CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – Police are asking for the public’s help in catching a person they say is a crooked Casanova.

According to Coral Springs police, who released a picture of the young man on Monday, he met a woman at a party.  The two made plans to go out to lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  But police say when the two were at lunch, an accomplice burglarized her residence.

“This individual probably had a plan from the time he met her until the time the act was actually fulfilled,” said Coral Springs Police Sgt. Joe McHugh.  “She was an individual that actually probably became friends with this person, liked this person possibly, and he probably had no feeling for her at any point, just wanted to burglarize her residence.”

In fact, before the date even began, surveillance video from the victim’s home showed the suspect and an accomplice scope out the home to make sure no one was home.  During the date, the accomplice went back and spent two hours cleaning out the house of $5000 worth of electronics.  The video even shows the crook pulling his car into the garage while he loaded it up, so neighbors would not notice.

Back at the restaurant, before the date was over, the girl was victimized again.  “He asked the victim to borrow the cell phone, at which time she obviously said yes,” explained Sgt. McHugh.   “And he took the cell phone, called the accomplice and fled, ran on the foot with the phone still in his hand.”

The woman said the person she went out with appeared to be in his late teens to early twenties, was about 5-5” to 6’ and had tattoos on his chest and arms.  He also told her he was originally from Italy, but recently moved to South Florida from New York.

Police are concerned that there may be additional victims.

If anyone knows this individual they are asked to contact Detective Cassini of the Coral Springs Police Department at (954) 346-1251.