NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) — Thousands of students in South Florida have taken part in school walkouts as a way to protest the lack of an arrest in the Trayvon Martin killing at the hands of a volunteer neighborhood watch captain.

All of them remained peaceful except for one and North Miami Beach police released surveillance video Tuesday of that incident which took place at a Walgreens located at 1501 NE 163rd Street.

According to North Miami Beach Police, between 400 to 500 students from North Miami Beach Senior High School took part in a student protest Friday, March 23rd when as many as 100 of those students swarmed the Walgreens around 10:40 a.m.

Surveillance video released by police Tuesday showed the students flooding through the front doors of the business.

The school Assistant Principal is also seen in the video trying to stop the students from continuing to flood into the store and telling the ones inside to get out.

Some of the students ransacked shelving displays and broke some merchandise, valued at approximately $150, according to North Miami Beach police.

Police and Walgreens have yet to determine if any store items may have been stolen.

The video does not show the ransacking or any theft.

Police are using the video to identify the students involved in the criminal mischief investigation.

Interim Police Chief Larry Gomer stated, “Our police department fully understands that our country was founded on free speech and we agree that all people have a right to peacefully march in protest. We will even help with law enforcement duties to facilitate such orderly demonstrations. However, criminal acts will not be tolerated. This instance crossed that line, and will not be tolerated now or in the future. We all understand that this is a very emotional issue but when our businesses or our community are negatively impacted by anyone breaking a law, we will enforce those laws without question.”

It’s not clear if any charges will be filed.

Peter D'Oench

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  1. Florida 50 says:

    Imagine that, I can’t believe it took this long for somthing to happen! Seems like little Trayvon Martin isn’t the honor roll and upstanding saint we thought he was!

    1. Atheist says:

      Wow your a p.o.s. How can you compare the actions of a bunch of morons to a boy that’s dead.

      :rolls eyes: Why do i live in the stupid state?

      1. Aunt Blabby says:

        @Atheist…Please leave asap…Better yet ,drp dead..

  2. Bill D says:

    I have been a worker for the civil rights cause for over 45 years…march on Washington..UN Viet Nam…etc. so I doubt I would qualify as a bigot.
    What I am seeing looks like the old white lynch mobs being whipped up.
    Police do not usually publish why they don’t arrest people, that is the reason the facts are delayed.
    Rev Sharpton is an embarrassment to civil rights movements and justice. He is showing he can whip up a crowd thereby sowing their ignorance.
    We fought real injustice, not political tom foolery.

  3. Joe says:

    And this is a suprise to whom??

  4. hermie says:


    Leaving a bag of burning dog doo is mischief. This was outright theft and vandalism, and the amount of damage and theft was reported to be more than $1500, not $150.

  5. Boo says:

    Hey what a coincidence…. they’re looting and stealing and they all look like Obama’s son!

    1. Atheist says:

      You know your a coward when:

      You can make a rascal slur and not post your full name.

      1. Aunt Blabby says:

        What the hell is a “rascal slur’ ??…

      2. katz says:

        That’s the way cowards roll. So stupid they forgot to put the other “b” at the end of their name. Figures.

  6. sirock says:

    A man of mixed race shoots a person of color it turns out this young man was unarmed but he did attack the mixed race person several witnesses saw him bashing the mans head on the curb. This innocent kid turns out to be a 6″3 thug with a checkerd past. I agree somethings wrong and the grand jury should rule soon as I really don’t know what happened But somehow this is a Race issue? Now their is looting and threats of violence. This is beyond reality and destin for disaster

  7. Anig says:

    This is how the NMB students shows support to the young Martin… by vandalism. The neighborhood and the businesses in that area are struggling and please don’t ask why, just watch the video. No wonder when school’s out, NMB police (patrols cars) are visibly seen in the area. Students that were involved should be held responsible for their stupidity. It’s embarrassing for the others who are genuinely working hard to find justice for the young Martin.

    1. FYI says:

      The students used to fight by the Home Depot once a week after school.

  8. Atheist says:

    @ aunt blabby can read through the typo? let me try to correct it so the simple minded can comprehend “Racial Slur”

    It’s sad to see such a bigoted person wish me to drop dead. Did your sky god command it? If you wish to have an intellectual debate let me know but I doubt your able to speak rational (hints the fact you prefer personal attacks then actual hard data to prove your stance).

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Atheist says:

      Can you read through the typo? ***

    2. Aunt Blabby says:

      Doubt your able?
      Again your grammar is lacking..
      The correct word is you’re as in you are…..

  9. Spark says:

    Keep Zimmerman Free

  10. Al Sharton POS says:

    Wow! That is SHOCKING!!!!

    I can’t believe that even made the news…

  11. katz says:

    With some of these comments by some of the lower class of people, I can see some unnecessary rioting brewing. Why don’t you people grow up! This is not a forum for you to air your racisms! It’s sickening to see that hatred is so strong btween the races, Especially at a time when someone was killed (alledgedly) because of it. This is a shame in this day and age…GROW UP!!!

  12. Vanessa says:

    ` Wow This happened Days Ago Move On And Dont Blame All The Kidss Also It was Under 80 Kids

  13. jadeowl says:

    the L.A. riots of the ’90’s were said to have abated by ron paul after the beginning of the month welfare payout. look to the days to come before the 1st of the month for civil unrest, esp. the night before.

  14. CMW says:

    They didn’t take anything. So pretty much what they did was occupy the store not unlike a lot of other nonviolent protests. There was some damage to a shelving unit, but we don’t know if it was by accident. I hardly call that looting.

  15. Chris says:

    People who dress like thugs need to be shot and leave our world