SANFORD (CBSMiami) – The calls for justice for Trayvon Martin continued into the evening Sunday, with a small rally in Sanford, where Trayvon lost his life to a bullet fired by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

More than a call for justice,  the supporters in sanford hope to bring attention to a  bigger problem. Through prayer, a group of about 50 hoped to get through the one month anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death.

11 year old Da’Zhaun Hicks knew why her was there,

“I know he was an innocent person who didn’t deserve to be shot,” Da’Zhaun said

Like so many who came Sunday night, he saw a cross go into the ground outside the sub division where Trayvon was killed.

Da’Zhaun and his mother want most to see the arrest of George Zimmerman, Martin’s killer. An’gell Hicks brought her son for a very specific reason.

“It is important for me that he understand what happened,” she said.

Another rally at the Sanford City Hall marked the one month anniversary of the shooting. Fewer people came, but the message was important. It called for peace.

“When you go down this road as to how does this community heal,” said Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett. “Who will take the steps. These are the people here that are going to make that happen.”

Sunday service at a modest church in historic Eatonville attracted national attention, as civil rights leader Jesse Jackson spoke.

“He is innocent, and represents all of us. They made Trayvon a martyr and martyrs have power to change our situation, Jackson said.

In South Florida, people gathered at an event in Miami Gardens, home to Trayvon’s mother, to raise money to help pay the cost of Trayvon’s parents to travel to Sanford. Contributors were also asked to sign petitions calling for Zimmerman ‘s arrest.

There was word Sunday night that charges against Zimmerman could come at any time. The US Justice department has said it is working to determine if Trayvon’s death is a hate crime, and a grand jury is set to meet next month.

Zimmerman has yet to be charged.

Comments (3)
  1. Jib says:

    He won’t be charged it was self defense…This is a Hispanic-Black thing not a white thing….leave the whites out of it

    1. Florida 50 says:

      Amen! But you have to give thoes people somthing to compain about or they will never be happy. I am sure politics wil take over in this case!

  2. Charles says:

    Yes, the facts have been obscured and unfortunately, completely skewed in this case.

    Dade County and the b/c got into something that they really had no business being in because the situation occured in Sanford, Fl. even though the Martins are from Dade County.

    Then somehow, whitey got dragged in, but the w/c ostensibly has nothing to do with this sticky situation; Jibby has it absolutely correct.

    But if the b/c thinks this is a call for the rest of mainstream America to accept more of the austere mentality and nonsensical behavior they all-to-often-engage in, then they better think again.

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