HIALEAH (CBS4) – A 22-year old man has been charged in a deadly hit and run accident in Miami-Dade which claimed a woman’s life.

According to police, 75-year old Delia Temoche was crossing 7th Street in the 8200 block when she was struck by white Toyota driven by 22-year old Luis Castilla.  Instead of stopping to see if he could help her, or wait for police, Castilla reportedly drove to Hialeah and pulled over in parking lot of the Banco Popular at 1640 W. 49th Street.
According to Hialeah police, Castilla and several other people in the car called police to report that they had been victims of a hit and run accident involving another car. Police believe they may have been trying to establish an alibi.

When officers showed up, they saw the damage to the front of this car and extensive damage to the windshield and connected it to Temoche.

Castilla had warrants out for his arrest for reckless driving, DUI with property damage, DUI and driving with an expired license.  He’s now facing new charges of leaving the scene of crash involving a fatality, vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter and driving without a license involving a death.

Comments (13)
  1. Elliott says:

    Perhaps he’ll never drive again! How would he feel if someone did this to his mother and left the scene likewise?

    1. abootnkiki says:

      the only way he wont drive again is if he never gets out of jail

      1. abootnkiki says:

        everyone in the car who lied should be arrested and held liable also

    2. Jane Doe says:

      He may not be driving in this country once he gets out of jail. They added an immigration hold to his booking info.

  2. Cyn507 says:

    What a tool! Warrants out & calls in a made up story 2 seconds after he kills someone? Dum@zz! Enjoy prison prettyboy.

  3. tired says:

    I am so tired of all these hit-and-run. FL need to get tough on these people or else it will never stop. Hit-and-run you get life.

    1. jan says:

      so many people get a lisence dont need it they dont use signals they dont watch for other guy, they dont need lisense especially if they dont watch for people on bikes or walking,,or even animals ,,,

  4. Walter Rust says:

    People who drive DUI /suspended license and kill someone after getting their first offense (which then should be charged with attempted murder because they are a hazard to the general public with their 3000 pound weapon) should be charged with first degree premeditated murder. They show no respect for the law or the safety of the public !

  5. Me says:

    A hit and run in Hialeah or any of Miami for that matter is a daily occurrence. Welcome to the banana republic.

  6. Me 2 says:

    I vote for the electric chair….

  7. rausky79 says:

    My condolences to the victim’s family. It’s a darn shame that in Miami -Dade County there is no respect for life.!!! This county is a CESSPOOL. I can’t wait to retire and leave this disgusting place!!

  8. jose says:

    i went to school with him..shocked!

  9. jorge says:

    luis was drunk and that was wrong but i live by the seen of the accident and saw it by coincidence the street is dark and the accident was not near a crosswalk. i am not defending him i just want everyone to know that not just one family is suffering here so put yourselves in both shoes dont judge you guys are not in his shoes. although what he did was wrong, no one was there to say if your reaction at the time of the accident would have been the same. i knew luis and yes what he did was wrong but he was a good kid with a good heart. he is young and what happened is unfortunate for both families. my blessing go out to both families.

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