MIAMI (CBS4) – Students in Miami-Dade are on the brink of bridging the digital divide.

Miami-Dade Schools had set a goal of raising $7 million in order to get a matching $70 million so they could install WiFi in every school in the district.

“It would be the opportunity to create 24/7, anytime, anywhere learning,” said Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

Tuesday, they took a big step toward their goal thanks to a very generous donation. John and Carrie Morgridge, part of the Cisco Systems family, wrote a check to the district for one million dollars.

“Our family has decided to invest one million dollars in Miami-Dade,” said Carrie Morgridge. “Access to all to excellent education requires technology.”

The Morgridge’s check will go a long way toward help the district achieve its goal.

“It’s a ten to one match, so our million dollars will bring down ten million dollars,” said Morgridge.

One of the school which will benefit from the donation is Riverside Elementary where most parents can’t afford WiFi in their homes.

The Morgridge’s donation is being matched by the district which brings their total to $6.5 million.

The school district has until the end of the month to meet their goal. Carvalho said he’s confident they’ll reach it and on August 21st, the first day of the new school year, every student will be able to log on to the worldwide web.

  1. Carol says:

    I can’t believe my really old Elementary School is going Wi-Fi that makes me feel so old but it is great to hear that money will be given to help that happen.

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