BOCA RATON (CBS4) – A video of a student in a class at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton going ‘ballistic’ has gone viral.

It happened Tuesday afternoon during a class on evolution. On the video, shot by a fellow student on their cell phone, Jonatha Carr lashes out at her professor and other students. She uses profanity and said things like “white people suck.”

“She said will evolution will kill off black people or something like that,” says Badal Patel who was sitting in the classroom.

“She didn’t like the answer the professor gave her so she flipped on everybody,” Patel told CBS4’s Joan Murray.

Patel also described how Carr then pushed one classmate in the head.

“She nudged him and his glasses fell off. She came at him and said ‘You raped my ancestors’.”

Another professor heard the commotion and rushed to the classroom.

He’s heard on the video saying “Get out of here!”

You can hear Carr snap back, “You get out of here.”

Once outside, the campus police arrived and student Shelby Pelz saw what happened next. Pelz also captured the scene on cell phone video.

“When she first came out she looked crazed. I mean her eyes were literally crossed,” says Pelz.
“As soon as cops showed up she pretended to faint and that’s when she started cursing white people.”

“She wasn’t cooperating and the police tased her. The car shook and she shook.”

On the drive to the county’s Mental Health Center for treatment, officers said they had to stun Carr three times because she refused to cooperate and was acting wildly.

When officers arrived at the Mental Health Unit they said Carr refused to get out of the vehicle. They had to physically remove her from the car and take inside the building.

Just 24 hours earlier, a calm Carr was captured on CBS 4 helping to organize a bus trip to central Florida for a rally to support the family of Trayvon Martin the unarmed teenager who was shot to death allegedly by the head of the neighborhood Crime Watch.

CBS 4 reached the mother of Carr, who declined to comment on what may have triggered her daughter’s outburst.

Carr is being psychologically evaluated.

Comments (19)
  1. Rylie says:

    Hopefully she gets the book thrown at her, if this was a white person who did this and said what she said… they would be vilified by Rev. Al and Jesse J, the biggest racists of them all.

    If you want to be treated as an equal, understand racism travels both ways!

    1. Raider says:

      I totally agree with you. If I was that kid that she shoved in the head I would be filing charges against her for battery and a hate crime. She is the definition of a racist.

    2. MsNene says:

      Trust me no one is going to defend her actions. We understand that there is racial prejudice on both sides of the fence. She should be vilified because of her actions, but all black people shouldn’t be. I am not a fan of Al or Jesse. I think they are a bit out dated and out of touch with some of the things that go on today. I think they are too far removed to reach the people they need to reach now a days. This young lady was arrested and expelled from school (rightfully so). There is nothing unequal about that. That is exactly what should have happened. If they would have failed to take any action at all, like the Sanford Police Department in the Trayvon Martin case, then there would have been cause for outrage. Being that they took the appropriate action there is no need give this behavior any other platform to poision anyone else. Don’t get me wrong her behavior was outrageous! The proper action was taken and now she will have to face the music.

    3. Wrathskeller says:

      You can almost bet that Sharpton and Jackson will rush to her defense for the sake of getting their faces on the 6:00 news. Of course, that will only happen if the story becomes big enough. Sharpton and Jackson don’t ride coattails that aren’t LOOOOOONG!!!!

  2. JL says:

    She sounds like a moron.

  3. Jon Anthony says:

    It’s like my late granpappy always told me – electricity soothes the savage beast…

  4. Guest says:

    What a stupid question
    Evolution will eliminate all the races
    If anything,evolution will eliminate the lighter races before the darker ones

    1. Guest2 says:

      Actually, for evolution to play out, there would need to be an environmental factor that either separates two populations over a geologically large period of time or a bottle neck (e.g. a plague that only affects a portion of the population of a species). I fail to see how either scenario would play out regarding the human race at this point.

      It seems far more likely that if a portion of us were wiped out, the remaining population would be heterogeneous in terms of race.

    2. Tina says:

      What stupid Question? What doesn’t make sense is to actually take that question seriously, she was obviously not thinking clearly.

  5. Ervin says:

    I agree with Rylie to a certain extent: there is a double standard in racism. One group can get away with doing things another can’t. But this sounds like something else.

    My guess is she is either not taking the right dosage of a prescribed medicine or took an illegal drug (knowing or unknowingly) and is having a terrible reaction. Whatever the root cause it forced out her own racist views and she violently lost control. If she knowingly was taking an illegal drug then yes, she need to get locked up for a couple of months until she dries out and maybe get out of the public eye to get back to a normal life. I think she should also be considered for hate crimes. If she isn’t you just put another nail in the effectiveness of hate crime prosecutions.

  6. Michael L. says:

    I have been following the Trayvon Martin case as well and the new information coming from that case certainly infuriates me. I can understand her outrage building to an outburst, it is unfortunate this is the way she choose to express it (Now I am not claiming this is the reason for the outburst, I’m just offering it as a thought). I hope she gets the help she needs.

  7. Joe says:

    trayvon case had nothing to do with this girls tantrum

    1. Tina says:

      How do you know that? Are you in her head?

  8. MBA student says:

    maybe if all black people flipped out on white people, white people wouldn’t be in such damn denial about racism and the effects racism has on non-whites.

    1. NoQuarter says:

      Google “Jonathan Carr” and see what’s been driving so-called ‘racism’.

  9. Mike says:

    This sounds like a case where a young woman’s head was stuffed full of garbage from Women’s History & Black History courses along with assorted Liberal arts stuff. The result was her head exploded.

  10. mike says:

    nothing but a pure black racist i think zimmerman should use the bi-polar defense like her racist family is doing if a white person did this every black racist from obama on down would be all over this bet she going to school for free