MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) — As more and more students continue to walk out of schools, all of the protest marches have remained peaceful through Friday morning.

There were some nervous moments late Friday morning as students from Southridge Senior High school walked out and made their way towards Southland Mall in Cutler Bay.

Local police were called out and kept the peace at the mall. Customers were being allowed in and out of the mall, but several stores were keeping kids out of the mall.

The walkout was one of the largest of the morning, but ended peacefully shortly before noon when the students returned to class.


Through Friday morning, 15 high schools in Miami-Dade County had seen students walkout including:

  • Miami Norland Senior High
  • Miami Edison Senior High
  • Miami Central Senior High
  • William H. Turner Technical Arts Senior High
  • Miami Jackson Senior High
  • South Miami Senior High
  • North Miami Beach Senior High
  • Homestead Senior High
  • Miami Northwestern Senior High
  • Miami Killian Senior High
  • Miami Carol City Senior High
  • Miami Southridge Senior High
  • American Senior High School
  • Allapattah Middle School
  • Country Club Middle School

For those students who went off campus, Miami-Dade Schools police were on the scene but only to make sure they were conducted in a peaceful manner.

Trayvon Martin is the 17-year-old Miami Gardens teen shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Florida on Feb. 26th. George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, but said he did it in self-defense. No charges have been filed and that has led to local, state and nationwide protests.

Miami-Dade Schools asked students to respect the wishes of Trayvon’s mother by not walking out of school.

“While we respect the expression of emotion by our students, we ask that they remain focused on their education,” said Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho in a statement. “Our most important mission is to provide a safe learning environment for students, so we are asking them to respect the wishes of Trayvon’s mother by celebrating his memory not through walkouts, but through reflection and civic participation.”

Miami-Dade Schools said school administrators, school police, and local police departments were working together to maintain vigilance and ensure safety for demonstrating students.

Nadine Drew, spokeswoman for the Broward County School District said there are several schools in Broward participating in structured, on-campus walkouts as well.  She didn’t have an exact list of schools but said the protests are district-wide.

Students from Michael Krop Sr. High, where Trayvon attended school as a junior, were also planning a walkout Friday but decided to abide by the wishes of Trayvon’s mother and not walkout of class. Instead, she’s asked students to sign petitions, attend organized rallies, and pray.

Students expressed disbelief and anger over the death of Martin and fear over the same thing could have happened to them.

“It could of been me, it could of been you,” said student Melissah Debreus. “Innocent bystanders just walking just shot him for no reason. He was screaming for help. I don’t understand how it was self-defense.”

Students at Southride High School spelled out Trayvon Martin’s initials on the football field.

“I’m crying inside,” said student Joshua Pascal. “I’m trying my hardest to h old it in, but I really want to pay my respects to Trayvon Martin.”

Martin’s cousin wore a hoodie Thursday to represent Trayvon.

“That man killed that man for nothing,” said Martin’s cousin James Harwick. “This is how I feel about it now kill me.”

Comments (18)
  1. Dave says:

    Sounds to me like an old west lynch mob! a black kills a black, no news, a white kills a white, no news, a white kills a black, you then have people screaming justice without looking at all of the evidence, I’m not saying he was right or wrong but, it seems very typical that we have people screaming out MURDER before really looking at what really happened, there could be more to the story than what the public knows? actions such as this is what will continue the line drawn between another race instead of taking a mature approach about this rather than demanding justice of job loses and convictions before going through the justice system, let’s not convict someone before the whole story is out! if he is guilty then he should pay for his actions but, screaming out MURDER does not help anyone in the horrible race wars this Country constantly battles!, I agree with finding the answers to this tragic event but, calling someone a murderer before hand is just as bad itself!

    1. rp says:

      dave the problem is that he is GUILTY of getting out of his car and chasing an unarmed teenager on a rainy night. Had he stayed in his car, this kid would be alive. (I am latin and white) but if Trayvon had been my son I would have felt that he was murdered also. The real issue here is the STAND YOUR GROUND law. they are looking to change it so that a person can not hide behind it if they are teh one who initiated the fight. (as is the case here) otherwise, I can buy a gun, go pick a fight with someone I want dead, and when that person tries to defend themselves, shoot them and claim self defense.

      1. Nigel says:


      2. janet says:

        I am Latin AND white? Puke.

    2. eddzy says:

      what i dont understand is people are so quick to judge when they were not even there when this happened.

    3. IStandWithTrayvon says:

      Dave, you ignorant dope, when “a black” or “a white” kills “a black,” or “a white” (nice dehumanizing phrase, ya loser) police investigate, and, if suspects are determined, arrests are made. That is the nature of our justice system. In this case, the police know who shot Trayvon, but he was not arrested. Open your eyes.

      1. Dave says:

        My eyes are open, your are closed! if you read my post correctly you would see I do not agree with what happened! your name calling is childish and uncalled, grow up and learn to speak with out attacking in this fashion!

  2. showrespeck says:

    another one of them bring a gun to a fist fight.

    1. Jim says:

      Respeck?? Guess you were one of the students who walked out of school

      1. Infidel says:

        If you had any kind of an education, you would spell “respeck” correctly. You are ignorant and shouldn’t comment on publicly viewed media. Dummy.

  3. Infidel says:

    WOW… reminds me of when I attended Kent State in ’68 and early ’70’s. It’s nice to see the young folks recognize how to get national attention. I’m hoping no one gets hurt or arrested. The school should respect this as a form of free speech and social distrust. No penalties.

  4. Infidel says:

    “Neighborhood Watch” means watching your neighborhood….With emphasis on WATCH, not “Neighborhood Chase ’em and Kill ’em”. The jerk should have never gotten out of the car. If he saw something worth pursuing, then he should have reported it to the real Police for further investigation. He’s a vigilante bully that over stepped his purpose. If he had only reported it, Martin would be alive, the Chief would still have his job, and Al Sharpton would have stayed in New York.

  5. at says:

    It was murder. It was very self explanatory. This was a racist attack. Everybody with a brain could see that this teen was not out to do anything but go back home to finish looking at the NFL game.


  6. Phyliss Myers says:

    The walk out at Carol City High School was initiated by the principle.

  7. Charles says:

    That’s not exactly how I heard it, Ms. Myers.

    I believe the student body did this of their own accord; the principal, knowing he couldn’t stop anything, merely gave the demonstration his blessing after the fact.

    I’m just sayin’.

  8. sickofsofla says:

    ANY EXCUSE TO START A RACE WAR!!!!!!!!! How many generations is it going to take for this mentality to die???? and dem get dey education and dem leern to act right? Ax dem! I ax dem! The last time I checked it is “ask” NOT AX!!
    That is the mentality hanging on to what happened hundreds of years ago!!! When does the rioting, fires and loitering start?? Give them all an ak47 and let them kill thierselves.
    Pants on da ground…. looking like a fool wicha pants on da ground! Stop the madness! Let the justice system do their job!

  9. sickofsofla says:

    This has now turned into a ‘race war” and no longer an issue of the possibility of a useless loss of a young persons life! With the evidence I have heard it was unwarranted BUT becuase of it being turned into a race war,,,,, I refuse to stand ground for Treyvon. I will not battle in a race war!!!! That was won and slaves were given freedom. I am tired of hearing about it, move on! Find another excuse to show your arses.

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