MIAMI (CBS4) – Are you sick and tired of hearing about and seeing some celebrities? We are, but we’re going to make you even sicker of them.

Forbes Magazine has published a survey of the most-overexposed stars and the big champ is, of course, Kim Karsashian. Her overexposure sure isn’t hurting… the magazine estimates she made twelve million last year.

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Her sisters made the top ten too: Kourtney eighth and Khloe tenth.

In second place, Lindsey Lohan, one of the few listed who isn’t a reality TV person… I refuse to call them stars.

The Jersey’s Shore’s detestable Snooki and The Situation were third and seventh, respectively.

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The Octomom took fourth, Paris Hilton fifth, Kate Gosselin sixth and Levi Johnston was eight.

Remember them? They were so overexposed in their overexposure prime that they still pop up in people’s minds despite not getting nearly as much attention now.

In the old days, overexposure for serious actors was considered the kiss of death. Now, the reality TV people live and die based on that exposure. They need to be overexposed to thrive.

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So we’re stuck with them. Oh joy.