FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – There is sadness from South Florida to Boston after a car accident killed a pregnant woman in Fort Lauderdale Sunday afternoon.

The woman, Alanna Demella, and her husband, Michael, had won a trip to South Florida through their church. They attended a marriage conference and decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale an extra day.
It would be a fateful decision.

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Demella, was in a bathroom at a poolside cabana at the Riverside Hotel at 600 E. Las Olas Boulevard. Investigators say Rosa Rivera Kim, 34, was driving on SE 4th Street when she lost control at a curve in the road, slammed through a fence and into a cabana building where it knocked down two pillars, according to police.

Demella, who was seven months pregnant, was inside the bathroom in the cabana. She along with her unborn child were killed.

Michael was in an adjoining restroom and suffered cuts and bruises.

The couple’s pastor, Michael Davis, said the couple could barely wait to bring their son into the world.

“If you asked her what she was most excited about in life, it was to be a mom and to experience that with Michael.” Davis told WBZ in Boston. “She was super excited to be a mom.”
Davis said Michael told him he was powerless to help.

“It was painful to see,” Davis said. “He couldn’t get to his wife in time and she was gone.”

Fort Lauderdale Police say the driver of car was taken to Broward General Medical Center with minor injuries. Police said the driver has spoken with detectives.

“She does not recall the crash,” Detective DeAnna Garcia told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “She doesn’t recall the incident. All she remembers is being taken out of her vehicle.”

Ft. Lauderdale police continue to investigate the case and said if this becomes a criminal investigation they may request toxicology reports on the driver. No charges have been filed.

Witnesses at the cabana said they tried to help.

“It was shocking, just sitting there minding your own business and one almighty bang,” said hotel guest Joanne Gordon.

She and her husband rushed to help when the car came crashing into the building. They say the woman’s husband, Michael Demella, came out of the men’s room just feet away from his wife.

“He was just saying my wife’s in there, why did this happen, why did this happen?” said witness Darren Gordon.

The Gordons and other hotel guests tried to reach the Demella.

“We all converged trying to rip some of the debris apart to get to the woman. I think it was too late,” lamented Darren.

Mike Riemondi took her pulse and told CBS4′s Natalia Zea he believes she was killed instantly.

“I went and smashed the door, top of the door and she was laying there dead,” said Riemondi.

“That must have been really hard to see,” said Zea.

“Yeah, it’s still bugging me a little bit. Quite a bit,” said Riemondi.

According to CBSBoston.com Alanna Demella was third grade teacher’s assisant who worked with special education students at an elementary school in Arlington, Mass. On her Twitter page she described herself as “a wife,

teacher and follower of Jesus.”

The pastor, Davis, said the couple won the trip because of Alanna’s dedication to her faith.

“I had people write how would this be a blessing to their marriage,” Davis said. “The way Alanna had written — she was so excited about her marriage. They wanted one last vacation before their son came.”

Davis said this couple was focused on their family and their faith and there is heartbreak for a man who lost so much.

“They’ve had baby showers, baby gifts, baby clothing,” Davis said. “He’s going to come to a house that is ready to embrace a new family member. The pain of walking into a house without his best friend, it’s going to be devastating.”

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  1. NORosa says:

    Yesterday, while on the Palmetto, there was an SUV who kept speeding and slowing down causing much concern to my husband and me since we were with our two little girls. When we passed the car, the woman was busy texting on a very busy highway. Lord have mercy. How can you expect to be safe with this going on?

    1. Pak31 says:

      I was just driving behind someone the other day and the car was doing the same thing, then when I pulled up along side her she was applying mascara. She continued to do so until she reached her destination, all the while not paying any attention to anything but her lashes. Very scary.

  2. Daimen Bokk says:

    Why is there a video of Trayvon Martin in the middle of this page? Are the people at the CBS Miami as stupid as those at Yahoo?

    1. RANDRAND says:


    2. Viv says:

      Maybe cuz it’s a BIG deal…..imagine your kid goes to buy some skittles and tea and ended up getting shot and killed? Only to be made worse by not arresting the trigger-happy wannabes cop

  3. Daimen Bokk says:

    @NoRosa, next time try to remember to get the plate number, so when you see these kinds of idiots, you can call FHP or the local police so they can get these idiots out from behind the wheel, you will not be doing a bad thing, you will be making the streets safer for those of us who have enough brains not to endanger children who may be riding in your or other peoples cars.

    1. John says:

      I tried that when someone is driving recklessly, I tried when I saw little kids without seat belts in both the front and rear seats, but the cops, fhp or anyone elase, won’t do anything unless they witness the act themselves. A lot of good it does when they don’t react fast enough to do something.

    2. RANDRAND says:


  4. Dan says:

    I agree Norosa. The driver was probably texting a friend.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the US and all it represent. I’m a visitor and I could not believe the amount of bad drivers here who use their cell phones while driving. Talking and texting. Back home, its illegal. Bluetooth only.

  5. Viv says:

    Poor husband…i cannot fathum what hes going through…How convenient that she ” can’t remember the accident”…That lady was probably texting….her phone records an easily prove that….

    Part of me feels sorry for her too in a weird way…imagine having to live with the fact that you caused so much devastation to a family? I couldn’t live with myself!

    Ironic that she won this tri for being true to her faith…a lot of good that did?..when are people going to accept that all this religion thing is a fairy tale….no different than snow white or Cinderella or hansel n gretel

  6. Viv says:

    Would you pray to the 7 dwarfs? I guess you could!

  7. God says:

    Boom! Headshot from god!