MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – Hundreds of students at Carol City High School in Miami Gardens held a massive walk out Thursday to protest the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and the lack of an arrest in the case.

Trayvon, who was a junior at Michael Krop Senior High in Miami, attended Carol City High during his freshman and sophomore years.

At around 12:30 p.m., the Carol City High students walked out of the school, at 3422 NW 187th Street.

CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald reported that talk of the impromptu protest started about noon on Twitter, and quickly spread to Miami Northwestern high school, several miles south.

Drivers in the area were stunned as hundreds of students filled the streets and sidewalks. The walk out brought traffic to a standstill until the teenagers passed.

Students chanted “Justice for Trayvon! Justice for Trayvon!” as they marched down the streets of Miami Gardens.

According to Miami Gardens police, the Carol City High School’s principal sanctioned an on-campus peaceful demonstration to take place on the school field. However, some of the students took it upon themselves to leave campus.

“And everyone protest, but the kids took it upon themselves to keep going,” said one student.

“Yeah everyone splattered everywhere,” another student added.

GALLERY: S. Fla. Students March For Trayvon

The mayor of Miami Gardens Shirley Gibson watched it unfold on T.V.

“All I saw was all of these children running through the streets, through cars and I was just terrified,” she said.

The students walked for dozens of blocks and ended up at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreation Complex at 300 NW 199th Street.  Miami-Dade Schools spokesman John Schuster said buses were sent to bring the kids back to school.

Police said they ensured the safety of the students and were not taking any police action.

Schuster said Carol City High’s principal JaMarv Dunn spoke with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, who asked that students not walk out in protest.  Instead, she would like them to sign petitions, take part in organized rallies and pray.

Trayvon, who lived in Miami Gardens, was killed Feb. 26th by a neighborhood watch volunteer while walking through a Sanford gated community, returning from a candy run to a 7-Eleven. The volunteer, George Zimmerman, 28, said he acted in self-defense after Martin attacked him.

The fact that Zimmerman has not been arrested has set off a firestorm of criticism.

Martin’s parents were meeting Thursday with U.S. Justice Department officials, hours before thousands of protesters were expected for a rally led by civil rights activist Al Sharpton in Sanford.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were to discuss the police investigation into the shooting death of their son. The State Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case, which will be presented to a grand jury next month. However, the Justice Department earlier this week agreed to open a federal civil rights probe.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, and Sanford Police Department officials say there is no evidence that contradicts Zimmerman’s claim. Some neighbors in the gated community where Martin was shot have praised Zimmerman for taking a stand against crime in the neighborhood.

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  1. AFord says:

    So proud of the young kids… Make your point and make it known to the world that wrong is wrong…

    1. PETER says:


      1. Nick says:

        Where does it say that they “over took” a school” and “went against authority” genius? Don’t make things up and mispell words, it’s not a good look.

  2. Jon says:

    What gives them the right to walk out of school and why don’t they show a recent picture of him instead of one as a young boy? Don’t take this the wrong way I’m all for Zimmerman to be arrested but I think it’s getting out of control!

    1. Dee Sellars says:

      NOT ITS NOT OUT OF CONTROL–THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE A STATEMENT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. They were given permission to take a stand, but the kids to it upon themselves to take a stand off campus. It was dangerous to walk through moving cars etc…but there is nothing wrong with it. WHATS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL IS THAT ZIMMERMAN HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED.

      1. bubblegum28 says:

        Now that’s what I’m talking about.

    2. Dee Sellars says:

      NO ITS NOT OUT OF CONTROL–THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE A STATEMENT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. They were given permission to take a stand, but the kids to it upon themselves to take a stand off campus. It was dangerous to walk through moving cars etc…but there is nothing wrong with standing for what you believe in. WHATS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL IS THAT ZIMMERMAN HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED.

    3. Tesha says:

      It doesn’t matter if he had on dirty clothes, a patch over his eye & a scar across his face, Just admit that this man seen a BLACK boy & thought he was up to something….

    4. Alisha says:

      Jon (a.k.a. dumb ass), that was a recent picture taken just weeks before,but it doesn’t matter if the was a 90 year old. He had every right to walk down ANY street in America and be safe. He was hunted and murdered.

    5. Michelle says:

      How do you know that’s a younger picuture of him? Are you one of his relatives or just someone who is specutlating that the picture is not current? I’m sure that you are not black and have never lived as a black male, so please only comment on what you have knowledge of!!!

  3. TOMG says:


  4. TOMG says:


    1. TOMG says:

      Just Kidding! No one is going to hell. In fact I would like to give everyone a big hug and kiss and make nicey pies

  5. TOMG says:


  6. TOMG says:


    1. Charles says:


      …and what’s with all those caps’?

  7. Raul Chavez says:

    The thought was nice to protest; but the decision of school principal to let all these children run in the streets was a poor one. This action just shows the lack of responsibility and decision making from principal and staff. This could of potentially been a disaster if these children had been runned over or hurt;or if a riot would of broke out and could of forced police to act as riot control. I thank God nothing happened but believe school officials did the wrong thing! I have a child in this school and it concerenes me that we as parents were not informed and had to see it on the news!

    RIP Travon!

    1. Raul Chavez says:

      Im sorry, typo………… RIP Trayvon Martin!………..

    2. abootnkiki says:

      and if something would have happened they would have blamed the police;and if the police reacted and brought in some wagons and arrested them for truancy then there would have been a riot; damn if u do,damn if u dont;oh but if my white boy son would have cut school today and have been picked up on the street im sure i would have got a phone call from the police station

  8. poorwhiteboy says:

    You betta lit them hoody kids xpress themselves or it will be WHITIES fault.Gotta let them BLACKIES do what they want.

  9. a says:

    You sound like an ignorant fool alright. “poorwhiteboy” and you will stay poor b/c of your ignorance!

  10. Bobbi nickoloff says:

    poorwhiteboy: you ought to be ASHAMED of yourself, a 17yr old child was gunned down in the streets, his color shouldnt matter, he was A CHILD..thank GOD not all white people feel like u do, your an EMBARASSMENT TO THE WHITE RACE !!!!

    1. abootnkiki says:

      maybe u right, his color should not matter,tell his parents that and all the protesters

  11. Tesha says:

    This is the point of it all, we are still being profiled and racism is alive and well and people who live in a bubble don’t and won’t believe it is what it is. Just like all the missing black and Hispanic children & adults, no one believed that the media doesn’t show our kids till the show Find Our Missing was aired. This young man obviously hasn’t been in any trouble with the police,(that would’ve been the first thing they talked about, his record if there was one) he was in school and like any kid he just wanted some candy.

    1. Jesse J says:

      Tesha this kid was not just going to get candy. He was essentially tresspassing in a gated community then attacked a guy who he shouldn’t have. A guy who gave him the lesson of a lifetime

      1. jimbo jones says:

        Really? He was staying with his dad, whose girlfriend has a residence in the community. He was an invited guest, and that is a clear fact. How is that “Trespassing”. NOBODY with any connection to this case has claimed that. Did you just make it up? Lord, save us from morons like that.

  12. Sick and Tired says:

    I’m going to throw in my opinion now. Everyone is getting carried away and it’s definately the media to blame. Why don’t we wait and find out all the details before going to these extremes. Innocent until proven guilty. Do any of you believe you would feel differently if you found out that Trayvon was the attacker and Zimmerman was the victim. My “Opinion” is that Trayvon didn’t like Zimmerman questioning him which resulted in a confrontation in which ended with zimmerman using his right to defend himself after being pummeled by this towering teen.”17 year old (adult)”. If Zimmerman wanted to kill Trayvon he would not have had to take that beating and risk having his weapon taken by Trayvon and used against him.

    What if??? Zimmerman had been afraid to use lethal force to protect himself for fear of jail for murder. Then, Trayvon beat him unconcious/or worse and took his gun and used it to kill another kid/kids who were innocent.

    You see speculating is exactly what it is… speculation. Now let’s all wait to get the facts of the case and everything is out in the open before we all go crazy over race and injustice.

  13. Snack says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. These kids hate school because they have zero support from their teachers and parents.Why not take a day off and start getting ready for the eventual riots that will occur when Zimmerman is found not guilty of shooting an un-balanced wanna be thug named Trayvon.

    Maybe Jesse and Al should help these communities to become more in tune with reality. The reality you ask? That black on black murder rates are so high in your city that no one believes you care. Clean up your streets and reap the reward of pride.

  14. Steve says:

    Was this before or after they ransacked a Walllgreens?

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