MIRAMAR (CBS4) – A Miramar teen who was shot by police during a domestic violence between his sister and half brother has died.

According to Miramar Police, 17-year old Corey Nesbitt was pronounced dead Saturday after being taken to Memorial Regional Hospital Friday night after the shooting.

“I want answers, I want answers,” said Nesbitt’s mother Owena. “I want to speak with the district attorney personally concerning this matter.”

Nesbitt is grieving the loss of her son and said police have provided little information on why her son was shot and killed. Nesbitt said she thinks authorities “ambushed” her son.

Miramar police said officers went to a residence in the 2700 block of SW 82nd Avenue around 9 p.m. Police said during an interview with one of the people involved in the dispute, Nesbitt came out of the house with a weapon and charged the person being interviewed.

“He just came out of the door with a knife and tried to charge at me,” said Duante Brandshaw who was involved in the domestic dispute. “Police asked him three times to drop the knife and he didn’t drop the knife.”

Neighbors in the area told CBS 4‘s Kara Kostanich they were concerned because police used excessive force when young children where playing just steps away from where the officer fired.

“My young brother walks that area everyday with these kids,” said Melanie Augustine who lives in the neighborhood and heard gunshots. “Somebody could have got seriously hurt.”

Police are still investigating the incident.

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  1. Aunt Blabby says:

    Looks as if the little thug won’t be a bother anymore…

    1. Lee Mason says:

      no justification for the teen actions,but could you have a little compassion in your heart for this tragedy

    2. Florida moron says:

      Too bad you are so damn stupid

    3. Trailer Trash Aunt Blabby says:

      Ok Aunt Blabby you can go and take your sickness and hate with you. Obviously you live to for other people’s misery – so sad. This kid made a terrible chocie and paid the price but he is still worth ten of your dirt bag kind.

      Too bad we can;’t have trolls like you not bother any body anymore. Go home and have sex with your dog so others won’t have to deal with your stupidy.

  2. puffn1x says:

    Is he black?

    1. DOMINGO says:

      what does black or white have to do with anything

      1. KP says:


  3. Aunt Blabby says:

    Is the pope Catholic ???

  4. Jordan Watson says:

    Ignorant as hell!