ORLANDO (CBSMiami) – A report in the Orlando Sentinel, claiming to be based on information provided to the newspaper by the Sanford Police department, paints a much more sympathetic view of claims that George Zimmerman shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin in self defense.

The report, released online Monday afternoon, claims Zimmerman told them Martin attacked him as he headed back to his SUV, was knocked to the ground with a single blow, and then had his head smashed into the ground by Trayvon, who was on top of him.

Bloodied and battered, he claims he shot the teen in self defense.

The disturbing new report comes as demands for an arrest in the case have grown nationwide. Zimmerman was not charged, after police ruled there was no evidence to dispute the self defense claim.

Police have not released the incident report, and because there has been no arrest, there is no arrest report to examine. A mugshot that might have showed the extent of Zimmerman’s alleged injuries is not available, again, because there was no arrest.

The Orlando Sentinel, pointing out police had been unwilling to talk, offered a basic timeline of event. The newspaper did not identify the person who provided the information.

The phone call to police by Zimmerman reporting Trayvon as a suspicious person has been documented, but what’s not known is what happened before Trayvon was shot.

The Sentinel said there was about a minute gap, during which police say they don’t know what happened.

The Sentinel said Zimmerman left his SUV, looked for the ‘suspicious person,’ and when he could not spot him, walked back to his SUV. He claims Trayvon approached him from the right rear, and started a confrontation.

Trayvon asked Zimmerman if he had a problem, police were told.  Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, he told police.

He claims Trayvon then said, “Well, you do now” or something like that and punched Zimmerman in the nose.

The armed neighborhood watch volunteer some have called a police wannabe said he fell to the ground. The Sentinel said he claims Trayvon got on top of him and began bashing his head into the sidewalk

At this point, a confrontation had attracted the attention of people in the neighborhood, some of whom called 911. At least one person said they heard what sounded like someone calling for help.

According to the Sentinel, Zimmerman said that was him. The Sentinel said police told them they have evidence to support that.

Witnesses say they heard a shot, and the calls stopped. Trayvon was dead, and Zimmerman said he killed the teen to save his life.

One witness claimed to have seen the alleged beating, and when police arrived after the shot, Zimmerman had a nosebleed, a bloody lip, and cuts to the back of his head.

Trayvon lay on the ground, a gunshot fired at close range in his chest, according to the Sentinel’s sources.

There have been no arrests in the case, and no independent review of evidence that caused police to let Zimmerman go free.

Comments (35)
  1. Jase says:

    What a pile of bunk. The kid with the candy going home to his family who was followed by a guy with a track record of paranoia and the kid is now dead but it is the killer they believe.

    This is SANFORD FLORIDA, folks. They have been one of the most racist cities in the south for decades.

    1. marcus Simpson says:

      Yep…that”s right….6’2″/150 pound 17 year old Trayvon was innocently munching away on his Skittles when this Zimmerman guy walked up…seen he was Black and wearing a Hoodie….drew his Gat and shot the kid in the Chest without any provocation or mercy…..then broke his own nose…beat his head on the street curb….rigged the crime scene…organized the witnesses….all because Trayvon was walking around Black!

      Something sound a bit odd there Pal?

      1. KC says:

        Thank You marcus! Well said!

  2. Martin James says:

    Now the truth comes out. Martin was a drug dealing thug. When the tapes were analyzwed it seems as if Zimmerman was getting a beatdown. It’s always a shame when a young one dies….but if he or she chooses a life of crime, drugs, and loitering…..well their demise is likley inevitable. Tell Al Sharpton to get back on his freedom jet and fly away. He is nothing but an MLF wannabe. Does he even have a paying job?

    1. TJ Anderson says:

      I wonder if Martin was carrying burglary tools ,a knife or drugs. The only thing racist about this case is Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Obama, and much of the media weighing. Intitially they tried to make it White vs. Black, That didn’t work so now its White/Hspanic vs, Black. But Zimmerman is obviously multicultural and a good samaratin toward blacks and others. So know its skittles vs a gun. And a cute 13 yr old vs a grown, brooding man. The reality is 17 yr old 150 lb. burglar, drug taker. and who knows what else. So far this whole reaction has been a travesty.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Treyvon was in a gated community in which he was not welcome. He had a mouth on him and some aggression issues. I think those who aim to make this a racial issue should pick a more fitting cause.
    Treyvon was a POS like Rodney King and idolizing him will get you no where.

    1. Useless USA says:

      Treyvon was visiting family, and had stepped out for a snack. He had more right to be there than ZImmerman. You are Simply Racist.

      1. Common Sense says:

        Oh he was visiting visiting his family and walking around just eating a snack when he got shot in the back. So I guess Zimmerman knew him very well then since he and his family lived there.
        this kid is no angel believe me

        should he have gotten shot? no!

        But attacking an armed man is dangerous….you never know what someone has up their sleeve

      2. KC says:

        Get your facts right!! Treyvon was only there because he was suspended from school for 5 days. He approached GZ’s truck while GZ was reporting him to the police as a suspicious suspect wandering around looking at the houses. Then he takes off running. Does that really sound like an “innocent” individual that late at night in a GATED community?? Why didn’t Treyvon just go inside?? Why does the media keep using old pictures of both MEN?? Answer: They wouldn’t get much sympathy if they used the gold toothed and gang tattooed picture of “little Treyvon” versus the suit wearing, smiling George Zimmerman. Where’s the anger at Treyvon’s mother for filing a trademark on her dead sons name??? I’d say that’s a pretty good example of the lack of character this kids family had.

  4. Not a Racial Issue says:

    I agree Zimmerman chose a few bad words to express his frustration but how many times don’t we hear the “N” word thrown around like if the word had no meaning. This is just another opportunity for the likes of Rev Sharpton and Jackson to get people all strung up for a cause that has no ground.

  5. Rochelle Kauffman says:

    First of all Zimmerman was told by law enforcement to back off and they were on the way. Zimmerman still followed this 17 yrold boy. Let me repeat he is a 17 yr old boy. Zimmerman is a big man, are you telling me that Zimmerman had no choice other then deadly force? Zimmerman was twice the size of this 17 y old boy. If Zimmerman was attacked by this boy from behind, then why was this boy shot in the center of the chest? Zimmerman should have been arrested for disobeying a law enforcement officer, if he would have listen to the police Trayvon would still be alive. Zimmerman has a history of racisim. This is all a mute point since a child is dead and Trayvon is not here to defend himself. So people want to drag Trayvon’s rep thru the mud, well why don’t we look into Zimmerman’s past, I bet you will find alot more mud to sling on him then this 17 yr old boy. Zimmerman should be in jail and the Sanford police should have arrested Zimmerman fo disobeying a direct order from Law enforcement and killing a boy that was unarmed. Self defense should be with reasonable force not deadly force. This is not justice. Hurting this boys family who have suffer so much because of this is not justice. Killing a child after you were told to back off by police is not justice. This is wrong on so many levels. What makes it even more wrong is all the mud slinging of an innocent child background at the expense of more pain being inflicted upon his family and friends and the man who killed him is still walking free with no consqunces fo his actions that have caused so much pain to so many people. It is sad that racisim is still alive and it is 2012.

    1. dean says:

      Zimmerman is 5 9” and Martin was a six foot young football player. Zimmerman said “ok” and was NOT ordered to back off in the first palce–just a suggestion.

      Besides, it’s only logical when someone sees a young strange black kid at night to be suspicious. Blacks have called attention to themselves because 1/3 black males between the ages of 18-30 are CRIMINALS. It’s not racism nor profiling–it’s LOGIC.

    2. Brenda Peterson says:

      I’m glad to see at least one person with “brains” could see the real deal here. I can’t beleive all the Racist comments on this post. No wonder a guilty Zimmerman walks free if this is how people in FL think. WTH..It is a free country and gated community or not anyone should be able to walk freely there if they are visiting someone. And even if they did not know someone that lived there shooting them is NOT justifiable. I’m glad the rest of the country is behind this family and Justice will be served. Each day there is more and more evidence against Zimmerman..HE Needs to be behind bars. He is beyond Guilty.

    3. KC says:

      Rochelle you need to check your facts. You are so dead wrong. Treyvon was 6’3″ and 160lbs versus GZ that is only 5’8″ and 180lbs. Treyvon came from behind as GZ was going back to his truck to meet the police because he had lost sight of him. GZ turned, a few words were spoken and Treyvon decked him in the face (knocking him down) jumped on top of GZ, grabbed his head and smacked it on the sidewalk. GZ’s red coat dropped open revealing his gun and Treyvon tried to grab it from GZ. That is how Treyvon was shot in the chest according to THE WITNESS.

  6. LEM says:

    “Treyvon was in a gated community in which he was not welcome.” That is exactly the attitude that got him shot and killed. He had every right to be there. And by the way, trespassing (if it had been the case) it not punishable by death last time I checked.

    1. KC says:

      Last time I checked we still had a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that state I have the right to protect myself from bodily harm, with deadly force if necessary. Being punched in the face, knocked to the ground, jumping on my chest and beating my head into the sidewalk qualifies as bodily harm. Then he sees my gun at my side and grabs for it. Am I going let him shoot me or try to shoot him?? Once again, if GZ had not had that gun, he would be the one who is dead. Everyone likes to forget the FACT that GZ had been helping the police catch criminals in HIS neighborhood for at least the last year and he didn’t even know Trayvon was black until he approached GZ’s truck and then ran away. RACE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!!!!

  7. Wizzy says:

    This as bogus as it gets.. This boy must be Schizophrenic to go to a neighborhood that he is not known in to pick a fight with someone twice his size with no weapon…and to make this story more ridiculous you are telling me that Zimmerman who is a known neighborhood watch personnel with a gun is going to be afraid of a seventeen year old boy… really? really? come on now this not a black and white issue this is just someone making up a story to cover his mistake.

  8. poorwhiteboy says:

    That Tyayvon was on that deadly POT

  9. Martin James says:

    It is a gateway drug…..

  10. Leo says:

    Sorry but he got what he brought upon himself. He approached Zimmerman with agressive intentions. Had he just kept walking and drinking his juice and eating his skittles he would still be alive. The “child” was 6’2″ and was 17 years old and had been suspended for his third time from school. He was no Angel. Zimmerman was doing what any concerned citizen was should do when they are tired of their neighborhood being ransacked by burglars. As a matter of fact, mot violent crime nowadays is comitted by juveniles. If I were in Zimmerman’s shoes, and I had my gun on me, and I could have possibly lost my gun after this “child” got done kicking my butt, and he could have used my gun on me, well I wold have done exactly as Zimmerman did. There’s a reason no arrest was made. Zimmerman wasn’t the aggressor, he was simply trying to locate the suspicious person that he was calling the police about. Get over it.

  11. acitizen says:

    If I was toked up on MJ, I’d be all, “Peace out, man.”

  12. acitizen says:

    Also, the picture we first saw, in the orange shirt, that isn’t a mugshot? Where’d it come from?

    1. KC says:

      from an altercation GZ had with an officer about 5 years prior. They had to make him look menacing against the photo of a 12 year Treyvon. Had they used current day photos of both men they would not have gotten the sympathetic outcry they need to stir racial tensions. Like saying a white man killed an unarmed black “child”. Simple race baiting bs.

  13. Cabana Melli says:

    I wish I knew that before.

  14. Cabana Marius says:

    I wish I knew that before.

  15. Ian Hunter Blackcoon says:

    I wish I knew that before.

  16. Ian Hunter Emery says:

    Thanks, thats good to know.

  17. Ian Hura says:

    I wish I knew that before.

  18. Cabana Masonry says:

    Thanks, thats good to know.

  19. S Morrison says:

    George Zimmerman is going to be arrested you racist maggots I gurantee it. Just watch and see….

  20. MissM says:

    Zimmerman needs to sue for reverse discrimination period. Also all the newspapers who are using his picture need to be sued since he is not being treated fairly in those newspapers. This would make these papers think before they start publishing pictures. What are the laws for using those pictures first. Where did they get them. This is wrong period to publicize a picture like this unless the man was arrested for murder. It’s time that the media is held responsible for misrepresentation period. Let the investigation be finalized and then let us see if in fact there is anything to go off about.

    1. S Morrison says:

      Ms M Zimmerman killed an unarmed child after the police dispatcher told him to stand down the police was there in 2 minutes or less. This lunatic chose to do otherwise and look what happened who gives a f%&K about pictures you moron. This kid is dead for nothing, I would like to be alone with Zimmerman for 2 minutes. He imanged he had a broken nose after I get finished with him uh I was in the Marnes and won’t say much more that.Zimmerman is a punk and a coward. Ole daddy judge can’t save him this time.

      1. KC says:

        Your an idiot. First off get the names right. “Ms M Zimmerman ” is the name of a child born to a couple that are NOT RELATED TO GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Spike Lee payed restitution to this couple because he tweeted their address as the home of George Zimmerman, after a guy named Higgins tweeted it to a bunch of black celebrities. Then adding insult to injury Rosanne Barr re-tweeted this same address after it was PROVEN that this couple had nothing to do with this incident. This 6’3″ 160lb “kid” attacked a man, jumped on top of him and bashed his head into the concrete. If GZ had not had a gun he would be the one that is dead and you would have never heard this incident.

    2. james says:

      i concur. Zimmerman hasn’t been charged, but the lynch mob is already here….so much for having a voice in America….#imo


  21. TStewart says:

    Hmm. Zimmerman….who some call a police officer wannabe.. So is TM a thug wannabe? “Some” have called him that.

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