybody else tired of the blatant race-baiting and exploitation from self-serving sanctimonious hypocrites with “selective perception”?

    I want justice as much as the next guy. But once the likes of Sharpton and Jackson and this or that Democrat hack start grandstanding and pontificating, I get the sense that “justice” is not on the agenda.

    Don’t even get me started on the dishonesty of the media.

  111. Joe says:

    So, we have a US Congresswoman organizing the lynch mob…how nice.

    1. soul leister says:

      Isn’t she interferring with an ongoing investigation? clearly she is influence peddling… we never ever see black congresswomen complaining or showing up at rallys against black on black murders… with all the black on black murders they should be having those things every couple hours?

      1. carlb says:

        they get away with it because if you did anything they would scream racism as they left the building. i have always thought all elected officials should be given iq tests before they get seated and show it to america. i will bet we would all be surprised by the results. lol

  112. Gene says:

    First of all, I have no idea what REALLY happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and neither does anyone here or in the news media, etc.

    But I am sick and tired of Black people going crazy every time a Black is killed (for WHATEVER reason) by a non-Black. HUNDREDS of innocent White people are assaulted or killed by hate-filled racist Blacks EVERY DAY simply because they are White, yet there is NO media coverage and NO outrage over this growing epidemic of racial hate crimes being commited by racist Blacks all over the USA. So EXCUSE ME if I don’t get all teary-eyed over Trayvon.

  113. soul leister says:

    trayvon, over six feet tall, tattoos, gold teeth (top and bottom… good parenting) …multiple suspensions from school… (he seems to be involved in a lot of “misunderstandings? prior to the one with zimmerman)…good job mom and dad, really… his problems did not start on that night in february… they started long before that.. (did his parents pay for his tats and grillwork or did he have a real good job (with amazing dental?) …haven’t heard about him having a job (because when not serving suspensions he was still in school, I fear his money was coming from elsewhere… where would that be????

    …burglary, no of course not.
    …dealing, no of course not
    …five finger discounts all over town, no of course not
    …where did the money come from???

    …how many parents think its a good idea for their 17 year old to be sporting tatooes and gold fangs and lowers (actually he was 16 or younger when he got tattooed and his gold grill)? Lucy, someone’s got some esplainin to do.

    1. bobthemoron says:

      6’3″ 180-190lb football player ain’t no kid. He got what was coming to him, if he attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s injuries seem to bear out his story

  114. Publius2012 says:

    It is a shame that Trayvon had to die. But, it is a bigger shame that this young man’s death is being used by unscrupulous politicians and race baiters to push their hidden agendas and commercially gain from it. JesseJackson and Al Sharpton are just relishing the attention they are getting and I hope they suffer politically, financially and personally for their foul deeds and misrepresentation of the truth.

  115. RICH says:


  116. Mememe says:

    This is great. It means fewer and fewer people are falling for race baiting spewed by Al Sharpton and his ilk.

  117. cbinflux says:

    Heh. That’s about 500 more than attended The Million Man March.

    They know that when Sharpton appears IT HAS TO BE FAKE, Can you say Tawana Brawley?!?

  118. bob says:

    the minute he ignored the command of the police dispatcher, both he and the kid were doomed. at least the cops didn’t accidently shoot zimmerman, then the she it would have it the fan over that. “gated community” anyone can walk in???

  119. takenobull says:

    Al sharpton making money off the poor uneducated fools again lol

  120. barry1817 says:

    Expecting 75,000 and get 3,000. Maybe there was no money to pay for the hired protesters to show up.

    What is that 4% of expectatons, sounds about right for liberals and how their schemes work especially when it comes to predictions of cost.

    But hey give them credit, they care and they tried. Right.

  121. AndyA says:

    I don’t what happened to that boy that got killed but “No peace – No Justice” .doesn’t sound like a solution, especially a supposed man of the cloth.

    How many people are you will to hurt maim and destroy all in the name of “Peace” of course., eh Sharpton ? What would Jesus do in a case like this ,Al?

    People often quote the Bile only partially, “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, but that is only part of the verse. The rest of it goes, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Rom 12:19.
    Too often we seek Justice for just .

  122. Hugh Betcha says:

    90% of all racial hate crimes in the USA are comitted by Blacks against White victims, yet the so-called ‘news’ media NEVER reports this. It’s a shame that Whites don’t stick together and fight for their racial interests like Blacks do. This would be a MUCH better country if Whites stuck together.

  123. enoughAlready911 says:

    Its simple why the crowds were small……the poor kid had appearently bought into the thug/gangsta mentality(perhaps recently?) and was playing the part.

    What kind of country have we become when a young kid is out that late, roaming areas where he doesn’t live and engages(regardless of the trigger event) in a fight with an adult.

    I beg the black community to call out people within their group who perpetuate that “gangster” is cool…..that beatdowns on youtube are cool…..those people who loose all civility, create violence/theft/damage in stores because of some community event……those that shoot each other in your own community, at funerals, shoot up homes, attack people randomly.

    Look, I seen and been disgusted by racism toward black friends and co-workers. However, with the violence which occurs in the black community regardless of the victims race, blacks will always have a suspicious eye toward blacks they do not know.

    The black community MUST squash the acceptance and must stop the excuses made for the thuggery……it is the ONLY way it will ever end. This isn’t about civil rights any more its about those who pose a danger and those who dont.

  124. lda says:

    Trayvon gave his life “for the cause”? Would that be gun control, rallying Obama’s base, and lining Sharpton/Jackson’s pockets?

  125. seesay says:

    “No justice – no peace” / “an end to vigilantism” – Black agitators sure like their slogans! Hey – Why not trot out the tried & true “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

  126. cracker race baiter says:

    The Rev. Al Sharpton said only one outcome would acceptable in this case.

    “I told the family from day one I would help them,” he told D’Oench. “I will be here until Zimmerman is arrested.”

    It would be good if Zimmerman would be arrested in 2030 then.

  127. Nite Owl Mom says:

    Zimmerman didn’t racially profile Trayvon. He was asked by the dispatcher for a racial description and he replied … “He looks black.” That is not racially profiling. He was being a neighborhood watch guy, and was told to go back to his vehicle, which he did, when Trayvon jumped him, knocked him to the ground with a blow to his face, and pounded his head into the sidewalk (see neighbor’s description and video evidence of the nose and head injuries). Too bad NBC chose to EDIT the 911 tape to make it look like Zimmerman brought up race. The media are to blame for this whole charade. It’s a tragedy that’s turned into a circus.

    1. Playrighter says:

      These are the same “journalists” who rigged a car to explode on film so they could have a “story”, which was later proven false. They’re the same people who can’t seem to bring themselves to report on a scandal that may be worse than Watergate — “Fast and Furious”. (Watergate was a botched political spying case; Fast and Furious resulted in the death of an American border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens [so far] that is being covered up by Eric Holder.)

  128. Billy Jenkins says:

    1) Martin gave his life for this cause? As if he was a martyr who had taken up this cause before his death and died in the line of fighting for what he believed in? No, that is a erroneously painted picture giving too much importance to this kid.

    2) I will be scared if “popular demand” dictates the arrest of an individual, especially if there is a conviction still based on the concept of popular demand in lieu of the total facts.

  129. TruthInSpending says:

    Yep, that’s right. Let your emotions not your head rule your life.

  130. fritz von says:

    Hopefully Hispanic people will rise up against the liberal left after this one.

    1. Ruckus says:

      I will say they fell short. —- over 70,000 short.

  131. nomobama2012 says:

    Did that moonbat really expect 75K to show up at that amplitheater? Looks like a couple of thousand is the capacity. She needs to get a bigger cowboy hat to increase blood flow to her brain

  132. Dan says:

    Spewing racism pays the bills for Sharpton and Jackson—and several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are still trapped in the 60’s as well—-move on folks—

  133. Jack says:

    I hate whitey rally, yada yada, who cares

  134. Systemic Necrosis says:

    OK. So 4% of the expected turnout showed up. What’s up? Was there an NCAA tournament basketball game on TV? Or was everyone afraid of reviving the careers of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?
    I’m from Cincinnati, OH. Our mayor wore a hoodie for a posted photo. Then the twit tweeted “I amTrayvon Martin.” The idiot doesn’t speak out about deaths in his own city. He’s in his lame duck term as mayor and is obviously trying to fly high for another political office to be named later.

  135. ricardo4max says:

    How ironic that the vigilantism and lies are coming from the black community! And they want to take away our right to protect ourselves from the black hoodlums of this country.If they keep going oBama is going to get his race war that he wants so badly. Unfortunately, it will not turn out as he plans.
    Trayvon was wearing a hoodie, favorite garb of criminals black and white, acting suspiciously, and viciously attacked Zimmerman (witnesses and evidence). The boy was not a saint and the truth tells the story. It was an unfortunate incident. In the future, perhaps the black community can devote as much time to providing better role models and teaching their kids that crime is not glamorous, thereby reducing the disproportionate number of black criminals in society.

    1. Playrighter says:

      The hoodie has nothing to do with this. It has as much relevance as the color of Trayvon’s socks, or what Zimmerman had for dinner.

      It’s just a convenient image to use for a marketing tool to rile up a public that believes sound bites over facts (Trayvon’s mother claiming he was outweighed by 100 pounds, when Zimmerman, who may have been slightly heavier, was five or six inches shorter than Trayvon; NBC dishonestly editing a simple 911 question being answered into Zimmerman profiling Trayvon, when in fact, he wasn’t even clear on Trayvons’s race (but that’s only if you believe the evidence).

  136. chasmandocharles says:

    Bunch of democrat, racial hucksters trying to start a race riot.

  137. richmondtommy says:

    These race baiters really don’t care to wait for evidence or whether this man was wrong or not. Low level intelligence.

  138. Frank says:

    You know that if this incident happened in Alaska or somewhere normally cold, they wouldn’t rally in that state. Sharpton just sees this as an excuse to make a fuss and take a vacation at the same time.

  139. woody says:

    They couldn’t count at the Million Man March either…..

  140. Chris says:

    “This is the time to take action. Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

    Uh, no. Trayvon didnt ‘give’ his life for any cause. His life was taken from him because a simple confrontation escalated.

    These people scream against vigilantism, but they want Zommerman convicted by mob rule. Typical.

    1. bobthemoron says:

      Martin gave his life because its okay to attack ‘whitey’.

  141. Perry says:

    What was Trey doing in a GATED COMMUNITY??? Do they sell Skittles there??

  142. Royd Allies says:

    You can”t see a rainbow at night…..Who needs a bag a Skittles at 10 pm?

  143. Hojo says:

    Trayvon was the attacker according to witnesses, justice was served.

  144. useful_tools_watcher says:

    Ah Justice? So Trayvon will be charged post-humously for assaulting a community watch guy that was simploy “watching” him?

  145. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    It was a small crowd of the smallest minds in America. Mainstream America would like Justice for the children still salvageable in Trayvon’s culture. We have the Sharpton/Jackson culture pumping out millions of unwanted, neglected, fatherless children who are then subjected to all sorts of the worst mankind has to offer. The kids are subjected to ignorant and racist family and friends, rampant drugs, promiscuity, profanity, dishonesty, deceit, and rejection of civilization’s virtues.

    Trayvon’s death does call for some soul searching, but Trayvon’s culture instead looks where it always looks to cover its failures — it looks to racism.

  146. RightBright says:

    This is nothing more than misdirection. First the democrats pandered to women with a phony “war on women” campaign and now they have made what would be a normally obscure local killing into a national cause celeb, while ignoring even more agregious killings involving blacks killing or injuring whites.

    This is also a wonderful opportunity to twist the event into a gun control issue.

    They need to do this to distract from the failures of the administration. It is important for them, now that the poll numbers are tanking, that they distract the American voters attention.

    Fact is the MSM no longer has exclusive control of the airwaves any more and American’s are recoiling from the Black Panther’s vigilantism. Where is the FBI and the Flordia on the Panther issue? Crimes have been committed.

  147. HMichaelH says:

    3K vs 75K. It reminds me of the “Million Man March” these moron invented. Far fewer show up than are predicted, because low IQ people have the ability to focus and concentrate on anything for more than a minute just about as long as a gnat can.

  148. Oldtaxpayer says:

    Obama’s bunch are trying to lynch someone before they are tried. Laws appear to apply only to whites and not blacks except when they need them. This is all Obama.

  149. Bill W says:

    Booker T. Washington

  150. Oldtaxpayer says:

    3,000 not 75,000 shows how little support these racists have. That 3,000 should be further reduced by the count of media liars.

  151. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Frederica predicted 75,000 would be in attendance. Let’s hope that the same folks stay home the next time she’s on a ballot….

  152. Darin G says:

    Things will quiet up here soon…It is the first of the month and the welfare checks are out.

  153. Hedley Lamar says:

    An on another note…. Hundreds of black people were gunned down over the weekend, including small children, by black gangstas and nobody said a word.

  154. Sandalwood Wood says:

    I bet every one there voted for Obama.

  155. Larry Fyne says:

    The 3000 demonstrators that showed up is a FAR cry from the estimates of 75,000 expected…a far cry.

    1. harley2007 says:

      No free money so why should they come? Notice the press always do close up shots to make the crowd look bigger.

  156. kingofchatalot says:

    “The attendance fell far short of the 75 thousand predicted”

    Yea, food stamps come out at the end of the month…..crack dealer day……..

    You have to have priorities………….

  157. Gary says:

    There are no 3,000 people in that crowd. Maybe, at most, 1,000. Facts have a horrible way of correcting the “truth tales” of those who wish to deceive.

  158. TGC says:

    Oh please, not a single person at that “rally” wants JUSTICE. They couldn’t care less about the truth. And the reason the “rally” turnout was low is simply because there were no stores to loot. They aren’t going to waste their time pretending to be upset until they can get a new TV.

  159. bobthemoron says:

    I found out yesterday that this so called kid was 6’3″ and weighed in at 190 lbs and was a football player. Young, strong and stupid.

  160. Tomas says:

    These protesters are the helpless blacks we heard Obama, Holder, Al and Jessie talk about. These are the ones who are unable and incapable to get a photo ID so they can vote..

  161. No_Limits_Period says:

    In other news, the dry cleaner used by Rev. Jackson and Rev.Sharpton was interviewed on NBC and gave insightful tips on how to keep their suits clean.

  162. busseja says:

    I guess a vigilante is someone who asks a stranger in his neighborhood “Pardon me, what are you dong here, Where are you going?” Heck if someone asked me thos clearly racial jplated questions I beat him up too.
    Mow that I see the type of people who come to those rallys I agree with the Florida law. The innocent in Florida need to be able to protect themselves from those who would jump them for no reason. You know, the Trayvons of the world who don’t know how to fit in society.
    It is equality in action. Lincoln freed the people, Colt made them equal.
    NBC makes them fight by delibertly false reporting.

  163. Liberty4Ever says:

    Wow – an end to vigilantism – except for the vigilantism being promoted by Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party right?

  164. Liberty4Ever says:

    I wonder if they had to pay for a permit like the Tea Parties do?

  165. Chicago Guy says:

    Mean while, back here in The Glorious Peoples Democratic Utopia of Chicago the slaughter continues. Despite our benevolent ruling syndicate keeping us safe from insane laws like concealed carry and stand your ground laws.

  166. BFOJ says:

    And the Reverend Jess Jackson called for an “end to vigilantism.”

    What the heck would you call The New Black Panther Party bounty on Zimmerman? Spike Lee posting the supposed address of Zimmerman but it was the wrong home, wrong family? Al Sharpton’s call for escalation?

    They have it all backwards. They need to be looking within at their own contribution to racial unrest and at the black inner city culture and lifestyles that has kept them down and out. Not to mention their dependence on the Democrat handouts that keep them in bondage.

    Sad to see citizens of this great and free country fall prey to an inferiority complex perpetrated by the likes of Al, Jesse, the Democrat leadership and a President that can’t relate to them. Blacks are not inferior to anyone, but a majority of them live like they are. Time for them to follow the examples of the conservative blacks that have broken free and now live and contribute to a free American society that they excel in. Such a shame to see people wallow in their own doings.

  167. jim1814 says:

    Maybe the crowed were so small because it was the 1st of the month. Gotta spend the government welfare check.

  168. Brian says:

    Sharpton and Jackson are professional liars. They invalidate any cause they associate themselves with.

  169. jncarlos007 says:

    These are the same people who are demanding an arrest and “justice” without even a trial?
    The ones saying no more vigilantism?
    It’s the time to “take action” but not to be a vigilante?

  170. Greg says:

    Nobody cares about trayvon – they’re just looking for an excuse to start a riot so they can rob and pillage.

  171. jncarlos007 says:

    Their prediction of 75,000 becomes the reality of 3,000?

    Looks like the media has been at it again

    Having to apologize for their “expert” opinion

  172. Ron says:

    He’s dead, move on. He lived like a punk he died like a punk.

  173. Tristan says:

    “He racially profiled Trayvon Martin”. No he didn’t. It turns out Zimmerman’s gut instincts were right on the money. Trayvon Martin was a gangster wannabe thug, who was well on his way to a life of crime. He decided to bully someone smaller than him and he got shot and killed. Racially profile my butt. If it looks like a thug, dresses like a thug, and acts like a thug, it is a thug. Black, white, yellow, purple….whatever. He was a thug, period. A shameful American. And he got blasted when he assaulted a law-abiding citizen. Period.

  174. carlb says:

    that sure wasnt 3k by the picture. when you have al sharpton involved this whole thing loses all creds. as for frerika she needs to be given a iq test. as for your comrad in the lie nbc duped the 911 call to make it look like he was profiling. being dumb the lie was easly shown. but they will investigate. lol there are going to be alot of people showed for the stupiditythey have done . does any person with common sense think a ploice deaprtment would have let him go if there were not a witness to back him up including his bloody nose and cracked head to back his alibi up. everything the media has done has just fanned the flames. as for twana brawley fame sharpton the biggest disgrace is msnbc gave him a show. are they insane. the guy is a racist nut job.

  175. Racebait for FIsh says:

    They want a revolution.
    Revolutions mean work and commitment.
    There will be no revolution,

  176. Tom Tucker says:

    “And the Reverend Jess Jackson called for an “end to vigilantism.” By inciting vigilantism.

  177. billybob says:

    Bwaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha………ONE SLUG, ONE THUG…..

  178. Paul Battis says:

    Zimmerman is Mexican right? So even if we go with the assumption that this is a racist killing. . . .it was Mexican on Black. If Zimmerman’s name is Sanchez, these people are not spending their day doing this. And there is plenty of racism out there to protest. How about the killing of Muslims by Drone planes all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Yeman and Pakistan?

  179. Peter says:

    What a load of bull feces. “Martin gave his life for this cause?” I don’t think so. Projected 75K attendance, actual about 3K, or in other words only off by about 96% of estimate. Overrate yourselves much? Martin was a thug and everybody knows it. Sharpton and Jackson are bottom feeders attempting to chase down the hearse to make money for themselves. And each and everyone standing up for Martin are losers and criminals themselves, if the truth be told, of course that’s not terribly likely considering many of the same losers and criminals control the lamestream media.

  180. Peter says:

    The Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to a crowd of more than 3,000 people, chanting “No Justice, no peace.”

    I got a better chant “No Blacks, Peace”

  181. yc says:

    “The attendance fell far short of the 75 thousand predicted by US Rep. Frederica Wilson…”

    They were all in Kentucky “celebrating”.

  182. Joe E in the IE says:

    And if George Zimmerman is arrested and the case goes to trial, then what? Will you quietly let the justice system do its job, or will the New Black Panthers be allowed to hold up huge NO JUSTICE NO PEACE placards where potential jurors will see them on the way into court, tainting the jury? How soon before Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr will tweet the names and addresses of the jurors? Will the judge’s picture and pictures of the judge’s spouse and children be plastered all over the internet?

    You shout “No justice, no peace.” It remains to be seen if you really mean it.

  183. david says:

    This is all a strategy by the left to get blacks fired up and mad at whites so they will come out in droves again and vote for obama.

  184. Luis says:

    What a bunch of uninformed buffoons.

  185. Ted Gasmen says:

    What exactly do they mean by “justice” ? My definition of justice is finding out what actually happen then determine if a crime was committed. If so, someone should go to jail. If not, life moves on.. I get the idea when they say “justice” they mean “mob justice” as in “we don’t care what happened we want whitey in jail regardless of whether he did something wrong or not”

  186. Collaborator says:

    I thought the Race Card was over the limit? Obama played it during the Professor Gates affair and America REJECTED the charge, noting the Race Card was over the limit and, further, was invalid while a Halfrican-American was in the white house. I guess the 3K attendees at the rally missed the memo.

    Seriously, the race-baiters are just making a spectacle of themselves. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to schedule a “Trayvon as the Victim” really anywhere in the country for the next 10 years without having the inconvenient truth of several black on black murders occur the night before the rally.

  187. D Brown says:

    So plessed to hear the “Revs” call for an end to vigilantism. Maybe the ‘new black panthers will be prosecuted for their “Dead or Alive” bouonty posters. (however, I doubt it will even be memntioned).

  188. dave says:

    I racially profile all the time! Look at the balck crime statistics…. I’d be a fool not to.

  189. areswarren says:

    “Sharpton spoke to a crowd of more than 3,000 people”

    The bench seating shown in the video only holds 2600 people and it’s barely half full. That crowd was less than 1500 people, not only far short of the 75,000 expected, but half of what this article claims.

  190. areswarren says:

    As far as I know, it’s not a crime to follow someone in your neighborhood and ask them who they are. So far that’s all we know about what happened in the seconds before the struggle broke out between him and Martin.

    As to the shooting, if Zimmerman was assaulted and he was in danger of losing his life, he had a right to shoot his attacker in self-defense.

  191. ahksehl says:

    Well, CBS is reporting that there were 3000 people that showed up, the way the media lies this means that there were at most only 300.

  192. teecee3d says:

    What if 3000 whites did this for the death of a white? Imagine the uproar in the media..

  193. JustMeAgain says:

    Now, let me get this straight; A crowd of more than 3,000 people, chanting “No Justice, no peace.” While the good Reverend Jess Jackson called for an “end to vigilantism.”

    Think about it for a few seconds.

  194. Peter Courtenay Stephens says:

    Ignorant Rabble led by Ignorant but, dangerous Rabble rousers.

  195. BennyandtheJets says:

    The crowd was less than expected, what do you expect in a hyped up event that isn’t what the no-church reverands and race hucksters Jackson and Sharpton, are tryng to manufacture ( poor judgement by a hispanic that led to a tradegy)? Of course they passed out their “tithing” racism basket again to take advantage of the naive and pay for their limos and private jets.

  196. Atlantis17 says:

    Gave his life for a cause? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Ya because a black 17 year old boy thats suspended from school for possesion knows so much about sacrifice and honor right?
    These so called reverands need to shut the hell up!
    The only reason thry call themselves priests is so they dont have to pay taxes.

    1. Playrighter says:

      And the facts indicate that Jackson isn’t even entitled to use “Reverend”. For an in depth look at what Jesse Jackson doesn’t want you to know, read “Shakedown — exposing the real Jesse Jackson” by Kenneth Timmerman.

      He reports. You decide.

  197. amartel4 says:

    It’s not that surprising not many showed up. It’s the first of the month when government checks and food stamps kick in and the people “be buying they groceries” and finding ways to trade government checks for drugs.
    The organizers should know better.

  198. JoeHoliday says:

    All you have to do is watch 48 Hours for one week and see who actually kills young black men…..young black men. This young man was killed because his peer group alters the perception of almost anyone. If old Chinese ladies robbed and killed as much as young black men do then we would all be keeping our eye out for old Chinese ladies.

  199. alan says:

    I wonder how many people in the crowd took the day off for the rally or a better question, how many at the rally actually have real jobs and took one of their days off to attend?

  200. steve says:

    Google the words the bell curve and read up on it.

  201. jullou says:

    Now we have an enhanced video showing wounds on Zimmerman’s head which have been verified by a forensic person. If the media had reported this fairly, the race-baiters would not have had their opportunity to manufacture another crisis. Fox News was the only one reporting that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and head. Time to demand truth in news reporting from the leftist news.

  202. Tommy says:

    This did not out live the news cycle.

  203. Han Gem Hi says:

    Trayvon was a drug dealing, burglarizing, low life. The media doesnt report that….If this animal shot and killed Zimmerman we would never have even heard about it. This is a sad state of affairs..

  204. garyallan says:

    what cause did Trayvon give his life for, I was unaware of him ever doing anything positive for his race . Now he is being made into a martyr? And why is Zimmerman being called a white hispanic when during the immigration issue, he was just a hispanic.

  205. Chuck says:

    I am going on a hunger strike until race baiter Al Sharpton is arrested.

  206. blackiswhack says:

    We should sterilize all blacks, thus making the world a better place each day there after. Attrition is a great thing :o)

  207. joe says:

    Face it no one really misses this kid. Trayvon Crayon whatever. There was no loss here on this demise. America needs less thugs and hoodies and more productive hard working people. No tears here just a smile!!!

  208. rich says:

    looks like all this BS is almost over… less and less bout it daily… maybe now Zimmerman can get on with life

  209. douglynn says:

    These guys are horrible joke. They should have called for the end of black on black crime. Eliminating vigilantes would save a life here and there, but eliminating black on black murder would save thousands of lives every year.

  210. Jack says:

    I recalled a Tea Party Rally in Nevada that was a good size bigger than this crowd. The MSM estimated that crowd at a few hundred. What is the chance that this crowd was closer to a thousand than three thousand?

  211. lingsun says:

    It’s sad how easily a lot of gullible people are manipulated by lies. Martin was a thug who attacked Zimmerman, broke his nose, repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete and was shot in self-defense. It’s also sad how easily blacks can be inflamed to hate white people.

  212. bob says:

    Why does no body seem to question what this kid did?

    Yeah, that’s my first response when a hispanic guy seems to be following me:

    “hey, you got a problem? Well you do now!”

    I then always proceed to punch the hispanic guy in the face, and then bash his head into the concrete as many times as possible.

    Yeah, that’s my “rational” way of dealing with someone who seems to be following me. Anybody got a problem with this? You’re a racist!

  213. TannerB. says:

    Jackson, Sharpton, et al,
    Let this be a lesson to would-be punks that violent acts will be met with deadly force regardless of your age or race, as it should be. We citizens are not tolerating crime in our neighborhood, and we are armed so beware.

  214. JeannieD says:

    He “gave his life” CAUSE he was looking for a house to rob and someone tried to put a stop to it

  215. luke says:

    The Bayfront Park Amphitheater seats 10,000 people. There are 2,672 fixed benches and the capacity is 7,328 people in the lawn. The Tina Hills Pavilion is an open air pavilion with a seating capacity of 1,000 people: 200 fixed seats and 800 in the lawn.

  216. HarshReality says:

    Zimmerman refused to be a victim, In the meantime he became a target.,And who are the racists again?! I wonder how many innocent whites are gonna be victimized because of this.

  217. Orions Bellatrix says:

    Hah! Smaller than expected crowds. I’m not surprised. People DO have to go to work, raise their kids and the like….Sharpton just doesn’t understand that the yelling and screaming only goes so far until, well, until people realize that this issue is between Martin’s family, the State Attorney’s Office and Zimmerman.

    Al Sharpton no longer has ANY cred. At all.

  218. center rock says:

    He was a young black man walking around in the rain in a neighborhood in which he did not live and which has suffered numerous recent burglaries. It stands to reason it would have raised Zimmerman’s antenna. Compared to population demographics, an astonishing percentage of violent crime is perpetrated by young black males. (To deny this for the sake of political correctness is stupid.) The fact he was wearing a hoodie was probably not a big deal but it certainly didn’t help him. People who commit violent crimes/burglaries don’t usually wear coats and toes or khakis and polos. These crimes are generally committed by thugs and hoodies and baggy jeans are often the preferred apparel of thugs. It’s basic logic, not racism.

  219. yarply says:

    It’s easy for them to draw huge crowds at these rally’s. Any day of the week. Real easy, seeing none of those attending evidently have jobs to be at instead.

  220. Ronny says:

    HOW did Ziummerman racially profile Trayvon? It’s now a known fact that the socialist media doctored the 911 tapes. Zimmerman never brought up Trayvon’s race first like the lying media wants you to believe.He only answered a question by the dispatcher.NBC is investigating itself over it’s blatant racism against Hispanics. Obama and the socialist media are stirring up a war on Hispanics and whites. Arm yourselves now.

  221. Jedsil says:

    It was tragic that a young man died. It’s also tragic that his death is being used by race baiters Sharpton and Jackson. These two “leaders” have disgraced themselves throughout their long shameful careers. They have no one’s respect, but they are feared because white businessmen and politicians are afraid of being called racists. Meanwhile, only a small handful of courageous people like Bill Cosby speak truthfully about the problem of young black men who are first among victims, murdered by other young black men.

  222. joe says:

    Nobody wants blacks living near them. That’s why blacks are crammed into the inner cities and the ghettos and the slums. Good hard working decent folks want to be far away from all black. Trayvon stupid name got what he deserved. Good shooting Zim.

  223. Travis willliams says:

    I bet they could draw 75,000 if they had music and gibbs me dats

    1. joe says:

      or free drugs and welfare checks and a food stamp raffle.

  224. joe says:

    when they had the million man march no one missed any work.

  225. joe says:

    if trayvon would have shot Zimmerman we would never have heard about it.

  226. jJoe_no_gibs says:

    This is just your typical Junior wanna be thug getting shot because of his own stupidity.

    Zimmerman is a hero. Hopefully he won’t be railroaded and convicted unjustly,

  227. joe says:

    erect a statue honoring Zimmerman. America needs to start eliminating those who will cause trouble from the ranks. There was no loss here. Zimmerman is a hero.

  228. joe says:

    there was no loss in Trayvon getting plugged. Better country without him. Fact.

  229. joe says:

    why is anyone upset. This was a misdemeanor at best.

  230. joe says:

    Sanford minus one son. Good job Zimmerman.

  231. Earl P. Holt III says:

    One particularly trenchant observation made by Nobel Laureate Frederich Hayek in his book “The Road to Serfdom,” was that in totalitarian societies, the most vicious and savage elements of society tend to rise to the top because the Rule of Law has been eschewed.

    The same phenomenon holds true for the black community: The trash that rise to the top — Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and Obama — are lower than about anything one can find under a rock…

  232. EMJ says:

    I left a comment yesterday and signed up to get further comments on this story. you know, I am a white man, 52 years old, raised in the Mid-South. My parents were racist. Very Racist. I realized through the years, flat out hate comes from having no clear understanding of what you hate and more importantly, not willing to take any effort to learn more about this person or persons you hate to seek common ground.

    I seriously can’t believe some of the comments on here. These are people who spew hate againsts blacks, and then watch a basketball or football game where the majority of these athletes are black. These are the people who go get in their cars and listen to one of the many forms of music created by black people. it is so hypicritical like these same people who claim a strong belief in Jesus Christ. Whatever, I can’t change these uninformed hateful people. It includes these people who claim to want limited goverment and then turn around and attempt to pass laws using the goverment to control people’s lives that don’t live life the way they believe they should. A man with a history of violence kills an unarmed teenager and all the parents want is an arrest and people commenting on here use it to spew hate of blacks, the freely elected President of the United States, and civil rights leaders. These people have no clue what life is like for these people they hate and want to blame an entire race or religion based on the comments of a few. As a Catholic, I know these is a terrorist group in Ireland named the IRA. Does that mean every single Catholic in the world is a terrorist? No it doesn’t. You take a race of people taken from their country and forced to pick cotton in the hot Missippi sun day after day, treated basically up to the time I was born as sub-human. It is so sad that things don’t seem to have changed in this country from back when white men killed a black child for finding a white woman attractive. Don’t you think there a poor black or white woman, trying as hard as she can to provide food and an education for her children and needing help from welfare? No, you would rather not take any effort to see things in a different light or take any effort to learn why things are as they are because it’s just easier to blame an entire race or religion. Whatever. My comments have misspelings and incorrect grammar and I don’t really care. I am so tired of witnessing the last stand of the white man in this country. Tired of the flat out ridiculousness of these phoney Christians. I don’t think Jesus preached hate anyone or thing different than you. Did I type too long? Yes i did. I just can’t believe we still live in a world I saw as a very small child of ‘white only’ water fountains.

    1. Playrighter says:

      EMJ: George Zimmerman also has a history of being a crusader for black rights. He was very lonely two years ago writing letters and passing out fliers and rousing the community against the son of a white policeman who beat a black man — even calling for a cop’s firing. He was handcuffed this year by cops he criticized back then. Based on past actions, he should be a hero to the black community. Instead, those who know the facts are allowing him to be painted as a racist. It looks like nothing could be farther from the truth.

  233. joe says:

    Hail to Zimmerman the Hispanic version of ZORRO.

    1. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

      Um, you never read Zorro, did you? He is, of course, a fictional character, named Don Diego de la Vega, a Spaniard in California.

      Last time I checked, Spaniards were Hispanic. (I suspect there are Hispanics who would love to have Spaniards politically redefined as Caucasian.)

      If you’d rather redefine Hispanic to mean “New world hybrid of Spaniards, Negroes, and Amerinds” (called Criollos or Creoles), have at it, but the word Creole works well and has developed a definite culture, with a great cuisine. There are different flavors of Creole in Louisiana, Florida, and various Caribbean islands.

  234. trance says:

    Definitely imagine that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the net the easiest thing to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get irked at the same time as other folks think about issues that they plainly do not recognise about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and also outlined out the entire thing without having side effect , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

    1. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

      I think English is not your primary language. Your post reminds me of early Japanese and Chinese instruction manuals……….full of English words but mostly unintelligible. If I am wrong and English is your primary language, were you in a trance and speaking in tongues or something?

      I read your post 4 times, and still don’t understand what you are saying. Sorry.

  235. Diet Solution says:

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