MIAMI (CBS4) – There’s a new addition to the animal kingdom at Zoo Miami. The newborn giraffe weighs more, and is taller, than the average man and has been “looooong” awaited.

“We always leave the baby with its mother for a few days,” said Ron Magill with Zoo Miami.

The young giraffe was born on March 12th. It’s the second baby born to its mother Mia, and the 45th giraffe born at Zoo Miami.

Thursday, the calf underwent its first neonatal exam to determine whether it’s a girl or boy.

“This is a baby exam — just like a human baby has — you bring a baby in for a doctor’s first check up,” said Magill.

Dr. Chriss Miller, the veterinarian at Zoo Miami covered the newborns eyes to help keep her calm while she’s given her check-up and receives vaccinations.

“She’s got a nice heart beat, it’s normal and regular and she’s got nice strait legs,” said Dr. Chriss Miller. “Her eyes are bright and everything looks good.”

The young giraffe has not been named yet, but weighed in at 146 lbs. and is close to 6’0 feet tall.

“Nature makes it so they’re up on their feet very quickly and they’re able to run within hours after birth,” said Magill.

The baby giraffe will be on display with its mother at Zoo Miami starting next week.