SANFORD (CBSMiami) – Trayvon Martin was in Sanford the night he was shot to death because he had been suspended from school, and his father wanted to spend time with him about it. School officials would only say the suspension had nothing to do with violence. Now, his family has confirmed it was about drugs.

Ryan Julison, a spokesperson for Treyvon’s family, confirmed reports that surfaced Monday blaming the suspension on a plastic baggie found in Trayvon’s bookbag.

When school officials examined it, they found marijuana residue. Under Miami-Dade school drug zero-tolerance rules, that was enough to pull Trayvon a suspension.



“Whatever Trayvon Martin was suspended for had absolutely no bearing on what happened on the night of February 26th,” said family attorney Benjamin Crump.

His mother was angry and emotional when she met reporters just after 2 p.m.

“First, they killed my son,” said his mother, Sybrina Fulton. “Now, they’re trying to kill his reputation.”

The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, said the release of the suspension information is an attempt to “demonize” Traymon.

Trayvon was at he father’s girlfriend’s home with his father the night he was shot, and had left during a break in the All Star game to get Skittles for himself and an iced tea for his brother.

He was shot in an alleged confrontation with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

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  1. lizzyjake says:

    Why is it black people ignore the evidence? Witnesses say the kid attached Zimmerman and was beating his head on the concrete. He had a gang style twitter account, was suspended for drug possession and much larger than zimmerman. Some witness said iIT SOUNDED LIKE, which means she has no idea of actual fact. If Zimmerman is quilty prosecute him, but don’t say this is such a great kid , when it is obvious he wasn’t.

    1. Lu says:

      if anyone was the gangter it was zimmerman.. he the one with gun going around shooting people..martin could have not shot anyone with his bag full of skittles ..not bullets!!

    2. VAPORS says:


    3. angellique says:

      Witnesses heard screaming then a single gun shot then the screaming stopped. If Zimmerman was chasing him then ended up screaming for help then your comment makes sense otherwise nothing shows that the kid “attached” Zimmerman

    4. Jon says:

      Exactly!!! He was not the angel they made him out to be…….by the way who is paying for the parents travel expenses it better not be the tax payers or this will really get out of hand!

  2. WILLIAM says:


  3. fina says:

    FINALLY!!!! The truth is coming out. Suspension, criminal record, 6’3″, and NOT THE TWELVE YEAR OLD ANGEL portrayed in photos. REALLY people? Why did it take this long?
    Tragic, avoidable, but this kid was no saint.

    1. Freddy says:

      No he was no saint and the truth is what will set Zimmerman free the terrible tragedy and perhaps Al and Jesse can go else were to spread white hatred alone with the Black panthers thy brought alone with them from Chicago…now thats what needs to be addressed.

    2. VAPORS says:


    3. angellique says:

      I guess Zimmerman knew all of this when he followed him huh
      Good job Mr. Z

  4. Luz Rodriguez says:

    so what if he smoke pot..dosent mean he should take a bullet for it and have his life taken away!! Stupid people..

    1. janet says:

      He wasn’t killed because he had pot.

      1. cubanogm says:

        He as killed because he went for the gun.

      2. angellique says:

        How did he know Mr. Z had a gun?

    2. janet says:

      Yahoo, are you kidding me? Have you heard of freedom of speech? I would think so being as biased as you are.

  5. Marie says:

    First of all, why even generalize that statement? Anyone with common sense– Black, White, or Asian – knows that Zimmerman is guilty of murdering an unarmed CHILD. Trayvon Martin serving a 10-day suspension has absolutely no bearing on this case. The only reason why this information is even relevant is because it tells us why he was in that neighborhood on that particular day. How hypocritical is it of people to instantly portray this young man as a criminal over an empty bag of marijuana, when Zimmerman actually has a record – with serious charges at that. And how ironic is it that this one witness is speaking out a month after the murder. Really? The point is this; do not attempt to degrade this child’s character with this little piece of information that has absolutely nothing to do with the events that took place on February 26th. You weren’t there, and neither was I. All we have is the information that has come out so far. And the most credible piece of information is… Zimmerman continued to pursue this child after the police told him not to, and actually got out of his car WITH A GUN to question this kid..

    1. jk says:

      well seeing as majuanna is a criminal charge. Trayvon was not a CHILD as you put it. He was 6’3″ I would say him having a 10 day suspension does have relavence in the case because chances are his gang banger attitude was showing in full swing. You know like that twitter account of his and his facebook pictures. Or maybe it was his gold grill that they refuse to show in pictures of the media that he had. Did you stop to think that if he had not been caught with drug residue none of this would have happened as well?

    2. Me Too says:

      AMEN, Marie. I hope Zimmerman is arrested, tried, and convicted and Trayvon’s family will find peace.

  6. fina says:

    I don’t care if he smoked pot, or had criminal record or what he did with his free time. I said he was not a 13 year old saint, as he is being portrayed. The shooter was no saint either, but funny how his criminal record was presented right away. This kid is under 18, his record is protected.

  7. Jib says:

    Trayvon was a wanna be thug…I love how everyone is turing this into a race war when it was a clean shoot….self defense case closed.

  8. poorwhiteboy says:

    That pot makes you crazy. 6-3 thug high on that POT . MR Z is lucky to be alive

  9. KELLEY says:

    Dont forget, during the conversation to the 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher said do not get out of the car. Zimmermen would not be under fire right now if he had listened. WHEN AN AUTORITY SAY DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR HE SHOULD OF LISTEN. STUPID STUPID STUPID. NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

    1. jk says:

      While I agree it was stupid to get out of the car. 911 dispatchers are not an authority and have no authority to enforce laws. They work by the way they were trained. Even if Tryvon had broken into some ones house in front of Zimmerman the dispatcher HAS to tell him to stay in his car

  10. paulm5545 says:

    “First they killed my son…” Huh?! And who might “they” be? I thought there was only one person of interest in this case.

    1. jk says:

      We all know who the They is that she is referring to. Otherwise Al and Jesse wouldnt be eating this up.

  11. Joe says:

    WHO KNEW??????

  12. Randolley says:

    9-11 operators work for the police and fire dept. They tell the police and the fire folks were to go. They have to know a little about law and how to cope with emergency situations. If they tell you to get out of a burning bulding, you do it. If they say wait on the police, you do it. What if the fat dude had gotten shot and killed? His last words would have been recorded. Dude had no reason to bother the kid. He saw no crimes, nobody in the hood said somebody in a hoodie did anything wrong. So what was John Wayne Jr. doing? And, no hood watch uses guns on patrol. They use walkie talkies and microphones. They are suppose to call the cops if they see something or take pictures. You don’t shoot anybody ever. You can’t shoot a person for stealing your car. You can shoot them stealing in your house and that is about it. The dude should be in jail because he started everything. He was told to leave the person alone and he didn’t listen. He should be in jail,bailed out and have a court date. It’s Florida so he would beat the case anyway. All this protesting is a waste of time. How about protesting Nig-Grow on Nig-Grow killings. Protest that.

    1. BadPenny says:

      Dispatchers dont have any authority, get over yourself. Dispatchers are not even required to have a college degree, they are NOT trained on laws outside of their own job requirements.

      Secondly, I live in a community if Florida where we have armed security patrolling the neighborhood, if you have a G security certification, you can be an armed security. In Zimmermans case, he was neighborhood watch, not security – big difference. Neighborhood watch is a citizens group, and a citizen has every right to carry conceal if they have a PCC. In Florida, even if a business puts up a sign, “No firearms allowed” and you have a PCC, you can still go in there with your gun. The store can’t get you arrested because they decided to make up their own law. They have NO authority to enforce, “no firearms” because the law is very clear on where you can and cant carry your firearm when you have a PCC. Besides, the business will not even know you have your gun on you anyway…..that is why they call it Permit to Carry “CONCEALED”!

    2. BadPenny says:

      You really dont know much about laws do you? Perhaps you should educate yourself before making foolish postings. Look up stand you ground law in Florida and you will see, for example, if I am at a Walmart shopping center and someone tried to car jack my car, I sure as heck can shoot the MF. Oh and the law also allows me to shoot someone to protect SOMEONE ELSE TOO. For example, if I was at an ATM sitting in my car waiting on the person and some thug walked over to rob the person I was waiting for, well I can shoot the thug for that too.

      Now Randolley, maybe this is a lesson to you, stay the F out of Florida if you plan on committing a crime against someone!

  13. whythemlord says:

    everyone refers to trayvon martin as a thug. Do you know him as a person or have you even met him in person. Everyone needs to shut up and let the case take it’s course.
    Doesn’t matter what Trayvon did in the past. He is dead cause of a bullet to his heart. Anyone who shoots someone cause they are different should be held responsible for their actions. Did Trayvon do anything wrong that night.
    Were the Zimmerman family there at the scene when Martin was being chased by Zimmerman and why defend someone who has a gun on them.
    from listening to Zimmerman on the 1st 911 tape you can tell Zimmerman wanted to do harm to this person cause of where he was and was tired of crimes being committed in that neighborhood

  14. Slick says:

    More than anything – this is a case of BAD PARENTING. This “kid” should have just walked away after decking Zimmerman instead of going for the all out beat-down.

    So, on that note – I’ll be first to say : Nice shot George!

  15. ChevyD says:

    Regardless of what happened at school or what is the media is claiming he was. He NEVER deserved to take a bullet. No one is perfect. Everyone has made bad decision in life at some point, but you shouldn’t be punished by a bullet. People need to stop being so ignorant with this non sense. He was FREAKING 17!! He did not deserve to die!

  16. beachbabygirl says:

    That kid had no business even being in the gated community. He knew NO ONE that lived inside the gated community. The fathers girlfriend did not live there. He was dressed in all black in the pouring rain, wandering around inside a gated community that he snuck into, walking slowing, checking out the buildings and even walking around one, looking inside. He was spotted casing the place, when he realized he was caught, he took off running. Now, if you were minding your own business and someone saw you walking by, you would say hi to them or just keep on walking. You would not take off running if you had nothing to hide. He was trespassing inside a place that had security, got caught as he was looking for something to steal and paid the price that criminals pay. There was no girlfriend on the phone, it took three days before anyone came to the morgue to identify his body, the father was at the bar that night. He is not this innocent kids that all all these black vigilantes are trying to make him out to be. Note to other criminals out there, we are watching you, and won’t hesitate a minute to protect what is ours.