Wednesday, February 29 at 11 PM on CBS4 News  –A bank robber would have gotten away with the Perfect Crime if his conscience hadn’t got the best of him, and resulted in him coming clean. The robbery suspect, Michael Mitchell, was arrested after he made a phone call to the Special Operations Division and confessed to the August 21, 2007 Bank Robbery in Key Largo.

 The 52 year old told authorities he walked into the bank, handed a note to the teller and demanded cash. The note claimed he had a bomb, and was holding a small box in his hand with a wire coming out if it. Mitchell later than disclosed that the bomb was indeed fake and his initial intention was to rob a Bank of America.

Authorities say Michael would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for the phone call he made to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect claims the reason behind why he later confessed to the crime was because after it happened, “everything started to go wrong and nothing was going my way. Bad luck was following me wherever I went, so I decided to turn myself in.”