60's Superstar Had Planned Miami Performance In April

STUART, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Davy Jones, singer for the 60’s supergroup The Monkees, died Wednesday morning at Martin Memorial Hospital in Martin County, Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff’s office said it received a call from someone asking them to come to an address on Fox Road in Indiantown, Florida, after Jones complained “that he was not well and having trouble breathing,” according to a statement by spokesperson Rhonda Irons.

“At this time there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death,” Irons said.


Rescue calls responded, and took Jones to Martin Memorial South Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to the medical examiner’s office.

“The District 19 Medical Examiners office has been notified of the death of Mr. Davy Jones,” the office said in a prepared statement. ” We are currently evaluating whether or not the medical examiners office will take jurisdiction.”

No official cause of death was given, but  a Jones representative said he died of a heart attack.

Jones is survived by his wife Jessica Pacheco and 4 daughters from previous marriages. He was 66 years old.


Jones joined the Monkees in 1965, with Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, and had a string of hits including “Daydream Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville”, as well as a hit TV series.

Jones was scheduled to perform with David Cassidy, formerly of the Partridge Family, at the Magic City Casino in Miami on April 14th.

The Monkees was formed specifically to perform in the television show, which ran through 1968. In the beginning, the members of the group were only allowed to sing, although they held instruments on the show and in numerous concert performances.

Eventually, the Monkees were allowed to play, but when the TV show went off the air, the band broke up after a few years.

Dolenz and others joined Jones in a short-lived group, and Jones entered a solo career. Jones worked off and on as an actor, making appearances in TV shows, sometimes appearing as himself.

In December, 2008, Yahoo Music names Jones the #1 teen idol of all time.

While Jones lived in the small town of Beavertown, Pennsylvania, he also kept a home in Indiantown, where he kept horses, and had a condo in Hollywood which he was in the process of renovating

Comments (42)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    “here we come,walkin down the street,get the funniest looks from,every one we meet…hay hay were the monkeys,people say we monkey around,but were to bizzy singin.to put any buddy down..rip davy..

    1. 1stackmack says:

      this from a guy from boston,l don’t know how l got on a miami wed site but hello from snowy 35* boston ma ..

  2. EBarreto says:

    Re: Davey Jones

    My condolences and prayers for the family; an amazing singer part of a great 60’s group that will be sorely missed.

  3. Susan says:

    So sad he was a really nice guy was very personable teen idol. when i met him several years ago i felt like marsha brady on the brady bunch.

    1. Julie the Jarhead says:

      I am, as the Brits would say, “major gutted.”

      I loved that BB episode. And I loved him in THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE.

  4. Everyday Guy says:

    I loved him as Checkov on Star Trek.

    1. Bob says:

      Don’t think he played that part, try Walter Keoneg

  5. rocque says:

    What a musical icon Davey Jones will live in all of us who lived laughed and loved the Monkees

  6. non says:

    I’d figured with the herion addiction and prison time for possesion, Peter Tork would be the first to go

    1. sharon says:

      You are a physco thats not true nor funny

  7. Monkey R.I.P. says:

    “The Last Train to Deadsville”,,,,,,,,,

  8. DoverDavid says:

    Are we going to have wall to wall coverage and live broadcasting of his funeral like we did Whitney, seems only right.

    1. Astonished says:

      Probably not. I don’t think they can dig up any dirt on Davy. It seems that the only ones that get that kind of coverage have TMZ breating down on their corpses.

  9. LorrieD says:

    While I am sure there are many sad 50ish ladies across America…. I can tell you this, there is one VERY happy angel in Heaven waiting to greet him at the gate!! My sister was the ultimate Monkees fan, and I don’t hesitate to say she was probably about to pee her pants when she heard he was headed that way. I can see that sheepish grin of hers right now! Enjoy Heaven Davy…. that is, if my sister will leave you alone for 2 minutes.

  10. DMB says:

    My prayers go out to his wife and daughters, your husband and father gave many hours of enjoyment and laughter to us all. You now have an angel watching over you and one who will listen as you speak. My sympathy goes out to you…..

  11. Italo says:

    Very sad. Watched them growing up. One error I believe, though–their show wasn’t on till 1971. They may have been a group through that year, but I believe their original show was in production just for 1 or 2 years, maybe between 1967 and ’68. Then its reruns became a staple of afternoon post-school local UHF TV stations and Saturday morning or early-afternoon kids programming blocks. He seemed a good guy and brought a lot of good memories and happiness with his music to more than one pop-culture generation. Thinking of him and his loved ones right now!

    1. Pam says:

      Not an error. I recall this era vividly. The first show premiered the fall of 1966. My sister, 10 years older than I, was an instant fan. She had more of a crush on Peter, but loved the music, and bought every album. Our mother died in the spring of 67, and that fall was the second season when my sister began nursing school. ONe of her favorite stories is having to watch The Monkees in her closet because in those days, they had very strict rules regarding noise and television during study hours. 1968 was the last season. It did rerun intermittently for a few years after. VH1 should but the rights to the shows.

      RIP Davey. You were short (only 5′ 3″) but had a 6′ 2″ heart. Heaven got a great talent.

  12. cheryl says:

    his name was Davie, not Jones, i hate it when they call the deceased by their last name, he has a first name, so why are they not calling him by that,

    1. ADMIN says:

      And his name was Davy…

  13. Mimma says:

    even though i’m 33 i can remember as an 11 yr old girl wathcing reruns of the monkees. Boy those were some good times. They sure were a bunch of funny guys. I wish those reruns would come back on the aire. Miss you Davy. May you RIP. You will always be loved and missed. My condolences go out to your family and friends.

  14. Dan Rakow says:

    I am shocked and saddend that My favorite Monkee passed so suddenly and I saw Davy Jones in person at West Chicago,IL Railroad Days in July 2009.

  15. Ben Casey says:

    Davey’s pre-Monkee turn as a glue sniffer on my show was Emmy bait. Look out, here comes tomorrow.

    1. jb says:

      Ben Casey are you a Moron or just plain Stupid. Get off the earth!

      1. Ma Dobie says:

        Easy fella! Ben Casey was a 1960’s TV series about a doctor. Davy actually did play the role of a glue sniffer. The vid is on Youtube – audio is poor but you can plainly see that it’s young Davy on that hospital gurney.

  16. Ronald R. Johnson says:

    He was a good and fun entertainer and will be missed by many! I’m really sad for close friends and his family!

  17. Virginia Pritchett says:

    Dear Davy Jones- You will always be in my teenaged dreams. I know God will take good care of you. I am lucky for teh times i have met you. God bless you, cutue pie. You made a lot of littel girls happy. I was one of those littel girls.

  18. TERESA says:


  19. Steve Rose says:

    The Monkees left us behind such a great collection of recorded songs and ever effervescent Davy Jones was the leader and such a great singer. Etched in the memories of a great many baby-boomers. Every teenage guy in ’66 and ’67 wanted to be Davy Jones (except for his height) and every teenage girl wanted Davy for herself.

    Listen to “Hard to Believe” from the 1967 album: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. for Davy Jones’ ultimate solo performance singing a song he co-wrote.

  20. Violet Hart says:

    My heart aches for such a tremendous loss … the loss of a beloved father who loved his four daughters above reproch … the loss of a beloved husband, and the loss of a beloved man who’s heart was so much greater than his earthly physical size. God Bless you David, and may God Bless & bring comfort & memories of joy to the hearts of all who love you. May God touch the hearts of all your children, grand chilren, family & friends, as well as all those fans you have touched the hearts of all these many years. We have all loved you Davy, just as you have loved us in some way.
    You will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace My Friend, until we all meet again.

  21. michellegabrielle says:

    Davy Jones. His big hit was “I Wanna Be Free,” and he’d sit down at the front of the stage, on the apron, and the spot would surround him, and he’d sing it: “I wanna be free, like the warm September wind, babe, say you’ll always be my friend, babe, right even to the end, babe, again, babe, I wanna say . . . I wanna hold your hand, walk along the sand . . .”
    My boyfriend’s Mom got us tickets to see The Monkees in S.F. in 1967, at the Cow Palace, and I can verify, that is what I saw. He was a huge star, the star of the group, and all the pictures do not lie: he was a dimpled babe. Got his start in theater as the Artful Dodger in “Oliver,” and all The Monkees, right now, have got to be deep in reminiscence and thanks. Jimi Hendrix opened up for them at one point! May he rest in peace, and hearts out to his family.

  22. me says:

    Maybe something hit him in the chest and he thought it insignificant until it was too late similar to what had happened to actress Natasha Richardson. It would explain why he had trouble breathing even though his heart was healthy. Who knows what happened in the barn while he was tending to the horses before the workers found him.

  23. MARY R says:


  24. virginia flores says:

    i want to sat that davy jones was a very nice man he was so good on the monkees we just love him so much

  25. virginia flores says:

    we are going to miss davy jones very much we all love him so much he is going to be lot of us davy jones he mad lot of music with the monkees

  26. KMR says:

    Davy Jones was first, world class! He leaves behind a noble legacy. A tough act to follow

  27. Ashely says:

    I’ve read several excellent stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you put to make this type of fantastic informative website.

  28. Carol says:

    My condolences to his family.
    The Monkees were a great group and my friends and myself had a girl group that did there song Last Train to Clarkville for a elementry talent show. We were in awe of them back them.
    Davy rest in pease and I am sure you will be still singing when I go to heaven.

    God Bless your family!

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