MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The North Miami Senior High valedictorian, who won a two year immigration reprieve thanks to the rally effort of her fellow students, plans to announce Wednesday the creation of a new foundation supporting the STARS Act.

The STARS Act is short for Studying Towards Adjusted Residency Status. It’s a modified version of the controversial DREAM Act, the long-stalled legislation that would allow undocumented students to remain in the country.

Daniela Pelaez’s struggle with her own immigration status sparked a trip to Washington, D.C., with Congressman David Rivera, R-Miami, to draft STARS.

The STARS Act would allow high school graduates accepted into college the chance to stay in the U.S. for up 10 years and beyond. The first five would be to go to college. Upon graduating they get another five years. After the 10 years they are eligible to apply for full citizenship.

To be eligible the student has to be under the age of 18, lived here at least five years, and show good moral conduct for 10 years.

Pelaez’s own residency status, and that of her sister Dayana, were adjusted earlier this month after classmates, teachers and community members rallied for her to stay.

On her trip to Washington, D.C. Pelaez helped draft the bill with both Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate.

Wednesday’s announcement comes on the same day Pelaez was scheduled to be deported.

The foundation will help students like Pelaez.

Daniela has been in the U.S. since she was 4. Her brother serves in the U.S. Army and has become a U.S. Citizen. Her mother is in Colombia where she has been stuck since 2006 after she returned there for medical reasons and her father is a legal resident.

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  1. Illegals Suck says:

    Great, now we have illegals drafting bills..and idiotic policians who support them! What a bunch of nonsense. Illegals need to realize they are NOT Americans and will never be seen as such. They are criminals who break multiple laws daily to remain illegal. I don’t care how long you’ve been here…you’re illegal and don’t deserve the rewards of citizenship. Deport all Illegals !!

  2. Trooper says:

    stars act is a little personally tailored. lets not forget the other 10 years of reform, under 18? really?

  3. Trooper says:

    a marine’s wife was deported? youd talk to him that way… they subsitize our social security by tax id numbers, sales tax, and property.coward , you need to realize. i should reward some fat midwest trailor trash, because hes american? but that marine’s wife and mother to his kid isnt anything huh. your a joke

  4. Charles says:

    Oooooo…not very nice, troopy; a bit lax on the social etiquette.

    I’m trying to figure your position on the issue, but it’s difficult under your writing, spelling, and grammar gaffes.

    Additionally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Midwest truck stops. The transportation industry is just one of the things that keeps the U.S. moving and strong.

    A lot of countries don’t even have a road system, or the trucks, that can support a U.S. style trucking industry.

    And, no, high-school and illegal “kids” should not be designing U.S. immigration policy.

    Heave to, and get on topic.