HIALEAH (CBS4) – A 22-year old man accused in a deadly hit and run crash which claimed a woman’s life made his first appearance before a judge Monday morning.

Bail was set at $70,000 for Luis Castilla who was placed on an immigration hold.  If however he manages to bond out, the judge ordered that he be placed under house arrest and not allowed to drive.

According to police, 75-year old Delia Temoche was crossing 7th Street in the 8200 block when she was struck by white Toyota driven by Castilla. Instead of stopping to see if he could help her, or wait for police, Castilla reportedly drove to Hialeah and pulled over in parking lot of the Banco Popular at 1640 W. 49th Street.

Castilla then called police to report that he had been the victim of a hit and run accident involving another car, according to Hialeah police who believe he may have been trying to establish an alibi.

When officers showed up, they saw the damage to the front of this car and extensive damage to the windshield and connected it to Temoche. Hialeah police say there were other people in Castilla’s vehicle, but they are not facing charges at this point.

Temoche moved to the U.S. from Peru 10 years ago, and lived in a condo across the street from the accident. Her family says she had just stepped off a bus and was on her way home from volunteering at her church. Her grandchildren, 13-year-old Nicole Torres and 16-year-old Steven Torres told CBS4’s Natalia Zea that Temoche was like a second mother who raised them since they were small.

“I’m always going to miss that she used to caress my hair and kiss my forehead before I went to sleep. And now that won’t happen anymore,” cried Nicole.

“She always did everything for us. She would always say you’re the reason I’m here, I love you so much and give us kisses and hugs,” said Steven.

Both grandchildren saw their grandmother’s body in the roadway covered with a tarp.

“I hoped it wasn’t her, I prayed it wasn’t her, just to see her body there and to see them take her away, it’s terrible,” said Nicole.

And she had some harsh words for Castilla.

“He’s an idiot, a coward for running away. For hitting an old lady, a defenseless old lady that had nothing to do with whatever he was doing,” said Nicole.

Castilla had warrants out for his arrest for reckless driving, DUI with property damage, DUI and driving with an expired license. He’s now facing new charges of leaving the scene of crash involving a fatality, vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter and driving without a license involving a death.

  1. Enrique says:

    How is that this people keep on been out in the street and driving, where is the justice.

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