SANFORD (CBSMiami) – One day after a huge rally to demand justice in the shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighbor watch captain George Zimmerman, the Sanford Police Department was once again on the defensive after new details of the teen’s murder were leaked.

Zimmerman reportedly told officers he shot Martin in self defense after the teen approached him from behind, punched him and bashed his head into the sidewalk.

Sanford police said the report was ‘consistent’ with their evidence.  Acting police chief Captain Darren Scott said they’ve launched an investigation as to who leaked the information to the press.

“We have various aspects that we can proceed from but where that information came from I cannot disclose,” said Scott.

Ben Crump, an attorney representing Martin’s parents, said they are outraged.

“They can’t keep having these leaks in the Sanford Police Department but notice all these leaks are beneficial to George Zimmerman,” said Crump.

On Tuesday, Martin’s parents attended a hearing in Washington D.C. focused on racial profiling.  The session was hosted by the 13 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and requested by Rep. Federica Wilson (D-Fla.), who represents Sanford.

Martin’s parents met for the first time on Monday with investigators working with the special prosecutor appointed by Florida’s governor.

Angela Corey is a Florida state attorney with a reputation for being a tough prosecutor and an expert in homicide cases. She’s charged with reviewing what critics complain was a botched, racist investigation by the Sanford Police Department.

“This is what we’re experienced in and this is what we do,” Corey said.

Her investigation mandate “includes the power to arrest, to empanel the grand jury to hear evidence and the power to handle this case in all of its relevant aspects.”

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi said her department will do everything in its power to get to the truth of what happened the night of the shooting.

“What we do know is a 17-year old boy was walking home and now he’s dead,” said Bondi.  “When you have questions like that, they need to be answered.”

Zimmerman, who was has not charged in the shooting, remains free and in hiding.

No witness actually saw their deadly confrontation. Corey told CBS News her team plans to hire a voice recognition expert to figure out whether Zimmerman or Martin was yelling for help on a 911 tape.

“We intend to do everything we possibly can. The family will get answers,” Corey said.

Zimmerman has hired a defense lawyer and authorized friends to speak on his behalf. One of them is Joe Oliver, who said Zimmerman told him over the weekend that he repeatedly cried over taking Martin’s life.

“We don’t know what happened from the time George got out of his vehicle and the time the gun went off, but I can tell you race had nothing to do with it,” Oliver said.

Right before his death, Martin’s Miami-area high school had suspended him for two weeks. His family reluctantly confirmed the reason: a baggie, found in his book bag, had marijuana residue.

Martin’s parents say it’s irrelevant and blame Sanford Police for leaking the information.

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  1. Federica Wilson says:

    Sorry to say but new evidence points to the fact that Trayvon had serious behavior issues and was most likley bi-polar. While this doesn’t excuse Zimmerman from going straight to the use of lethal force to repel his attacker, it does mean that there will be no conviction by a reasonable jury.

    More needs to be done to protect our minority and immigrant population from the destructive elements within. We need to encourage our children to have goals like college educations and fufilling jobs.

    1. Terry says:

      What evidence do you have that he was bipolar? My god you can figure that out from a news story? Sheesh!

      1. ProudNordic says:

        “What evidence do you have that he was bipolar?”….Better question, what evidence does anybody have that Zimmerman murdered the thug and did not act in self defense? This is a serious charge and demands serious proof

  2. VICKY MILLER says:


    1. Erick says:

      I didnt realize I couldnt follow someone in my own neighborhood who I dont recogninze and is acting in a suspicious manner. George saw Trayvon and called the cops. This is exactly what a law abiding citizen should do. Observe and report.

      Even if George was following Trayvon, so what? If Trayvon was doing nothing wrong then he should just continue walking away. Further, a 911 operator has no authority whatsoever to “order” someone to stop following another person. In fact, if you rread the unedited transcript of the 911 call George obeyed the “order” to stop following Trayvon even though he was under no legal obligation to do so.

      If Trayvon punched Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground and was bashing his head in the concrete, I would argue that those are the actions of a thug and a criminal. IF this is what went down, George was within his rights to defend himself from this potentially deadly attack.

      Regardless, anyone who has already judged George OR Trayvon as guilty or not guilty based on what they have seen in the news is wrong. We need to let the police do their job and allow our justice system to sort things out. We dont know all the facts, they will come out as the investigation progresses.

      Based on the wacky posts from the liberal left, as well as the equally crazy and racist posts from a vocal minority on the right, there will always be a large number of crazy white and black folks who will never see reason no matter what the evidence shows.

      Unfortunately, being Black and anti-white is acceptable. It is a shame that we havent gotten to the point where racist comments from both whites AND non-whites are equally reprehensible.

    2. Lillith70 says:

      Nothing like waiting for all the evidence to come in before dicing a man’s guilt and fate.

      Will you be satisfied with a manslaughter conviction or must the Jewish Hispanic hang for political reasons?

      And the get Whitey aspects are getting tiresome since we are getting real. Fixing our country begins with each one of us fixing ourselves. Start with yourself and then your community. Face it, then fix it.

      The law “stand your ground” says Zimmerman-Gonzales can’t be arrested yet, a grand jury has been called, Jackson and Sharpton want attentio0n and stir the racial pot once more, and you want what? A public lynching and cash?

    3. Opine says:

      See something, say something, big Sis should be proud. A 6’+ person acting suspiciously could have been a terrorist. Think of it this way, if you were on top of a cop, after hitting him and knocking him down, and beating his head on the ground. The police would have every right to shoot you to defend themselves.

  3. VICKY MILLER says:


    1. Greg says:


      Unfortunately, it’s still idiotic as the skittles and Iced tea are completely irrelevant. That is, unless you are trying to claim that he couldn’t assault Mr. Zimmerman because he had his hands full.

      1. Miguelangel says:

        Thank you

    2. Erick says:

      Zimmerman has made no public comment. Where exactly are you getting this information?

  4. Kathy says:

    Yes I agree Zimmerman will not be prosecuted After listening to the news and hearing that Trayvon jumped Zimmerman and punched him several times that Zimmerman might have been afraid .
    However not enough to shoot I don’t think
    But I wasn’t there and neither was anyone else We do not know the true facts of this at all . I do not believe Zimmerman is a killer nor do I believe it is racial matter.
    I think that Trayvon jumped him and he paniced and shot him .
    The kid was not innocent from causing harm , he should have left and gone home .

  5. poorwhiteboy says:

    Good job MR Z

  6. sanjidude says:

    I don’t understand why Trayvon Martin’s previous behaviorial problems have anything to do with what happened to him that day. There is no evidence that this kid did anything other than walk home, but Zimmerman’s motivation was obviously based on negative stereotyping a black guy in a hoodie. And if Trayvon did attack Zimmerman and bash his head into the sidewalk, why was he not treated at the scene or taken to the hospital for stitches to close his “gash”? It’s all BS and another typical example of someone with law enforcement connections getting special treatment. He will not get away with this because it all happened too fast for him to think of a legitimate excuse for the murder. Hope he fries for it.

    1. Kathy says:

      Jumping and punching I guess means he did nothing .
      Not sure why you cant seem to believe anything but one side of the story

    2. Miguelangel says:

      Then perhaps you need a lesson in common sense. Anytime someone is accused of a crime or involved in a crime their PAST is always considered in determining if it is, or is not, likely that the person had a part in the crime being investigated. Trayvon now has been known had a history of “drug use, drug sales, theft, burglary, posesson of stolen property, graffiti and violence (swinging on the bus driver). Henceforth, any jury is going to take all of that into account in deciding that it is, or is not, likely that Trayvon came from behind and attacked Zimmerman. Use some common sense sanjidude.

    3. Miguelangel says:

      Educate yourself sanjidude. George Zimmerman was treated at the scene by the SFD, Sanford Fire Department for injuries to the back of his head and nose. He simply refused to be transported to the hospital at that time. They cleaned the wounds and stopped the bleeding. There are photographs not yet released, taken by the police department which show the injuries. Quit being so obviously racist.

      1. Ramon Fernandez says:

        Don’t waste your time trying to educate who doesn’t want to be educated. The black community, under the great leadership of racists agitators Sharpton and Jackson, has already judged and condemned Zimmerman.

    4. Erick says:

      Well he has attacked people in the past for little or no reason. What makes you so sure he didnt do it this time?

      Why not wait for all the evidence to come out before you rush to judge this man?

      I dont know if this guy is guilty or not, but leaping to conclusions and race baiting definately does not help.

  7. rausky79 says:

    Oy Vey, what a mess!! Hopefully justice will prevail and the truth will be known.

  8. Kathy says:

    We can only pray that they will accept the truth when they hear it They are all so deaf right now ,all one sided .
    Even if they arrested him which I do not believe they have grounds to do , he would never get a fair trial
    Too many people filled with so much hate right now to see clearly .
    Very sad

  9. Lillith70 says:

    BTW, the 140 lbsweight for the 6’3″ shooting victim sounds pretty bogus. A football player or a water boy at that weight? 170 would be plenty slim on a 6’3 ‘ frame.

    Maybe the skittles and iced tea diet?

    Travesty or tragedy for both sides? Vigilantism or justice by mob rule–not much difference. Two wrongs do not make a right? The mob rule actions do not endear those who work towards equal justice and rule of law for ALL.

    Politically advantageous to the democrats? I think not because the middle moderates and independents are probably not impressed with mob police action.

  10. Bob says:

    So what, how about voicing concern about blacks shooting blacks at the rate of 100 to one for whites shooting blacks.