MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Peyton Manning hasn’t even been set free by the Indianapolis Colts, but that’s not stopping some enterprising Miami Dolphins fans from making a very public plea.

A billboard has been put up near the junction of I-95 and I-595 with a picture of Manning in a number 18 jersey of the Miami Dolphins. The billboard has text that reads, “Manning to”

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Obviously getting a quarterback the caliber of Peyton Manning would be a coup for the Dolphins, if he is healthy. Right now, the question of his health overrides every decision that can and will be made about Manning’s future.

The Fins have to decide quickly before free agency begins whether they want to take a shot at acquiring Manning or move on to a free agent quarterback like Matt Flynn, or go all-in and make the trade to acquire Robert Griffin, III.

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The wisest move may be to trade for RGIII, assuming the Fins are comfortable with his throwing motion and his interviews. But it will cost the Fins dearly to move that far up in the draft, likely to the number two position.

But, acquiring a potential franchise quarterback who will be with the team for the better part of at least a decade may be too much to pass up.

As for Manning, it’s still not known if he will ever throw again. The problem is that the Fins may not know before free agency begins whether or not Manning will ever play again.

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If the Fins roll the dice on Manning, they will sacrifice their chances at Matt Flynn. The Fins could still have a chance to go after RGIII if Manning’s recovery isn’t on track, but it’s a major risk given Manning’s fragile neck.