NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fourteen people have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history.

The shooting took place around 9:30 p.m. outside the Funeraria Latina Emanuel funeral home at 14990 W. Dixie Highway Friday night.

One of the victims, a 43-year-old man, died outside the funeral home, authorities said. The other, a 27-year-old man, died at the hospital. Witnesses at the funeral home had said one of the two people killed was shot in the chest. Their names have not been released.

A 5-year-old girl, identified by her family as Mckayla, was shot in the leg and hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital along with eleven other victims.

Mckayla’s grandmother told CBS4’s Maggie Newland that the girl has a bullet lodged in her leg bone that doctors do not plan on removing, however, she should fully recover. The grandmother said she was on the phone with Mckayla when the barrage of bullets began and the girl said, “Grandma, I’ve been shot.”

Aventura Police Sgt. Chris Goranitis told CBS4 News the funeral was for 21-year-old Morvin Andre who died on March 16th, one day after he jumped from the 4th to 2nd floor of the Aventura Mall parking garage in an effort to escape pursuit by Bloomingdale’s loss prevention employees.

The Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide because he chose to jump rather than be apprehended, according to Goranitis.

Meantime, a senior police commander told CBS4 investigative reporter Jim DeFede that Andre had some connection to several South Florida gangs and some of those gang members were in attendance at his wake to pay their respects.

The commander said someone at the wake touched Andre’s body in the casket in a way that other gangs took as disrespectful. This led to an argument inside the funeral home which spilled out to the street.

Members of one gang retrieved an assault rifle and a handgun from a car and opened fire at other gang members in front of the funeral home, according to the CBS4 source.

Investigators believe that a white vehicle may be involved, according to Miami-Dade Police.

Pastor A.D. Lenoir Sr., who presided over the funeral service for Morvin Andre, said it was a chaotic scene after the shooting and he tried to calm everyone down.

“It was horrific, people were going crazy, screaming, running, just chaos.”

The covered body of a victim killed in a mass shooting outside a North Miami funeral home on Friday, March 30, 2012. (Source: CBS4)

Pastor Lenoir was with the victim who died on the scene. “It’s horrible seeing someone pass on like that.”

Lenoir had a message to community following the shooting.

“It’s horrible the way our young people are responding to anger, to frustration, to their fears, to whatever issues they’re experiencing, it’s a low-down shame and I think it should quit. If you have problems, I think you should talk to your pastor, talk to someone that can help you, not to respond violently.”

Witness Jacques Leonet agreed.

“It’s more than crazy. They are destroying the community.”

No arrests have been made.

A total of 14 people were shot which makes it one of the worst mass shootings in the history of South Florida.

Click Here to read about the history of mass shootings in South Florida.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers (305)471-TIPS (8477) or (866) 471-8477

Visit and select “Give a Tip” Send a text message to 274637. Enter CSMD followed by the tip information and press send.


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  1. BILL HANLON says:

    Did they have hoodies on?

    1. sam8131 says:

      Do eskimos where hoodies?

      1. sam8131 says:

        wear; sorry all you english teachers.

      2. Max says:

        Yeah cause it’s damn cold. It was 87 here and gangstas were wearing them yesterday.

      3. farmgirl says:

        “That would be “English” reachers.

      4. davesfotowerks says:

        farmgirl: That would be English “teachers”

    2. Dave says:

      And did they look like they could be Obummer’s sons?

    3. Floyd Hyland says:

      Just those “refined” Obama voters.

  2. Dave says:

    Reminds me of the”religion of peace”. Must be the religion of piece.

    1. Al says:

      I think Funeraria Latina Emanuel would be a Christian establishment.

  3. nole says:

    What a bunch of low life thugs, wish they’d all kill each other off so the rest of society could live without their sorry butts.

    1. Jimbo says:

      eq, how delightfully insensitive… don’t you know you’re supposed to be sad, frustrated, or angry? At least some of us understand these beasts.

    2. thad says:

      the most intelligent comment i have read so far. thank you sir.

      1. Alfred says:

        thad, ALL of the sarcastic commentary by white posters here, is WELL WARRANTED, and ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIED.

      2. Dace says:

        It’s very telling Alfred

      3. thad says:

        alfred, i was in complete agreement with thad. you obviously did not get it.

      4. thad says:

        alfred, i meant nole

  4. snouts says:

    Always make a connection to “white” Note: white vehicle was involved

    1. TXTRUTH says:

      Al Sharpton is now calling for a boycott of white vehicals!

      1. Tom says:

        I’m going to call for a boycott on giving free food and free rent to people who spend money (not even theirs) on Rims and $300 Nikes.

        Al, Louie, & Jesse would NEVER boycott that kind of BEHAVIOR just like they’d never call for an end to the kind of savagery seen here.

  5. steve says:

    Blacks are in the middle of their own cultural war. Its OK if they have their own cultural war, it is dearly needed. Just win it for the idea of actually joining civilization , not sitting on the sidelines saying they are a victim of civilization to maintain a war against all other races and themselves

    1. Dace says:

      The hell are you talking about? You guys make such grand assumptions about stuff you know nothing about.

      1. TimetoFaceFacts says:

        He’s talking about black culture’s inability to repudiate “thug” and “ghetto” culture. As long as such a large percentage of black’s engage in parasitical behavior it doesn’t matter what the rest do. They will tear things down faster than the rest can build it up.

      2. Al says:

        What do you mean “you guys”?

    2. picomanning says:

      Call him a man. Not a Black man!

  6. old white guy says:

    i too was wondering was it black gang members, white gang members, cuban gang members, mexican gang members…. there needs to be more information.

    1. George "Hoody" Z says:

      I believe it was “White Hispanic” gang members

      1. Boniva says:

        Thumbs Up!

    2. Dave-O says:

      I know you’re kidding. Morvin Andre’? ‘Low-Down Shame’?

    3. Danbury says:

      If any bad guys are white, the media makes it known and will dredge up a high school photo. If black, no mention of race is made and no photos shown.

      It’s the code of the Main Stream Media.

      1. Temlar X says:

        Exactly, in the Main Stream (controlled) Media, truth is a casualty!

      2. DJ says:

        Well, the article DID go out of its way to state that “a WHITE vehicle may be involved.” So there you go ..

      3. Wednesday says:

        Upstanding citizens concerned about anti-white mainstream media bias should boycott their products. Write a letter explicitly detailing why you will no longer watch their television programs & movies, why you are canceling your subscription, why you will no longer purchase media from their record labels, etc. If the media Corporations can understand one thing clearly, it’s the huge hit a strong boycott by White America would have on their bottom lines.
        Enough is enough. Withdraw your support, and tell them why.

      4. TED says:

        No high school photo b/c the black bad kids have no hope in life, do not value human life, much less show up for school (and school photo day). The part that sucks most about this is the good kids of ALL races are the ones often caught in the crossfire. I just wish the bad kids had better aim so the good ones could not die senselessly. Damn shame…

      5. tirmite says:

        Uh…. maybe no high school photo because they skipped school that day/week/month/year.

    4. Denise says:

      It’s Blacks. Why are you even ASKING?

  7. Anjinsan says:

    I want to know where Andre got touched. Its like when they report on a rape with a foreign object! Hell man, tell me what it was!.

  8. susan says:

    Where are the “self ordained” reverends???? I guess the life of a black man is not precious when he is shot and killed by other black men.

    What a disgrace these race baiters are!!!!!!!!

    1. mark says:

      its called fear susan. the reverends are afraid to criticize these gang for fear of reprisal

      1. Jimbo says:

        Fear of passing the hat and coming back empty!

    2. RosefromTN says:

      I’m southern, white, sr. citizen, woman – conservative to the bone. I am priviledged to know some damn fine black people, some of them are male, and guess what…thier lives are precious to me.

      You try to be kinder. Color does not matter. What matters is the design of the heart. If it’s a wicked heart, then a nice 1911 Colt 45 is good to have around. I think a Bersa 380 in the glove box is good also.

      1. Ricardoh says:

        Rose from tn The sorry truth is in all these hundreds maybe thousands of Black on Black murders we read about every year I never read a post from a Black person identifying themselves as Black and saying I am sick and tired of the killings and I am not going to take it anymore. I know they must feel that way but they keep electing poverty pimps instead of people of substance.

      2. John says:

        For every 1 decent black person i have met, I can think of 10 or more others who are ghetto and pure garbage.. Sorry 1 doesnt justify the many.

    3. lwlfnm says:

      Its an open season now in the hood. Back in Feb it was not.

    4. TimetoFaceFacts says:

      Harder to play to “white guilt” that way. I don’t understand white guilt frankly in 2012. I don’t know anyone in my demographic who’s exploited a minority for anything. In fact white Americas 6-40 has been programmed to bend over backward to forgive, bend over and extol the virtues of minorities and multiculturalism.

      Look at the facts though. Blacks commit the most violent crimes against blacks, then against whites, and white crime against blacks is a far distant third despite the population differences. Perhaps it’s time for the rest of America to starting screaming for “justice”.

    5. Phil says:

      The Rev’s have a built in army in these gangs. When the war begins they will have seasoned experienced soldiers to man the front lines.

      1. SpoonDRT says:

        Average “assault’ rifle-30rds per magazine. Average hand gun-15rds per mag. Let’s say both weapons were emptied. That’s 45rds fired into a crowd and only 14 hit with 2 killed. Take 100,000 of these so-called seasoned warriors with assault rifles against 100,000 hillbilly/rednecks with single shot rifles and you’d have 100,000 dead blacks and about 12,000 wounded hillbilly/rednecks, 2000 dead. Whites alone outnumber blacks 4 1/2 to one. According to the 2010 census, there about 6million more hispanic/latinos than blacks. If they try to go to war with whites and hispanics, the “war” would not last long. It would be over before the UN would even try to get involved.

  9. Jay Davis says:

    The only pary that they are willing to give a description of is the ‘white’ car. Can you charge a car with a hate crime?

  10. lobodude says:

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton need to hurry down to North Miami and take care of that racial injustice perpetrated by that white car!

    1. George "Hoody" Z says:

      it was actually a white hispanic car

      1. jbspry says:

        That would be a BMW with hydraulic lifts, right?

    2. Sanjaya says:

      Jesse and Al should make a statement by martyring themselves at a gang shooting.

    3. 51Phantom says:

      If Obama had to buy his own car I’m sure it would look just like the one the victim had.

  11. Mike says:

    Maybe they will have a walk out at the high school again in protest. This time the kids will go East to the CVS,

    1. Jimbo says:

      I’m so mad, I’m gettin ready to loot a Walgreens for some Skittles.

      1. deucerider says:

        I would joing you Jimbo but my poppa took my hoodie away for a week.

  12. 5745745745 says:

    Names alone are sufficient to discern the race/ethnicity of the perpetrators.

    1. SwampThizzle says:

      One of these days black criminals are going to wise up and stop giving their kids such goofy names. Then we’ll be in trouble.

      1. Shaniqua says:

        No, they won’t. They’re not intelligent enough to figure it out. So I think we’re safe for many years to come.

  13. james says:

    As a democrat, i say now that i’m getting as far away from the dems as i can. I can’t even but up a little bit of an argument for this party. I hope the republicans will have me back.

    1. that guy says:

      We’ll take you back, buddy. As long as you don’t do it again!

    2. Musicman says:

      Yes they will, and bring as many as possible with you…

    3. Tami says:

      Arms wide open my friend!

    4. FusterCluck says:

      My BS detector is going off…

    5. MDWhite says:

      There’s an old saying that a mindless mob (re: democratic party) goes crazy collectively, but can only comes to its senses one individual at a time.You’re more than welcome back to the fold.

    6. Right says:

      When you really need to show uo is in Nov when we have a chance to make a change in the White House.Please don’t miss that. Welcome home:)

    7. TH FROM MC says:

      We will take you back with open arms. We trust you have learned your lesson.

  14. the truth will set you free says:

    those damn white people have to be stopped

    1. watson says:

      With open arms, our counry needs you.

  15. Pants says:

    So 14 people were shot at a funeral and they need help from crime stoppers? Oh, I forgot, with these people not “snitching” is more important than a loved one actually being murdered.

    1. daveh says:

      That’s the key. They won’t snitch.
      Better to live in fear, than to snitch.
      Snitches get stitches, so sad.
      What a code to live by, just shameful, nothing is sacred.

      1. Jimbob says:

        Soooo, these 14 people were “snitches”? Hate to see what happens to the tight lipped people…
        …oh, wait the silent got shot!!! GREAT LOGIC!

    2. Super16 says:

      14 people shot and and only 2 dead. Serious marksmanship issues.

      1. zig zag says:

        This is where the NRA steps in. Maybe we have a coalition.

      2. Fluidizer says:

        They should get “free” lessons.

      3. 11 11 says:

        Outstanding, simply outstanding.

      4. Wowda Melns says:

        Try holding a pistol in one hand and shoot sideways out of a moving hooptie.. See how YOUR aim is, Mr. Know-it-All!

    3. thewhitehispaniccar says:

      When fear is more important than Love we have lost.

  16. BucksnortsRush says:

    LOL!! So THAT’s where Zimmerman is…

  17. Clumbaby says:

    Does Florida have a criminal population or what?

    1. sam8131 says:

      Yes, stay away!

    2. Joe Friday says:

      not in the rich cracka parts.

      1. 1stworlder says:

        Do you mean the gated communities with watch captains?

  18. Rast says:

    “I have just learned that nothing of that funeral is now left; but this is no loss, for there is abundance of material for another.” — Mark Twain

    1. ramzie says:


    2. deimos says:

      “I have never wished another person to die but I have read a lot of obituaries with a great deal of glee.” — Mark Twian

  19. jerryg says:

    A white vehicle ? Hey, big mouth Sharpton…there’s your culprit right there !

    1. femmefatale says:

      hahaha! that was funny!
      But unfortunately, the pastor is sooooo correct. Our youth, especially black and Hispanic youth have absolutely zero coping skills – you “disrespect” them (and that definition will vary w/each person), they resort to violence. Somehow they blame everyone else but themselves for the disarray in the community…

    2. Who is John Galt says:


    3. buyitcheap says:

      LMAO Excellent!

    4. Forgive Me says:

      Shame on me but I thought the same thing! Racist, cracker car no doubt.

  20. ohrly says:

    So the lesson is….”don’t touch a dead latino gang members body when it’s in the casket”.

    1. Kevin says:

      Don’t try to spin this as latino… It’s black, black, and plain black…

    2. Fluidizer says:

      Nah, you can touch ’em all you want. Hug ’em, kiss ’em, whatever you like. Just don’t touch them in a disrespectful way, or the bullets will fly.
      So keep your finger’s out of the corpse’s nose.

      1. Chris in LV says:

        somebody’s down low hook up for sure…

        i’ll bet the gang member tried stealing something shiny off the dead one.

  21. Capt Obvious says:

    Of course they just HAD to be driving a White car. Sheesh

  22. Kingfish says:

    Maybe George Bush’s, he is blamed for everything else.

  23. D says:

    who really cares? as long as these people keep kill’in their own, they are doing a great service for America, you keep on kill’in boy’s great work

    1. flomama says:

      Population control since they have no accountability or resposiblity.

      1. lwlfnm says:

        Not fast enough

  24. stephaniegorman says:

    Animals. A 5 year old shot? No arrests? Where is the outrage?

    1. dwstick says:

      The White House has directed the lamestream news media and civil rights leaders to keep all outrage focused on the Martin/Zimmerman incident.

      1. brian says:

        don’t you mean the blockhouse. we whiteys don’t matter. barrack obama hates white people

  25. Wally says:

    Drive by shooting…although it may have happened I don’t remember hearing or reading about a white drive by…anyone? To me it’s a cowards way of settling a score.

  26. zone says:

    The US could still be a great country if we just took out the garbage.

  27. Dave says:

    they have no clue to what they have started
    Obuma, Al, Jesie

  28. moebellini says:

    Were these people of color. Why give a description of the people involved. Guess I’ll have to wait to see it on “First 48″…………………………

    1. Shantay Away says:

      Description is only giving when the bad guy is white.

      Because the media
      has been informed that black people need role models and they can’t have role models if the description says black perp.

      They are indirectly told not to include the race if it’s a minority.

      All true

      1. Jimbo says:

        Don’t worry, this is the America Moochelle is finally proud to be a part of.

  29. Lee Lopez says:

    Where is all this violence coming from. Nobody is safe in the streets.
    Sharpton said to escalate. Well it’s escalating. God help us. This could
    erupt into a nation wide riot.

    1. MoonCricket says:

      Where have you been man??? This kinda thing happens everyday SomeCity, USA since forever. Try and pay attention.

    2. Ritz Cracka says:

      Everyday in a city somewhere there is a riot for Air Jordans.

  30. yarply says:

    White Vehicle? They are such racist cars.

  31. rozzzz says:

    its has to be G.W. Bush fault

  32. Jon Juergensen says:

    Hoodies be for hoods from da ‘hood.

  33. p3orion says:

    Have they figured out which white person (or “white Hispanic”) to blame?

    1. Daisy says:

      Do these “brown” murderers also look like they could be Obama’s sons?

  34. Jon Juergensen says:

    Where be Jessie and Al?

  35. Art Vandelay says:


    1. EdG says:

      Yeah, had they been armed they could have had the shootout inside the funeral home instead of having to move it outside.

      1. 1stworlder says:

        The ones in the funeral where armed illegally, he is talking about non felons being able to protect themselves from savagery like this.

  36. Marc says:

    Some of the gang members were wearing WHITE shirts.

    1. Ritz Cracka says:

      Were those white shirts or white hispanic shirts?

  37. PLN says:

    And how do the cops expect to get help or keep the community of tax payers safe when not one description of the perpetrators is given. Great so be on the look out for everybody.

    1. jfuu says:

      Not one word on the ethnicity of the participants, not even one white hispanic. I assume there is no underlying racial cause behind the gang or gang members and gangs do not signify any symptom of any racial or ethnic problem in the community. We all know the ethnicity and the problem here but CBS does not report it.

  38. P.henry says:

    The feral youth on a rampage thanks to the liberal great society that destroy hr basic family structure.

    1. 1stworlder says:

      That must be some powerful stuff as it affected “yooths” everywhere in the world and throughout time

  39. vtwin says:

    Mr. Attorney-General Holder, are you paying attention? Mr. Attorney-General, hello??????
    Is anybody there?

    Guess not. 🙁

  40. Yukiko says:

    Was there a ‘White Afro American’ in the vicinity? If so he’s your culprit.

  41. Todd says:

    Please keep shooting each other. Please.

  42. IndyMason says:

    The new definition of Racist: Anyone who wins an argument with a liberal.

    1. GCA says:

      I’d never thought of it that way, but yes, you’re exacty right.

  43. jimj says:

    With any luck they will be able to rid us of themselves. Patience…

  44. On Our Way To War says:

    Open immigration from the world’s hell holes is working sooo good for us.

    1. meganNtexas says:

      That’s almost profound

  45. WilliamPenn says:

    Ain’t diversity wonderful? With Section 8 and any luck, this could be coming to YOUR neighborhood any day now.

  46. Dweeb says:

    I’ll bet they all looked like they could be Obama’s son.

    1. KissMy??? says:

      All you white fools are weird people behind a pc saying what you’re afraid to say in public. True coward if you ask me.

      1. Doug says:

        whose dead? and who is a fool, fool.

      2. wyatt.trash says:

        Fo shizzle! Everyone knows real men shot 5 year olds.

      3. Sammie Jo says:

        and all you black thugs can never take anyone on one on one, you always have to have a gang, because you’re cowards.
        I’ll say anything I say online to your face and I’ll be armed when I say it.

      4. Bruce S. says:

        What? i thought stuff like this is what Rev. Al was DEMANDING… Don’t blame it on US!!

      5. brian says:

        trust me i say it all in public too. I’m not afraid of being a victim to prove a point. it seems that crimes are only racially motivated when its white on black. What about all of the white people in the country that are beaten, robbed or murdered by blacks? i guess they really don’t matter. Proven fact blacks are almost ten times more likely to commit a violent crime against another race. look up the crime stats.

      6. deucerider says:

        I am so happy I live in a sundown city, we profile and most of us carry concealed and are blessed with almost no crime. Nope, ain’t telling you where cuz we like our lack of diversity and no black folks.

      7. Bob says:

        Just can’t except the truth, can you?

  47. al says:

    Oh, the humanity.

  48. irishsmiles says:

    Did any of the shooters look like Obama’s son?

    1. dom goor says:


  49. that guy says:

    Just by the fact that they don’t list the race we know they are black. Had they been any other race it would be listed. Don’t want to offend the blacks ya know… this country is doomed.

    1. Phumus says:

      Good point, I was wondering why they didn’t point that out. Call me naive.

  50. irishsmiles says:

    Do any of the ‘shooters’ look like Obama’s son?

  51. Namretupad says:

    I knew as soon as I saw the headline it was a minority group, I was thinking black. When I clicked on the link and saw North Miami, I said to myself “or Hispanic”. I was right.

  52. tubaman says:

    w3ho would have guessed it was black people involved

  53. Realist says:

    These are the policies of the liberals which do not let the police crack down on neighborhoods breeding the type of individuas which are capable of pulling a gun while innocent women and children are near by. I think the word coward behind a firearm comes to mind when thinking of these low lifes/

  54. I hate crime says:

    If not for the govt impeding us, i think citizens would have solved the black crime menace long ago.

  55. Caldoc says:

    Now that is funny

  56. al capone says:

    So, where is our community-organizer-in-chief, Odumbo? He has an inimitable way of dealing with mobs …. do your thang! More Obimbo’s sons?

  57. enbe says:

    Lived in Miami and worked on Key Biscayne; and that was over 20 years ago and it was terrible then; can imagine it’s got to be worse now; that place is terribel and I ilived in a high rise on the 30th floor with a door man too.
    Miami was not built to have that many people.

    1. Larry says:

      People…. Do you see why we need to reopen state operated mental institutions?

    2. porcorosso says:

      door man manning a quad 50

      1. RogertheShrubber says:

        At this point I think I’d rather have a Mini Gun!

    3. Yaspar says:

      Hey everybody, if you are needing a little comic relief, go to this wierdo’s ^^ website. It’s a hoot!

    4. Fluidizer says:

      You are everywhere with this nonsense, 24/7. You just post under different names, but always the with some old absurdities. Go away liberal troll

  58. DrPaul says:

    We’ve gone Black. Now let’s go back!

  59. Justme says:

    Indeed, where are Al, Jesse, and Louis? A white vehicle was involved? Sounds like a hate crime.

  60. Mark Matis says:

    It’s a shame Trayvon wasn’t down here to help ’em out.

  61. Wilder Napalm says:

    As a member of the Cracker race……..hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  62. Nuff said says:

    And ain’t noboby seen nuffin. Whitey’s fault ( and George Bush’s)

  63. Ken S says:

    Just blame it on a white person.

  64. timetraveler1 says:

    Guys, pick up a newspaper from any major city in the USA any day. The black on black muders happen daily. Now that is reason to “preach” Mr. Sharpton. Oh, and it didn’t take long for a more horrific murder to force Trayvon’s horrific death to page two.

  65. lcs says:

    The Sun and Fun capitol of the world.

    1. Miss Flamingo Park says:

      capital…capitol is a building

  66. larry44mag says:

    These people were Black Hatians BTW for anyone wondering the ethnic compilation. They run most of the gang activity there. America is a melting pot… thanks immigration for those great contibutions to our society. Go home!

  67. NB Forrest says:

    And we are to accept blacks in hoodies as a style, not a statement and not fear them or treat them any different than if we saw a nun in a habit. Defies nature

  68. jullou says:

    An old man like Al Sharpton calling for escallation is really telling the youth to become violent, not that there isn’t enough already. Tell me, Al, do you share your money with Jesse?

    Follow the money trail and it leads to Al and Jesse.

  69. George says:

    I must see ALL the evidence RIGHT NOW so we can try them in the court of public opinion! Justice for 14!

  70. Yes I'm Black says:

    I guess the low life white folks who were waiting for an opportunity to justify Zimmerman action find one. Was this racially related, NO. I guess the democrats were to blame for the Trent coat west virginia’s many incidents. STOP all these nonsense and stop trying to justify things.

    Because of what happened in Miami we should ignore what happened to Trayvon? You are sick minded people.

    1. Truth says:

      A 5 year old girl is shot and you say nothing about that. Just calling out the “low life white folks.” You are blind. 14 people were shot at a funeral. Open your eyes and tell “your” community that the black on black violence needs to stop.

    2. cubanbob says:

      Now that the facts are being reported, it isn’t so clear that Zimmerman hunted down and killed Martin. The two incidents have nothing in common.

    3. hunter says:

      Did you miss the part where Zimmeman, a registered democrat, is not white?

  71. Brad says:

    There go white people again.

    1. Drdarby says:

      Yes the truth hurts

  72. larry44mag says:

    Its getting harder to judge a person by the content of their character when attempting to do so can get you killed. And… that is on the black community. Arm yourselves… that’s what the department of homeland security just did, 4.5 billion rounds of hollow points. I wonder what they need all those bullets for? Maybe they know something is coming…….

    1. SS says:

      No, that was 450 million rounds. (.45 Billion)

  73. jullou says:

    List the U.S. cities that have been run by Democrats and that’s where you will find the most crime, destruction and squalid lifestyles. Progressives they are not, but their leftist leaders live well and are wealthy, while the president constantly blames the wealthy and corporations for everything, and the leftist, “mainstream” media gives him a pass. If this isn’t a mental disease, I don’t now what is.

    1. 1stworlder says:

      Pittsburg 80% white has been democrat for decades. It somehow majikly avoided the fate of other liberal cities. Could it be 1stworlders can only provide a 1rstworld lifestyle to only so many 3rdworlders. Look at Detroit to see what the min % was to still function.

  74. Yephora says:

    And so it _continues_.

  75. jullou says:

    I think this Zimmerman vs Martin case will cause the public to be more aware of whose killilng whom. I can see the internet now, whenever there is a high profile case, or when there is a black on white crime that the leftist media doesn’t report, the black on white crimes are likely to now be reported by bloggers.

  76. GlarryB says:

    It’s the black culture… nothing will change until the black community STOPs focusing on everything being white peoples fault and start focusing on changing the culture. That includes the “gansta rap” songs they listen to, the head to toe gang tattoos, the “hoodies” that mimic criminals garb, the baggy “jail house” clothing styles, etc.
    CHANGE THE CULTURE and you’ll correct the problem

  77. Marksman says:

    They need to start purchasing stolen weapons that have sights on the side for better urban accuracy. Only two dead? What a disgrace!

    1. KissMy??? says:

      I pay u money to make that comment public u won’t. Thats the difference.


      1. james says:


      2. Bruce S. says:

        Why don’t you guys police your own communities and clean the gang nonsense up? It would be better than calling people cowards because they’re smart enough to figure out what’s going on.

        Seems to me the REAL cowards are the ones shooting 5 year-old little girls. That’s just PATHETIC. The sooner your “community” (including Reverends Al and Jesse) starts trying to stop this stupidity from WITHIN, the better off we will ALL be. DUH!

      3. Bob says:

        I pay u money if you go to school and lean the English language properly…LOL

        You know, sentence structure, punctuation, pronouns…?

      4. 1stworlder says:

        Bob- many inner city school districts have resorted to paying kids to come to school, and with little results.

    2. Shaqueem III says:

      If you need stolen weapons, you can get them from the BATFE. I know a guy in the Justice Department, Eric Holder, and if you are against 2ndA, he will just look the other way.

  78. carlm says:

    black on black crime. why dont they loot and riot over that? oops no white guy around or al sharpton stoking the hate.

    1. muhammedx says:

      no one for Al Jesse and the lynch mob to shake down.

    2. 1stworlder says:

      To dangerous they would get shot as well

  79. Nanxy says:

    You are so wrong. You must be a RePuke. I am an Obama supporter. All you Republicans blame anything like this crime on Obama.

    1. sam8131 says:

      It wasPalin with a bunch of eskimos!

    2. Edgar Friendly says:

      All the shooters looked just like obama’s son you know

      1. Mark Matis says:

        Well said, Edgar Friendly!

    3. SamIAm says:

      Now that’s brave. I haven’t seen too many people that admit their stupidity on-line, but thanks for being honest. Please resume eating bugs and laughing.

    4. Retired Vet says:

      Now that comment is funny – typical of an Obama lover. All this fraud has done since getting elected is Shame and Blame and promise the “Stuck on Stupid” the keys to the Promised Land. What a pathetic bunch of Sheep that lack maturity and responsibilty for their own actions and behavior.

    5. Who is John Galt says:

      Wrong?? Why is it that blacks slaughtering blacks by the score gets NO interest from the race hustlers like Ozero, Sharpton et al? These racists only pretend to care about blacks on the RARE occasion a non-black kills them. We will continue to point out the innumerable black on black violence, and black on non black violence until you idiots get it through your thick skulls.
      Zimmerman deserves a medal. God Bless him for not being another victim of black crime.

      1. Northlander says:

        I would have done the same if someone broke my nose and was slamming my head into the cement in the middle of the nightt. God bless him. We can’t afford for all the police we need with their massive union contracts. We have to protect our own communities.

      2. Williams says:

        Are you for real!!?
        “slamming my hed into the cement in the middle of the night”
        First of all the article doesn’t make any reference to the time of the incident, so it seems you know something the rest of us don’t. Where you there?
        Second, to slam somebody’s head on the cement you have to catch him first, and this guy died as the result of jumping of a roofed to avoid getting caught.
        I’d say you either overdosed on Union Koolaid, our you are a Union steward yourself…

      3. Common Sense says:

        He’s referring to Trayvon Marvin who was on top of George Zimmerman and slamming his head on the sidewalk when Zimmerman shot him.

        Don’t believe anything the conniving media says about this case. They’ve been caught in lie after lie. They only elevated this case to take the public’s attention off the shellacking Obama is getting in the arguments before the Supreme Court. It worked.

      4. carlb says:

        you are right nbc has been caught editing the 911 call to make it look like zimmerman was profiling martin. what i cannot understand is do people actually think that cops of today would have let him go if somebody was not there to corroberate his alibi. but when you get a guy like al sharpton involved all sanity leaves the building

      5. Sanjaya says:

        Zimmerman was jumped when he was returnting to his car without incident. The black man jumped him and the entire attack by Trevon was witnessed.

      6. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        Number One in the hood, yo….

    6. Wayne Scott says:

      Obozo is the one talking “social justice” right along side Al “race baiter” Sharpton.

    7. The Guv says:

      You are an idiot and a waste of my dog’s precious oxygen.

    8. Dave says:

      No, we blame it on the people who perpetrate it, we blame ENCOURAGING them on Obummer and his sycophantic zombie followers….

      Glad you’re proud.

    9. Northlander says:

      He blames the white hispanic. Isn’t he a white black?

      1. Fluidizer says:

        Maybe Black/White?. Is that like Cat/Dog?

    10. terrymase says:

      No. Obama should not have gotten involved.

    11. Common Sense says:

      You’re an Obama supporter? What sort of accident did you have that left you brain damaged?

  80. nowswimback says:

    Did they offer him skittles?

  81. larry44mag says:

    I’ll make that comment in public. I’m always packin and MMA trained. Whose da coward?

  82. jasonn13 says:

    Where are the outraged Reverends Al and Jesse on this caper? Maybe they could lead a march in Miami while they’re in the neighborhood??? Perhaps there isn’t enough in it for them, eh?

  83. Ralph says:

    Just the white man keeping the black ,am down

  84. Ralph says:

    With that kind of marksmanship, the ghetto dwellers better not leave the ghetto…it will be shooting fish in a barrel once they leave the hood!

    1. 1stworlder says:

      8yo country girls can shoot tight shot groups but gang bangers hit 5yo girls instead of a man shooting at them.

  85. Edgar Friendly says:

    Well we certainly know they weren’t white or it would have been in bold letters in every sentence.

    1. muhammedx says:

      even if he were hispanic or chinese…well if they were white hispanic or white chinese

  86. Jamesb says:

    Has “President Hoodie” weighed in yet? Hmmmm?

  87. diesel boat man says:

    I blame Bush… he’s speaks Spanish, si?


    1. ralph says:

      No marches or outrage?

  88. Nobody says:

    Why is this not ALL over the major news networks in America?

  89. Doug says:

    We’d all have been better off if Woodrow Wilson and his ilk had never infected the US of A.

  90. Trayvon Martin says:


  91. george says:

    Multiculturalism . . . works every time it’s tried, right?

  92. jim says:

    The white vehicle obviously instigated an atmosphere of self loathing which inspired these poor gang bangers to lose control and start killing one another.

  93. Doug says:

    If we can just tax people a little more and just pass a few more laws and regulations everything will be just fine.

  94. auntben says:

    Now you know why they have a stand your ground law in florida

  95. auntben says:

    wheres the HOODlum i the oval office…Obama the hater

  96. jimpinter says:

    Sounds like the work of those damn Hungarians…….

  97. Doug says:

    Apparently stock in Rueger US A is rising. they can not produe enouh of their product to meet demand.

    the facts speak for themselves. stand your ground protect your house (don’t be a fool and go out looking for trouble)

  98. Helen_A_Hanbasquette says:

    In the USA, someone dies every two seconds as a direct result of White Vehicles and Guns. More people die from White Vehicles and Guns than cancer, heart disease, diabetes, drunk driving, suicide, drug overdose, car accidents, AIDS, SIDS, pneumonia, and industrial accidents COMBINED!!!! This must STOP! Please contact your congressman and senator and demand banning White Vehicles and Guns!!! Enough is Enough!!! People don’t kill people, White Vehicles and Guns do! BETTER YET, PLEASE PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS, THEIR FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITY. SERIOUSLY! MORE PRAYER, LESS VIOLENCE. PLEASE PRAY!

  99. kcsparky says:

    Here’s an idea….build a large bullring with shear, vertical walls of 1″ plate steel. Install a door that only opens in then start rounding up gang members. toss them all in the ring. Throw in knives from above and let them kill each other in the ring instead of endangering normal people on a street. When their all dead, clean it out and start over. Gang problem solved in about 3 months by swift attrition.

  100. stonedome says:

    funeral for 21-year-old Morvin Andre who died after he jumped from the 4th to 2nd floor of the Aventura Mall parking garage in an effort to escape pursuit by Bloomingdale’s loss prevention employees. o k, so being caught for shoplifting is worth dying over? the mindset of inner city youth is so far from that of civilized society, it is mind-boggling. we are all going to have to live in walled communities in our own country soon if this problem is not taken care of, one way or another.

  101. Jerry Stanley says:

    Im going to put every one at ease. the question is simple. IT was WHITE HISPANICS THAT PULLED THE JOB OFF!!!!!!!!! Reason they were driving a white car. Better call big AL SHARPTON.

    1. deucerider says:

      Was it a low rider white car with a little bobble head in da back?

  102. REDNECKVET says:

    Zemmerman did it,,, Bush loves getting off the hook

    1. Common Sense says:

      Zimmerman DID do it….while on the ground being beaten by Martin.

      1. Sanjaya says:

        Maybe Trevon was mad because he ran out of Skittles, or Martin refused “disrespected” him for drinkin iced tea?

  103. sailordude says:

    Ever since Obama got elected the blacks have been going off killing each other. Save black people, defeat Obama this year.

  104. matt says:

    The Ground was littered with spent shell casings and

  105. solution to says:

    Send them all to Israel.

    1. womanwithin says:

      What do you have against Israel?

  106. ohbajoby says:

    They’ve destroyed the USA.
    Completely out of control. I’d rather live next to a Mountain Lion.

  107. if only says:

    Fact Abraham Lincoln wanted to send them all back to Liberia. Didn’t think they would ever be able to integrate into society in the USA. Curse you John Wilkes Booth!

    1. deucerider says:

      George Washington and Jefferson tried to raise enough money to send then all out of the U>S. Wish they had not just bankrupted the country kicking out the Brits and had enough money to carry their plan out.

  108. suibne says:

    african americans…..never before have so many had so much opportunity and failed so miserably.

    1. george says:

      Unfortunately, giving a group of people “opportunity” isn’t quite the same thing as anointed them as a privileged caste. When this country decided to “solve” the dilemma of race relations by turning the problem over to the legal system — with well-meaning civil rights laws giving birth to affirmative action, hiring quotas, minority set-aside programs, school busing, and all the rest — a sense of entitlement was implanted permanently into the minds of many of the intended beneficiaries. We are now reaping the results, and it will probably get worse.

  109. suibne says:

    ef em…..ef em all.

  110. george says:

    Lotta tragic stuff going down in Florida all of a sudden. Makes “dimpled chad” almost sound innocent and quaint.

    1. edeveryday says:

      God!! I forgot all about that little fiasco! If I remember correctly, that was “whitey’s” fault also.

  111. Old Vet says:

    Where is Sheila Jackson Lee when you need her?

    1. Melvin says:

      Uploading magazines.

  112. Macmaven says:

    Morvin was booked back in 2009 for theft as well. Good riddens. And blacks wonder why their stereotype doesn’t die. The culture does nothing more than glamorize the gangster life, and then when a tragedy happens due to that lifestyle, its somehow, ‘the man’s’ fault. I hope these gangs continue to retaliate and kill more of each other until there is nothing left.

    1. MrLogical says:

      How ’bout, good ‘riddance’ ?

  113. confused says:

    Those crazy Irishmen

  114. Tea Party Patriot says:

    There must have been at least one U.S. Congressman there to calm the noise, Maybe it was Rep.Bobby Rush who has blood on hands and dripping wet from his mouth with the blood of innocence, such so does Al Sharpton & The Ever so lovable, the One of many sons of Satan Mr Jessie Jackson, Let’ have a big hand for the man, and his cuz Obama..
    Yes, Those three Ravishing Wolves trying to wear the Lords Honor, but he never knew them nor does knows them, the smell of smoke surrounds the three.
    Buyer Beware the demons of hell, they thirst for U.

    Tea Party Patriot
    PS: One People, One Creation, By The Living God who’s name is Jehovah.

  115. Tea Party Patriot says:

    you can censore but the truth can’t be hid.

  116. Terry Moore says:

    The Obama marxist love this stuff…….they invented it under the democrat party.

  117. Smargalicious says:

    Good citizens of Florida and America, you’d best prepare for riots by the fatherless welfare thugs who are looking for an excuse. Do not be unprepared like the citizens of L.A. before the Rodney King riots or the New Orleans-area citizens before Katrina.

    Arm yourselves, practice, form citizen defense squads as soon as you can. While it is still legal.

  118. Dim O'Crat says:

    Race has nothing to do with this. There are bad people of every color. Diversity is strength! Everybody’s equal but the color of their skin! We are a nation of immigrants!

    Blah blah blah are we correctly indoctrinated yet?

  119. frank ross says:

    Al and jessie don’t have time for this “BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE” ! Give us a white boy or at least a “WHITE HISPANIC” to sink our rotten teeth into . “NO MONEY TO MAKE HERE”, AL SAYS , JUST MOVE ALONG.

  120. Juju says:

    It was not suicide aventura police knows exactly what happened

    1. keefers says:

      juju let me guess the white people pushed himthat the way it ges spun allthe time

  121. Beachguy53 says:

    Title should have been “Obama’s Base Suffers Loses”.


    lol, and libs still think that America’s ‘race problem’ is that we have too many ‘white’ vato vigilantes shooting down innocent black candy enthusiasts in cold blood

    1. Edward says:

      What I don’t understand is, why does the media claim Zimmerman is White when he is NOT White.

  123. NoBama says:

    Any one of these looked like they could have been Obama’s son

  124. Strapped says:

    We need more guns! Then this wouldn’t happen, right?

    1. Sammie Jo says:

      Yes, ban guns, because criminals always obey the law!
      Seriously, did you even think about what you were writing?

    2. 1stworlder says:

      In the UK most law enforcement officers are not armed. They had to form a special SWAT team called Operation Trident to deal with a certain demographic that that is more likely to have guns than police. Citizens cant have guns but Operation Trident still gets in shootouts.

  125. Legion says:

    Was it a Hispanic White car, or a Black White car, and did it look like Oblamer?

  126. MassJim says:

    How many of them were wearing “hoodies”?

  127. Chris says:

    Don’t miss the irony here. These mourners were attending the funeral of a 21 year old who was running from cops after stealing. I guess this is what happens at gangsta funerals. Nothing to see here folks, move on.

    The sad part is a 5 year old is shot…all the cowards who know who the perps were will NOT tell the cops and the little girl and her family get zero justice in the court of law. Sick philosophy to live by.

  128. musimann says:

    Were they wearing hoodies? Probably not the white guys fault?

  129. russ in nc says:

    Who brings a five year old girl to a gang member’s funeral? Why not just let her wander on the freeway. Child abuse is what it is.

  130. nuttin but the truth says:

    It would be great if Al and Jesse could educate these youngsters on the rewards of staying in school, getting married and being responsible. But then, there is no Millions of Dollars in that.

    1. joe says:

      nuttin but truth,
      Many years ago Jackson used to do that very thing but, you’re right there was no millions for that so he went with the money.

  131. Chimp Central says:

    That’s redundant.

  132. malcoms says:

    Blacks are killing their own race and Whites have their White on White criminals too. They are called Democrats and liberals.

  133. Buzz says:

    So where is Jessie mug-face Jackson and Al not-so-Sharpton on the killing these innocent blacks? Oh that’s right, it is blacks killing blacks, can’t make any racial profit from that so forget it, not important.

  134. Karma says:

    LOL – And white people are the problem? The problem is within you

  135. the tttruth says:

    Obamas sons at it again

  136. dave says:

    African americans shooting each other? I am sure that sharpton etal. are on their way to condemn this senseless act of racism!

    1. George says:

      They are sending a under study, Obama

  137. George says:

    I just don’t believe how violent the Black culture has become. That girls mother is probably just black garbage but the girl is not and suffers froms this violence. How can not the Blacks adults think this is sick but no they don’t. Sharpton one of their leaders screaming esculate the violence if Zimmerman is not arrested. They all just disgust me.

    1. 1stworlder says:

      You do know that if a mom does a lot of drugs and booze while pregnant lowers their childs chances of understanding calculus.

  138. Just AnObserver says:

    All these gang members look like they could be Obama’s sons!

  139. jawal says:

    Real life Hunger Games…Par for the course for black America.

  140. alanwillingham says:

    Someone reported that president Obama said if he had a son, he would look like some of those gang members who did their best to demand respect for the teenager in the coffin by shooting several innocent bystanders.

  141. billr says:

    More blaq on blaq crime? I am soooo surprised.

  142. victor says:

    As we see again, they are Black killing Black and the Black comunity will just shrug it off as normal behavior. There isn`t money in it for Sharpton, jackson or obama, so they won`t say anything.

  143. Jason says:

    Such a BIG MISTAKE importing the ancestors of these people!

  144. basswood57 says:

    Some people in our society have yet to evolve.

  145. victor says:

    Yes, it was blacks killing blacks again, where are the angry black mobs in this case¿ Forgot there wasn`t a white involved

  146. MidnightRider says:

    If Obama had sons, they would look like those gang members…

  147. Crosscut says:

    How sad. Democrat legislation and entitlement programs starting in the sixties created this culture and it appears will destroy it.

  148. Lazybum says:

    Hey Jesse and Al- you are right in FLA!! Hurry over and start doing your thing….roll out the protests and the megaphones…organize a march and….. oh, what? Wait! No white people to hate? Nevermind…..nothing to see here, Johnny, move along…..

  149. booboo magoo says:

    the first thing that came to mind was “the Family Guy” where they’re playing laser tag inside the house with real guns

  150. Tawana Brawley says:

    Paging Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton, where are you, now that actually innocent Blacks are being shot?

  151. rojo says:

    wheres ob a ma cryin about this this is what is to be expected isn’t it. we gotta police our selves before we police anyone else. we gotta stop the violence we do on usand others the drugs gotta go first then the gangs need to growup or leave.

  152. Titainiumman says:

    Once again blacks show why they are considered the most violent segment of our society

  153. Dave-O says:

    @KissMy??? I was kicked out school in 1980 for fighting one of your brothas at my apartment complex. His dad went to the principal and threatened him. I moved 350 miles away to go to an all white school. Newport News is a ghetto. I hope they all kill each other, then we won’t have to repeal Unconstitutional Hate Crime Laws.

  154. Justine says:

    Where’s the black preachers?…Oh this does not count it was black on black!

  155. Kevin says:

    Obama said after the shooting: “If I had a gang, they would look just like the Miami one that shot 14 people…”

  156. DullTon says:

    Has anyone called Al Sharp Ton yet? lol

  157. Joe Friday says:

    where’s Rev Jesse an Rev Al? where’s the New Black Panthers? where Jeanine Garafalao (spelling?)? where’s MSNBC? guess since there is no white male to blame, or even a non-white male with a white last name such as Zimmerman, this doesn’t fit their agenda so it didn’t happen.

  158. disappointed says:

    Where are Jessie and Al to condemn this act of violence. Oh, right, no race baiting, just some gang violence to reinforce stereotypes.

  159. Barryo says:

    As I recall, the clown and thief who is supposedly leading our nation was supposed to unify our nation? Sounds like we are going in the opposite direction? I have always taken the high road, but I am also fed up with the “Race Pimps” who think dividing a nation will somehow turn into motivated voters. Rodney King in justice resulted in a city burning, but OJ walking free did not? Yep, something’s never change or do they?

  160. Joe Friday says:

    Don’t know why blacks always whine about whites of hating blacks, it seems that blacks hate themselves more than anyone else could ever hate them. look how they kill each other with no more consideration than swatting flies. look how they disrespect themselves with their nasty “music” and their idiotic low-rider jeans and crunks. I rally don’t give a cr@p how much Jesse and Al whine about whitey, they need to get their own community in shape before opening their mouth about anything.

  161. Hoodies4Hoodlums says:

    Im sure the survivors and shooters will be at the protest rally led by sharpton to arrest zimmy… thats all that matters right??? I hope some one is keeping a running count of the blacks shot by blacks since the Trayvon shooting< Im sure it looks like the national debt clock….

  162. Hoodies4Hoodlums says:

    hey george fefferson NEXT!!!!

  163. cg says:

    where is Jesse, Al, MSNBC, CNN, HLN (especially the witch Nancy Grace) and the rest of the race hustlers? Oh I forgot, if blacks kill blacks then then that is OK and there is no reason to protest or report.

  164. Dan says:

    Where’s Al and Jesse now?

  165. eric the red says:

    should have picked our own damn cotton and tobacco

  166. cg says:

    where is Al, Jesse, MSNBC, CNN, Nancy Grace, and the rest of the ultra liberal left.

  167. the halfrican says:

    I wonder if they are Democrats ?

  168. Ricardoh says:

    I hear the shooter looked like Obama’s son.

  169. Doug says:

    Thank god Obumbler doess”nt have a son or we would have another hoodie wearing thug on our hands.

  170. Tomas says:

    I’m sure Al and Jessie are on there way down there to demand justice.

    1. Jim says:

      their; more sorrow for you english teachers.

    2. Jim Who says:

      Actually Jim, there is correct.

    3. Dave says:

      Don’t listen to Jim’s, neither one of them got past third grade.

      It is “their”, not “there” and it’s “your” english teachers, not “you” englilsh teachers.

      Ahem, unless YOU bl ack! bahahahaha! Sorry, just kidding.

  171. Polooso says:

    Where is the outrage from the race baiters for black on black crime? When do they bear the blame for standing by while they allow black on black crime and thuggery to become the norm in the black social order. They have made excuses for African Americans by blaming white people whenever they get the oppurtunity!

  172. shep5557 says:

    Help others understand what is happening. I want people to think about how they are being used or affected by others. Every time we argue against a charge of racism or any other charge the agitators are using, we defend our position, because we don’t want the guilt that goes with that charge. If the agitator uses the threat of aggression, we are defending against fear also. The more intensely we engage, the more we amplify the feelings of guilt and fear. The bystander experiences guilt and fear also and wants to help solve or calm the situation. At that point we accept the aggressor’s charge or face the threat of more aggression. A civil person will choose not to pursue the argument. We view the aggressor as ignorant and become frustrated. The aggressor sees this as accepting the charge. The bystander sees this as a solution to the problem. Encouraged by this, the aggressor goes about engaging others in a similar fashion with the same results. The bystanders now numbering more without knowing it, tacitly have become part of the group who submit to the aggressors charges. So the ranks of the aggressors grow as do the ranks of those who submit. Some of the aggressors know they are using the charge of racism as a bludgeon to beat their opponents into submission with guilt and fear. Other aggressors don’t know but just like the feeling of power when others submit. The emboldened aggressors start demanding higher terms as a condition of settlement since a perceived wrong has been committed. As the civil person and the bystander watch, more and more earnings and resources are taken from them making frustration grow that much more. Again encouraged with their newly found gains, the aggressor presses forward using the tactics of guilt and fear. This pattern of behavior repeats itself until the aggressor is satisfied, feels his own guilt for having manipulated others, or the civil person becomes uncivil.

    1. JC says:

      White people have a long fuse, but it is getting shorter by the minute.

  173. Karl says:

    business as usual in the black “community”

  174. obamamarxist says:

    democrats in action. libs are a joke. obama is a racist to the core

  175. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    A horrible tragedy obviously but it’ll be mere seconds until the usual racial arsonists claim that the shooters were white blacks.

  176. JAFO says:

    My heart and prayers go out to that little girl and her grandmother for what they have been through. NOTHING in this world will make that little girls’ or the grandmothers’ life the same as it was before this.

  177. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Isn’t there some political gain Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton can extract from this shooting of Blacks, so that they’ll pay attention this time, too? I guess since it was Blacks shooting Blacks, it is accepted culturally.

  178. Ylem says:

    Let’s be real here. Probably everyone at that funeral knew someone in a gang like their sons, brothers, cousins, fathers and friends. But they think nothing of going to a funeral with them with people packing. Gangs are families and neighborhoods. Everyone is in a gang or accepts their family members who are. They’re all responsible.

  179. Jonathan Silberger says:

    Time to start packing heat!! Hey, I wonder who is paying for this girl’s hospital bill?! Could it be us taxpayers?!

    1. Lance Boyle says:

      I’m still waiting for a “civil rights” protest rally when blacks kill a white person.
      Has there ever been One?

      Guess “civil rights” doesn’t apply to white victims.

  180. Bill says:

    Since the “Jesse and Al Show” are already up the road in Sanford maybe they can drop by and comfort the families of the victims. I’m sure they’ll be off on more important business than self inflicted genocide in their community. If only one of the shooters had been a white Hispanic then we’d have something to talk about.

  181. beedogs says:

    Go figure – Drudge links to this story and all the racists show up to comment.

    1. Atlas Shrugged says:

      The Racist are the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s trying to get a little coverage for themselves since their 15 minutes are over.

      The Black man has a bad enough Image with the main stream America. Main stream America can not understand why a group of young people (young blacks) glorify THUGGING and think it is a good way of life, it is not if you don’t understand that.

      Stop with the MAIN STEAM AMERICA owes the BLACK MAN something.

      Success and comfort, money, a home comes from one thing and one thing only, HARD WORK, HARD WORK EVERYDAY.

      Nothing Racist about not understanding or wanting to be a part of being a PUNK THUG. I don’t know a single person who tells me, you know Atlas, my life ambition is to be in prison or be killed. I just don’t understand.

  182. deucerider says:

    Blame it on the “WHITE” car seen in the area.

    1. Dave says:

      My thought exactly.

      Oh and Al and Jesse won’t be going, this was monochrome crime, one color on the same color. Only when there are different colors and the darker one is on the ground or room temperature do you hear from Jesse or Al…..

  183. Rickpat says:

    Too bad about Florida, it was getting better for awhile but look at what;s going on in the bigger Cities. Turning into a hell hole from within and what coming in.

  184. Al from Texas says:

    Do you know what goes:

    clip clop, clip clop, clip clop, bang, bang, clip clop, clip clop, clip clop ????

    An Amish driveby shooting.

  185. Fred says:

    People who annoy you.

  186. Tom Foolery says:

    Where is the outrage??? Where are Al, Jesse and all the other Reverends on this one? Is a lippy Black Teenage boy more important than this obviously innocent little black girl??? I’m surprised this even made the news. I sure as hell didn’t see it on the national news. Funny huh..

  187. Jay says:

    Wow, I never would have guessed they would be black…

  188. charles says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  189. MENSA Mike says:

    Killing each other at a rate of about 17+ PER DAY!

  190. Marc R says:

    Sharpton will probably want to boycott Bloomingdales. After all, it’s their fault that the boy is dead. The nerve of the Bloomingdale’s security going after the boy for simply taking what he is by birth entitled to! After all, other people have what he stole, why shouldn’t he have it too?

  191. Dave says:

    No, see….

    “Investigators believe that a white vehicle may be involved, according to Miami-Dade Police.”

    it’s STILL all WHITEY’s FAULT!

  192. MrLickit says:

    No it was O to create a new distraction, so he wouldn’t have to call the parents.

  193. Jim Morrison says:

    Why is it that these people conduct themselves in an orderly manner?

  194. Graham Cracker says:

    The two shooting victims and the subject of the funeral are less dead than Trayvon Martin.

  195. Patriot One says:

    Maybe if it was 100 DOA’s and 3.0000 injured the GREAT HEALER, ya know that guy in the White House would say…. it’s ALL Bush’s fault.. It’s TIME they took responsibility for THEIR OWN problem’s. But, that will NEVER happen when their Messiah takes NO responsibility for his OWN action’s,

  196. Alldo Pinkerton says:

    There was a WHITE car involved … where is Al Sharpton when you need him?

  197. trixlette says:

    Where is obama, sharpton and Jackson with all their outrage?????

    1. jimonthebeach says:

      They’re busy in Sanford trying to start a riot. They’re difinitely not interested in calling attention to black-on-black crime because it doesn’t advance their agenda.

    2. neal kelley says:

      What do you care about black on black crime.. your a white person..

  198. Caiden says:

    Jackson and Sharpton are still around, right? They’ll get right on it, Sherlock and Watson are on the case! I mean, they’re brave enough to face off evil racist cops and evil racist civilians, I’m sure a street gang who would shoot up a wake is nothing to them. They’ll go in without their bodies guards and kick some serious behind.

    They going to get all rightous on some people now! Watch out!

  199. Caiden says:

    Of course, the media only gives the race when it’s a white guy. In the case of Zimmerman they still get it wrong! Sure his dad is white but anyone looking at Zimmerman and didn’t know his name would NOT think “Hey there goes a white guy, he sure is a caucasian, real pale like those Irish folks, I bet he listens to country music.”

  200. Northlander says:

    Too many feral children running loose in the steets. And we pay them to breed more. They can’t be civilized.

  201. benth165 says:

    Blacks killing Blacks…. Hmmm Or, was it retribution by Hispanics for Sharpton calling for a hanging of zimmerman.

  202. STLnow says:

    Let’s all do our part: put birth control in their welfare cheese to stop the vermin from breeding. If that does not work, call the SPCA to catch and spay the feral animals rooming the streets.

  203. stevecee says:

    Liberal media. They just had to say it was a WHITE car, didn’t they?

  204. Royd Allies says:

    They should make a movie and call it,”The Sons of Obama.”

    1. SpoonDRT says:

      Thanks for the Idea! Where do I send the royalty checks?

  205. incredulous says:

    Obama called an executive meeting of all departments responsible and Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson have been asked to use all the resources the government to once and for all put an end to urban gang violence…. ……………………………

    April fools…..

  206. terrymase says:

    Where is Sharpton and Jackson? Oh wait, it is Black on Black violence. That is OK by they’re book.

  207. Armored Saint says:

    These gangs have left us a choice; engage or retreat. This is a real national security issue and drastic, paramilitary tactics must be taken by the Justice Department. Annihilate all gangsters, white, brown, black and yellow. Capital punishment and expedited trials to do this. America is the greatest experiment of freedom in the world and evil people whose only desire in their existence is to do harm can and SHOULD be exterminated.

  208. skip says:

    Ah black America gotta love it.

  209. larry davis says:

    Where is Sharpton and Obama on this one. Could it be that blacks were the shooters so they don’t really care.

    1. John Corn says:

      No, they don’t. All they care about is racist hustling.

    2. Marie says:

      Yeah, but a white car was involved. Unbelieveable.

    3. Washingtonorbust says:

      Nothing to gain here for Sharpton. Black an black crime doesn’t make him a dime. Racist pimp.

    4. neal kelley says:

      The Trayvon issue only highlights the violence all over this country that is killing black youth.. it is not a white or black issue.. It is a issue of JUSTICE! Every mother that has had a child murdered in cold blood what there killers caught and dealt with… does not matter what the color of their skin happens to be… Trayvon’s mother is no different. I am sure the mother of this little girl wants justice served as well!

    5. leterrip says:

      God, but I really pity the many black friends I have known. They need a serious leader who lacks either a racial or financial motive. Nobody on the public scene fits that category.

    6. JOSE says:


    7. Reaganite says:

      There are great black leaders in the public eye. Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Tom Sowell, Magic Johnson, Alan West, I could go on. But these very successful people are ridiculed instead of admired. Can you say Uncle Toms’.
      Now whose fault is that?

    8. SUSANM says:


    9. jfguse says:

      Demand to know why they were not there. Do not just look into it.

    10. Meme says:

      Meanwhile, over in Miami’s Bayfront Park at Sharpton’s rally for Martin, there were lots of empty seats. Maybe blacks are waking up to the fact that they’re being had by Sharpton and Jesse, who care not a twit for justice but rather for their own pockets.

  210. John Prewett says:

    Looks like big law suit coming Bloomingdale’s way

    Aventura Police Sgt. Chris Goranitis told CBS4 News the funeral was for 21-year-old Morvin Andre who died on March 16th, one day after he jumped from the 4th to 2nd floor of the Aventura Mall parking garage in an effort to escape pursuit by Bloomingdale’s loss prevention employees.

  211. john holliday says:

    So where’s Sharpton?

  212. Paul says:

    I’m sure that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be rushing over there to condemn this shooting and demand action and remind us how this shows the devestation of black on black crime. No wait, they;re too busy going after Zimmerman.

  213. Walnut says:

    Love the photo of a smiling 5 year old shooting victim and Mom from the hospital Seems like they are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. Wasn’t she a victim in one of south Florida’s worst mass shootings?
    Good reporting to know the funeral was for a guy jumping off a mall parking ramp to avoid apprehension for shoplifting.
    Can’t make this up.

  214. Ayatollah Ghilmeini says:

    So Morvin steals something and rather than take responsibility for his actions, dies trying to escape. At his funeral, due to a complete lack of respect for anything or anyone, his body is touched in a way to give offense and that justifies some other idiot to indiscriminately open file on a group of people.

    The only unifying fact is African American culture tolerates this, and if the average youtube video is believe, glorifies hatred and violence. A little girl is has a bullet in her leg and Trayvon Martin is dead because this toxic culture creates a whirlwind of wrongs. It creates mistrust and hatred in others and fuels black on black violence.

    Then it gets exploited by the Al Sharptons of the world who cash the check but never stop to change a single life. There is soul searching to be done in America but everyone has to do it. African Americans have to detoxify a culture that places violence above education and achievement. While America has to be honest about its own bigotry and all of us have to speak honestly and constructively about the problem. Because as things stand right now, things will get a lot worse before they ever get better.

    This is a new level of sick.

  215. Gene says:

    Where’s the Congressional Black Caucus?
    Where’s Farrakkhan?
    Where’s Sharpton?
    Where’s Jackson?
    Where’s the NAACP?

    Oh, but wait! Check the events since Trayvon’s tragedy:
    Where’s the outcry over 15 blacks beating a latino boy to death in Pasadena?
    Where’s the outcry over a black killing 2 British tourists in Central Florida?
    Where’s the outcry over 3 blacks killing a white student in Mississippi?
    Where’s the outcry over the shootings in Congressman Rush’s OWN district?

    How much more proof do blacks need they are being played by race-baiters more interested in lining their own pockets.

    Blacks should ask their leaders to give up their earnings in support of their constituents and see what happens.

  216. Earl K. says:

    I’d like a description of the assailants please……..still waiting…….

  217. Suncoast says:

    I want to know what a 5 year old was doing out at 9:30 P.M? Why was a 5 year old taken to a Gang Banger’s funeral? The 5 year old was on the phone with Grandma? Why wasn’t Grandma taking care of the kid at home if momma was off visiting a dead gang banger.

  218. alcatraz says:

    gangs are a disease. members should be automatically sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in jail without any possibility of parole. This would be a nice incentive to break up these cowardly groups who cannot be real men unless they are playing off of each other.

  219. Balducci says:

    Well, what do you know…The only color mentioned in this article was a WHITE car! Where’s Sharpton…oh wait is a white car! Where’s Jesse…oh wait there’s no money to be made! Where’s Obama…”If I owned a white car…it would look like that.”

    Liberilism breeds terrorism!


  220. Socialist Pig says:

    What will Obama say?

    1. Shaqueem III says:

      If he is smart, he will keep his mouth shut for once. Every time he opens it to pontificate, he gets his foot stuck in there!

  221. BubbaT says:

    Where is Obummer and all his criminal cohort race baiters on this one? Oh yeah, it’s black on black. No tragic crime here folks, nothing to see, move along.

  222. iratenate says:

    Fourteen shot and only two dead? These people need to learn how to shoot better, how else are they going to eliminate each other……

  223. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM behind Barack!

  224. Edward Boothe says:

    Goodby, United States of America. If I was a young man I would not raise a family here. I would try to become a citizen of a country that does not have problems like the ones described above.

  225. David B says:

    Hey Libs…..we sure have your number peeped don’t we!

  226. GriddleJIm says:

    Justice for Trayvon!!!

    1. Yank says:

      Trayvon got his justice

    2. Warlord1958 says:

      You mean Saint Trayvon of Sanford? He got his justice……

  227. Devilpup says:

    All I can say is Africa in America. These people can’t even bury one of their own without going crazy. Yet they wonder why everyone gives them the eye?

  228. Common Sense says:

    I’m CERTAIN that the “loss prevention employees” racially profiled poor Morvin. Someone call Al Sharpton. Maybe Morvin’s parents can retain the same low-life lawyer that Trayvon’s parents are using.

  229. Steinam Hater says:

    Where are the race baiters??????
    Where is Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson??
    More black on black crime.
    There won’t have to be a race war at the
    current rate you all are killing each other off!!!

  230. MIke says:

    I am somebody! I may be poor! I may be black! But I am somebody and I have a gun and I will shoot my brothers. Oh Barry, oh Jesse, oh Al, where are you?

  231. Tom says:

    This needs to be investigated by Eric Holder and the Congressional Black Caucus. It says clearly that they got the guns from a WHITE car.Clearly this was a racially motivated hate crime.

  232. melvin bonzarelli says:

    Was the little girl eating Skittles when she was shot? Maybe her family can sue the Skittles company. I mean after President Obama sends Al Sharpton over to their house to organize a demonstration.

  233. Al SharpTONSofRacism says:

    I can’t wait to watch Obama state that all of these male youths would like like his son! And MSNBC to make sure those that committed the crime are brought to justice! Right Mr PRes and MSNBC? Right?!?!

  234. BLAME WHITEY ! says:

    BLAME WHITEY !!!!!!!!!!

  235. Wurlitzer says:

    When 6.5% of the population commits over 50% of ALL crimes, there is a serious problem and blaming others will never solve the issue.

    The race baiters avoid that statistic like the plague as they cannot explain it away even with typical liberal Saul Alinsky tactics of dishonest debate.

    You must be willing to admit you have a problem to even begin solving it.

  236. junglecogs says:

    Liberals want the lawful citizens to give-up our firearms, yet they do nothing about these unlawful gangs. I guess we’ll just have to buy more ammo.

  237. Max says:

    No worries, since the shooter(s) was/were black, its perfectly Ok to kill other blacks. No reason to protect Black violence.

    Heck, maybe we should just de-criminalize murder when the shooter is black.

  238. David says:

    Investigators believe that a white vehicle may be involved, according to Miami-Dade Police. Now was that a “white” vehicle or a “white-hispanic” vehicle involved.

  239. JS says:

    Blacks are racist towards blacks. So many shootings by Blacks towards Black people. This type of racism needs to end. I hope Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton condemn these racist attacks by Blacks on Black people.

  240. Mark says:

    Will we hear about this for weeks on end, or are the little black girl and the dead folks not “newsworthy” because they cannot blame Whitey?

    Oh wait they couldn’t blame Whitey for the Trayvon thing either, but they did anyway….

  241. Frank Lee says:

    Say what you will about these fellows – they’re a never-ending source of entertainment!

  242. John says:

    Fanning the flames of racial tensions?? White Vehicle might have been involved. If it was a SUV the environmentalist could also get involved.
    All kidding aside Treyvon’s killing can be related to this incident. Black Gang-Bangers set the stage for how blacks are percieved. It’s not a racial thing, if your’re MS-13 and your tats show you to be a thug, people will distrust you, If your Italian and wear gold necklace you’re Mafia, a good guy – people won’t trust you. If you have a swatstika tattooed on your forehead, people won’t trust you. Lots of reasons for the propensity of gangs in today’s world. In the Black communities the reasons stretch back to before Johnson’s Great Society experiments. Let’s put all the blacks in public housing. The “projects” multiplied in number. Massive apartment complexes were built, poor blacks were moved into these welfare wastelands. Gangs started to protect the home turf, but they soon found out drugs and number running were profitable so their scope of interests changed. Rivals wanted a piece of the action — gang warfare was and is the result.
    Had the liberals used some common sense and used their vast network of connections, the poor blacks could have been treated like the poor whites. Apartments in established communities could have been found and they could have been assimilated into the different communities. Blacks say whites are the problem? Especially Conservative Whites — we’re not. You are. You allowed yourselves to be owned, lock stock and barrell by a political system that has been treating you badly since before slavery was ended by a Republican.

  243. hebgb says:

    …”“It’s horrible the way our young people are responding to anger, to frustration, to their fears, to whatever issues they’re experiencing, it’s a low-down shame and I think it should quit. If you have problems, I think you should talk to your pastor, talk to someone that can help you, not to respond violently.””…

    In order for that to happen you need TWO parents in the home working at raising theur children ona full time basis and who are interested in whatthe kids are doing ona daily basis.

  244. John says:

    Wake me up when Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakan, or Al Sharpton say it’s important. They are the master race baiters, they know when it’s important and when it’s not.

  245. Isaac says:

    Were they wearing their official Treevon hoodies?

  246. Diane says:

    Rev. Martin Luther King gave his life for ungrateful trash like this?

  247. John says:

    The official statements on this from Jackson, Farrakan, and Sharpton are: I don’t care, I can’t rally blacks and get donations from this pathetic nonsense. Give me a white guy killing a black, then we’ll talk and march around for a fee.

  248. rjm2238 says:

    Where are Al and Jesse? Come on boys, it’s just right around the corner and we have 14 shot here and at least twice as many killed. I guess you won’t show up because this particular case of animalistic behavior is not news, in fact it is normal and you can’t be hating on whitey here, no one to blame but yourself. If you spent half the effort you do on shifting blame and whining how bad you have it, you might have made a difference and this incident, and the one that will certainly happen tomorrow and the next day, may not have happened at all. I know peace and the economic well being of all would destroy your livelihoods “Reverends” but it should be your goal. You are old enough to retire in any event and you certainly won’t be missed. Rich in New Mexico.

  249. Sinjin says:

    Where is MSNBC and Soledad O’brien? The guilt ridden white apologists who leap to the side of the so called victims. The real victims are the rest of the whites who actually work and obey laws and keep this country in one piece. It’s the corrupt left that wants to divide and conquer by building separate voting blocks. Disgusting,

  250. Stephen Del Sur says:

    Maybe Zimmerman carried out this shooting. It is apparent that the lives of black people only matter when they are murdered by a white person. Black on black violence largely goes unnoticed by media, and thanks to the “no snitching rule” that governs many people in many black communities, these crimes mostly end up unresolved by the police. By the way, this makes Spike Lee is SNITCH.

  251. Mister Slugworth says:

    “They are destroying the community.”
    Hurry up and finish.

  252. Sanjaya says:

    We know it don’t be Trevon.

    1. neal kelley says:

      So I see your ignorance reflects your inability to form proper sentences. Go back to school and get an education.. Then come back.. ( leave the race baiting home and take down the internet Nazi flag ) and write a sentence that better reflects intelligent thought.

    2. TimetoFaceFacts says:

      Why don’t you go down to the street corners and tell the “youth’s” to go back to school. Report back to us with the response you receive.

    3. Sketch says:

      He’s a troll you fools.

  253. Bobo from Texas says:

    This is what Hope&Change! looks like.

    1. Melvin says:

      HOPE I don’t run bullets…better CHANGE my magazine

  254. phil says:

    What the heck is a ‘loss prevention employee’…?

    1. Cleary says:

      Security guard if it’s a white person being chased.

  255. Ricardo Queso says:

    Mainstream Media: “Nothing to see here… Move along.”

  256. neal kelley says:

    grow up.. childish and stupid comment.. the issue is not about white or black folks.. the issue is about JUSTICE!

  257. Judge a man by his character says:

    No Sharpton March or passionate Jessie Jackson speech on gang violence in Black community, instead they call a Latino White man and encourage race baiting.

  258. Don Ray says:

    How’s all that hope and change workin out for ya. Obama has deserted us and gave all that stimulus to those white folks while we in the black community keep on fightin with each other. He sues a state that wanted to cut off illegals and all that dope that comes with them and ends up in our hoods while he sends his wife on vacations and he plays golf with white folks. I am votin Repub. this time around.

  259. TimetoFaceFacts says:

    At point does Black America wake up and realize a large percentage of your brothers and sisters are parasitic dragging you down. Even young Trayvon had embraced thug culture at least superficially.

    If you took all the effort used to protest and “getting justice” for Trayvon and all the rallies and instead had sat down and taught your youth basic math, grammar, and ethics you would be incrementally further along. When the Trayvon thing blows over and it will blacks will be worse off. You will still be shooting each other and embracing ghetto culture, and the other demographics of America will be less tolerant of you.

    It’s time to wake up, no one owes you anything, and no one can do it for you.

    If you dance on the edge of a toilet bowl one slip and your in feces.

  260. Rand says:

    Move on there is nothing worth reading here. This apparently was another black on black crime. No hate involved. No political benefit. Just 14 people shot and two killed… nope no cause for concern here. The only thing white seems to have been the car!/HUGE SARCASM!

  261. Edward says:

    Are we going to blame Whitey for this also? just like in the Zimmerman case even though Zimmerman is NOT WHITE..

  262. karlstalin says:

    As I understand it they were part of the Miami Tea Party…..middle class adults that cleaned up after themselves…

  263. Earl P. Holt III says:

    Repeat after me:

    “Diversity is our STRENGTH !”

  264. Steve in Texas says:

    Where are Sharpton and Jackson during all of this…..?
    Oh yeah…. this is a Black on Black murder…. They are nowhere to be found
    Nothing to see here citizens….. move along…..

  265. Barry Soetoro says:

    This is how Obama voters display displeasure. Just remember, when the Kenyan loses in November, lock your door. And aim for the hoodies.

  266. JoeS says:

    Heck, whats a good funeral without the occassional shootout……

  267. HL3 says:

    Why isn’t the mega-racist Al Sharpton protesting this?

  268. Marshall Dillon says:

    It is ‘whiteys” fault. We brought the savages here 300 years ago.

  269. lda says:

    This is why community watch and normal Americans are so apprehensive around blacks. You never know who’s going to beat you up, rob you, or shoot you. Who’s going to flash-rob your local store? Who’s going to knock your teeth out at McDonald’s? When is the next hair-pulling brawl? The foul-mouthed scramble for Nike’s at the mall? Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan need to focus on the REAL problem instead of externalizing it.

    1. Charles says:

      No, common sense doesn’t apply here.

      The outrage must be selective.

  270. rsleonard9 says:

    hmm, where the gang members wearing hoodies like the ones in Chicago who killed two people or like the 5 that beat up a hispanic?

    Opps, that would be racial profile based on observed behavior of groups of people like young arab men flying planes into buildings

    Sort of like the emperor’s new clothes if every one denies the truth then it can be a fact upon which to make a decision. That is why TSA strip search 85 year old women.

  271. No Bull says:

    What’s next – Al sharpton will March against White Cars?

  272. JT in Atl says:

    Where is all the outrage from the black community and black leaders over this incident? Oh I guess it’s black on black so that’s OK. (Note: over 93% of all black murders are black on black and over 85% of all white murders are white on white). No arrests in this incident either.

  273. steve says:

    IDEA: tee shirt. On the front is a pic of a guy holding a handgun. On top are the words…GOIN HOODIE HUNTIN. On the back are the words…don’t tolerate the mentality. What do you think. I bet they would sell.

  274. Mustang says:

    What side of white on Obama do you follow? Or did you consider when you blame Whitey, he (Obama) is HALF WHITE)

  275. E. Candrusian says:

    them afros do take glee in the killing of their own

  276. Michael says:

    “A WHITE vehicel may be involved” LOL !!!!!

  277. Bloomingdalessecuritygoon says:



  278. Reaganite says:

    Neal Kelly, you are correct justice must be blind. But what Sharpton, Obama, Oprah, Jackson, Spike Lee, and many more of the so-called black leaders are yelling about is not about justice. It’s about race hustleing. And has nothing to do with the rule of law.

    1. NeverAgainBHO says:

      It is about getting paid! Has nothing to do with the facts, has nothing to do with justice, has everything to do about getting the bucks!

  279. RightStuff says:

    Could this be additional proof that Herrnstein and Murray are correct?

  280. RightStuff says:

    More proof that Herrnstein and Murray are correct. Thank you, liberals, for keeping them down. NOT!

  281. bippybellito says:

    A beautiful little girl who happens to be black is shot. Her life will never be the same. Whre is Spike Lee, Jesse, or Al in this mess. They must take some responsibility for this They have fomented hatred by blacks even among themselves. Shame on Spike, Al, and Jesse. This little girl’s trauma is on you.

  282. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    When is Al, Jesse and Maxine coming?

  283. sirandrew says:

    Will all the so called reverends protest this black gang related incident .?
    I think not.
    The should be rallying the Black “community” to rise up and eliminate Black gangs by looting their supply of drugs and shutting down the street sales of drugs.

  284. ADM says:

    Zimmerman’s Hispanic, you moron.

  285. art says:

    The tribal wars have begun and its not even Sudan.

  286. jj says:

    wonder if those two court jesters , Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, will show up ? !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????

  287. theJackal says:

    It’s time for a serious rational conversation about giving these folks the reparations that they deserve. A one-way first class ticket to the African nation of thier choice, plus a free pair of Nike’s and an eight-ball of thier drug of choice.

  288. DaBigNob says:

    This had to be Zimmerman who did this! He was probably screaming racist epithets the whole time too!!!

    This is all part of the plot to throw the media off his case and on to another more sensational and immediate tragedy!

  289. Dan says:


    “It’s horrible the way our young black people are responding to anger, to frustration, to their fears, to whatever issues they’re experiencing,

    And yes it is a “black” issue. This is due to the absolute fact that the vast majority by far of shootings and criminal activity of all sorts and kinds are commited by black people. Especially “black males”. So many fatherless
    black males…how sad and pathetic. Enough said

  290. carlb says:

    at some point the black community must recognize that gangsta rap is corroding the society of your community. kids revel in it they dress and follow the lyrics to the tee. a black is more apt to be killed by a black by well over 90%. listening to people like jackson, sharpton are not helping you either. you must stop it or this will keep going on till there is no more kids left. herman cain was right you are stuck on the plantation with no hope of ever getting out!

  291. JobsBill says:

    hey look at the new jobs that have just opened up. this is the new jobs bill. Tomorrow the Puppet Carney will come out and say 2 jobs have been created, and 35 welfare recipients have just been added.

    Another sad day in America.

  292. Dennis Johnson says:

    @ neal kelley, wkae up sir, this whole Zimmerman thing was all about race. care to bet if Al, Jesse ornBarack weigh in on thi9s one? Justice is based on objective facts, there seems to be a serious lack thereof in that case. heed your own advice GROW UP!

  293. John says:

    Not that this is an issue for a lot of folks involved on the agitator side of the Trevon matter, but I am prompted to ask the question:” How can Mr. Zimmerman ever get a fair trial in this country?” Even the President of the United States has commented on this case. I believe his (Mr. Zimmerman’s) defense attorney could certainly make the case to have any potential charges against him dropped because it is impossible for his client to receive a fair trial. As an American who loves his country, I am so embarrassed by the actions of what former US Congressman J.C. Watts referred to as …”Race baiting poverty pimps.” They don’t want justice – they want a lynch mob, the ability to loot & steal from shops, and more power & money from the state. How revolting and disgusting! We look like a 3rd world banana republic instead of a superpower!

  294. phil says:

    Two white tourists from the U.K. executed in Sarasota, FL. Their mistake they got lost and wandered into the wrong neighborhood. this happened over a year ago where was the outrage. The killer was sentenecd this past week a small article about two inches in length on page eight.

  295. zone says:

    Perhaps in 20 or 30 years the Justice Department will stop focusing on crimes of the 1960’s and begin working on those of the new Millennium.

  296. ahksehl says:

    Looks like we thought we had a plain win but ended up with a trifecta 🙂

  297. Glezz says:

    As soon as Obama get’s his Fair Share from Zillionaires, he will take care of all this for us.

  298. Ken Puck says:

    I am heartsick over this enormity. Is there no relief for inner-city blacks? They need to have their heads on a swivel 24/7. What a way to live. Must be like Khe Sanh or Dien Bien Phu, where you’re just waiting for the next round of incoming..

    When are the Sharptons and Jacksons and Waters and Rushes of this world oing to train their fire on the source of the problem? (I know, I know…never…they’re financially invested in keeping race tensions at a fever pitch…divide and conquer.)

  299. Jen says:

    Zimmerman isn’t white you dolt. Nothing like that comes out of Europe.

  300. Black Beast says:

    More of Obama’s baboon kin getting DUI’s food stamps and violently assaulting each other. Obama’s son’s are ruining this nation!

    1. The Working Man says:

      Obama’s sons: Best Political Miscalculation…..Ever.

  301. Dan says:

    If you really want to know what race they are just google map the address. You’ll see some folks walking around (hint: they’re all the same race.).
    Besides that I’m from Miami, I dont set foot in that neighborhood

  302. Greg says:

    I’m I seeing a pattern here?

  303. scarter says:

    @neal kelley – so where’s the Rev Al Sharpton screaming for JUSTICE here???

  304. craigalls says:

    Much to CBS’s credibility, they did expose “fast and furious”.
    NBC edits material intended to foment a race war which can only end in a huge number of people dead (mostly blacks) and martial law.
    That is what the globalists really want in this country (along with the collapse of the dollar).

  305. Louis says:

    black people being black people, same old story… there is Obammy on this one??

  306. Terry says:

    Al Sharpton, Lois Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Barack Obama and the Black Panthers better get their racists butts down there to protest!!

  307. Smokey the Bear says:

    Where’s the Justice Brothers? Sharpton? Jackson? Spke? The silence is deafening!

  308. Pooky says:

    I like that one!!

  309. picomanning says:

    Is this kind of crime to common for outrage? Where are the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton? Will the Sunday talk shows bring this and the hundred other similar murders across the nation? Or are Progressive Liberal Blacks only interested in blaming this kind of violence on Hispanic white democrats?

  310. Jiblet says:

    Hey, didn’t know they reported BLACK ON BLACK Crime! Wow, must be a mistake, or a REALLY SLOW week!

  311. worddust says:

    “Investigators believe that a white vehicle may be involved,” according to Miami-Dade Police. Note the color of the vehicle, this was another obvious white on black hate crime

  312. Antiochus Jones says:

    The perps were black? Now there’s a surprise…

    Better not fight back, or Al and Jesse will be there with their bullhorns.

  313. Paul Pace says:

    Maybe they were only firing Skittles at each other! In any even, I’m sure they all looked like Obongo’s sons!

  314. Bob says:

    Reverend Al, where are you!

  315. DeusVult says:

    How SAD and PATHETIC!
    Black on Black crimes AND abortion AND the WHOLE entitlement mentality DESTROY not only the image BUT the “actual” Black community; YET most STILL will vote for obama!?!
    ABO=”ANYBODY” but obama!

  316. DoDa says:

    What is so unusual or surprising about this incident as to make it newsworthy? The common cold occurs less.

  317. cbinflux says:

    Hoodies and sags, always the mark of gentlemen.


  318. cbinflux says:

    What can you expect from such a heavily Republican voting district?!!


  319. cbinflux says:

    8-9 ever shorter generations of welfare has given Blue cities millions of feral youths. Cloward-Piven’s Army.

  320. Heartlandman says:

    “It’s horrible the way our young people are responding to anger, to frustration, to their fears, to whatever issues they’re experiencing, it’s a low-down shame and I think it should quit. ”
    How about if they(YOUR young people) started acting like they are civilized human beings, not a bunch of wild animals. Nearly 50 years of the welfare state and we have babies birthing babies with no fathers, no responsible adults involved and children raising themselves. This is the “system” Obama wants to expand.
    It’ll certainly create more Democrats an that’s good for Obama and his chronies.
    It’s terrible for our country and worse yet for the blacks who are being used like pawns.
    When I saw the headline for this story on Drudge, it was sufficently vague enough to be sourced from the middle east, from Mexico or from any other zone in the world where violence is prone to erupt. But I just knew that it probably originated from some inner-city in the U.S.
    I guess profiling works even when scanning the headlines. How sad that things have been allowed to come to this point.

  321. Maveth says:

    TNB at its very best. Too bad more weren’t made good.

  322. Paul Scipio says:

    This is normal every day life in the hood so why would fat Al and hair lip Jessy show up for this circus act. They are working another Obama election ploy, something to distract the plight of a failed presidency. They even did away with one of their sacred falsies the Hispanic race, they are all reclassified as Whites now. Well formally Hispanic Americans welcome to the white race.

  323. Thor says:

    Figures, she is a 4 year old black child, leave the bullet in, the lead poisoning will make her sterile or her babies will have deformities and she will die young. Figures.
    I mean come on! Its in the leg not the spine! Idiots!

  324. Buffy Barrington says:

    I’m sure they’re nice people that have been wronged and this is just their artistic expression of angst. But just in case, fire up old Sparky and order the hemp rope.

  325. Buffy Barrington says:

    “Things that can’t go on forever don’t.” ~ Herb Stein

    911 essentials dot com

  326. Bisco says:

    This is a good “start”.

  327. weveve says:

    Who Care’s!!!

  328. max says:

    Zimmerman stikes again.

  329. Steve says:

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be there soon to protest this senseless killing.
    Wait, it was blacks killing other blacks.
    So they don’t care.
    Nothing to see move along.
    I predict these victims will not get their pictures on the covers of magazine or become national stories.

    The families of these victims and the thousands of other blacks that have been killed by other blacks must watch these stories and rallies about the Martin kid and wonder why their children and brothers mean nothing, but this kid simply because he was killed by a non-black is suddenly an international sensation.

    This is ALL political.

  330. Ian says:

    Was Zimmerman there?

  331. Threepack says:

    Uhhhh, let me guess!

    The gang members were wearing hoodies??

  332. Darrell says:

    Once again, the shooter resembled a son that Obama might have had.

  333. FRANK GLIO says:


  334. stevenw1969 says:

    Mark my words…No response from Obama, Sharpton or Jackson… doesn’t serve the purpose of the race baiting criminal government agenda. Real Americans do not believe in all this hate that these guys are spewing, how our president can be involved in something like this can only lead me to believe that he is a racist himself. I have never heard him once say a kind word to the victims of a tragedy unless it was a black family. He talks of racial equality and he knows nothing of the sort. He is the worst kind of racist like the Black Panthers, they only want to dominate society instead of live with all races in peace. Evil man is what he is.

    1. hebgb says:

      When you decide that the best way to go about getting re-elected is by pitting Americans against each other on the basis of race, class and religion, cynically turning this noble nation into a banana republic, you go from being just another Chicago hack with a leftwing agenda to joining the putrid ranks of demagogues and dictators

  335. Darrel Gunther says:

    stormfront org

  336. Lifthrasir says:

    Who cares about black-on-black crime? We want white villains and black victims. White people are the cancer of the world. MAKE THEM PAY!!!!!

  337. Lifthrasir says:

    why wasnt sarah palin blamed for the death of trayvon?

  338. Rob Revenne says:

    sharpton & jackson will never say a thing about this incident because they can’t inflame the black community or make any money off it…

  339. Victor_Lima_Mike says:

    It’s a shame more people had to die because of Morvin’s OWN stupidity. No matter what race you are, stupidity begets stupidity…

  340. ItsJo says:

    My oh my, just Where are the concerned Revs-Sharpton & Jackson on THIS?
    Guess it’s NOT TOO IMPORTANT when it’s ONLY a “black on black” murder or crime. They are ONLY interested in “Nailing Whitey”, so they can get media coverage, and MAKE SOME MORE BUCKS, AS THEY LIVE LIKE KINGS IN THEIR MANSIONS. When will Black People realize they are being “Used and Kept DOWN by these Fake, Race-Baiting Hucksters-Sharpton & Jackson? Guess never, cause they are just dumb to realize which end is UP, as they continue to
    Kill, Murder, Steal, Riot, Desparage their own on the way DOWN.

  341. terryatrae says:

    And Where is O’Bama, Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton on THIS shooting???? I am not seeing anyone calling out for a Federal Investigation….

  342. dave says:

    What!?!?! NO ARRESTS!?!?!?

    Where are Jessie, Al, the Black Panthers and the leftist media to call for justice (revenge) and make this story go viral?

    Oh, right….. the shooter is black. Nevermind.

  343. MrGJG says:

    More black victims of white racists. I’m guessing all the shooters here are white because when they don’t state race, it always turns out they’re white. Oh, wait a second, actually it’s the other way around, never mind.

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  346. Taylor says:

    Those damned Amish again no doubt….

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