STOCK ISLAND (CBSMiami/AP) – A woman who died while incarcerated at the Stock Island jail in the Florida Keys apparently passed away from natural causes.

An autopsy is planned for Aracelia Miranda, 52, to determine the exact cause of death.

Miranda was arrested by Key West Police for possessing drug paraphernalia. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy and a nurse notice Miranda, who was in the jail’s sick bay, was lying very still around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

When she didn’t respond when they spoke to her, they went into the cell and found she was not breathing. The officer called for help and they began performing CPR.

Miranda was taken to Lower Keys Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Comments (4)
  1. nurse says:

    Don’t know how it is down there but here in MDC we see drug related deaths almost every day in the prison system.


    1. daimenbokk says:

      Monroe County Jail is a clean, modern, and well supervised jail. There are very few deaths and most inmates are there for short times. This is a rarity for Key West. I have been to this jail many times, mostly as a visitor, and twice as a guest of the county.

  2. Randolley says:

    Good. More convicts should just die or kill themselves. They won’t keep returning to prison for free room and board. Matter of fact, set the entire jail/prison on fire with the convicts in their cells. That would eliminate a lot of crime and save on appeals. Not to mention tax-payer money. It’s a win win all around. And if yall can’t handle the smell, sprinkle some BBQ sauce on the convicts first. Be like a family reunion.

  3. Bob says:

    No offense but don’t inmates die in jail or prison everyday? Why would this be news if there’s nothing suspicious? “Died of natural causes”..whoopty friggn doo..

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