TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Florida State University needed a quality opponent to replace West Virginia University on the 2012 football schedule. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

FSU announced Wednesday that Savannah State University had replaced West Virginia on the school’s 2012 football schedule. Savannah State is a member of the MEAC and will get paid approximately $475,000 to be the Seminoles’ sacrificial lamb.

West Virginia’s $500,000 payment to get out of the series will pay off the Noles’ costs for Savannah State.

It’s a very tough pill for the Seminoles to swallow.

The Noles were set to face West Virginia at home this season and go to West Va. next year for a return game. WVU was expected to be a top 15 team in the FBS this season. Now, FSU has two Division I-AA, or FCS, opponents.

What that means is the Noles will have to win seven games to get bowl eligible this season instead of the prerequisite six games if a team only has one FCS opponent.

The Noles had inquired with several teams including Oklahoma, Boise State, and Texas A&M to name a few about playing this season, but apparently there were no takers.

It’s not the first time the Noles have had an opponent back out of playing them.

In 1999, the Noles were expected to win the National Championship coming into the season.

FSU was supposed to play Auburn University in the first game of the season at Auburn. The Tigers were abysmal and coming off a season in which they fired then-head coach Terry Bowden.

FSU and head coach Bobby Bowden were expected to lay the lumber to Auburn, but the Tigers famously backed out in favor of a matchup against a lower division school.

  1. Robert Gornall says:

    You conveniently failed to mention the reason for the cancellation; that WVU changed conferences. You also didn’t mention that the two schools had discussed cancelling this date MONTHS ago when WVU knew it was going to the BIG 12. Every Big East school who were to play at WVU this season was looking for an away game. Did FSU call any of them? I doubt it. Had your athletic director don’t more game searching and less lawsuit threatening, perhaps your fans would not be treated to Savannah State.

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