MIAMI (CBS4) – The funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body for the memorial service is challenging George Zimmerman’s story that the Martin and Zimmerman got in an intense physical fight before Zimmerman shot and killed the 17-year-old.

In dressing the body we could see no physical signs he had been in a fight or a scuffle. That is something we would have had to cover up had it been there,” said Richard Kurtz of Roy Mizell and Kurtz Funeral Home in Fort Lauderdale.

Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him, punching him in the nose and slamming his head against the sidewalk. Kurtz says all he saw on Martin’s body was a gunshot wound to the chest.

“He looked perfectly normal to me.  The story just doesn’t make sense that he was in some sort scuffle or fight,” he told CBS4 News. “I didn’t see any signs of any cuts on his neck or his face.”

Zimmerman has not been arrested. He told police he was acting in self defense.