DELRAY BEACH (CBSMiami) – A missing Delray Beach teen, who disappeared after she left for school Tuesday morning, has been found safe in a Hialeah motel room, and police who had been investigating her disappearance are traveling  to question her.

Delray Beach police spokeswoman Nicole Guerriero confirmed that 17-year old Jade Beneby was found alive and safe but released no further details, however, Hialeah police spokesperson Carl Zogby confirmed the teen was found in a room at the El Paraiso Motel in the 1600 block of West Okeechobee Road.

There was no immediate information about how she was discovered, or if anyone was with her when she was confirmed safe.

Jade’s mother, Sandra Stewart, said she wanted to thank God for returning her daughter, and the Delray police for their role.

“When I got text saying, ‘Help me mommy,’ all I knew was to call on Jesus,” Stewart said.  “Everybody is so happy everything is all right. Thank God that they found her,” Jade’s cousin, Pat Glover, said.

A Florida Missing Child Alert had been issued for Beneby who was last seen around 6:30 a.m. as she left to walk to her Atlantic High School bus stop at SW 8th Avenue and 1st Street. That alert has been cancelled.

At 7:05, she sent a frightening text message to her mother asking for help. One minute later, she sent another text that stated “she had done all that she could” and she was in the trunk of a vehicle.

Her family spent the day at the police department where they hoped for the best.

“It’s hell not to hear, we don’t know,” said Jade’s father Charles Beneby. Jade was last seen wearing a long sleeve white shirt and blue jeans. She had a pink bag. Her father had a message for anyone who could be holding her.

“Just call the police department, call any of the family members. We’ll pick her up and just walk away from it. We just want to have her back,” said Beneby.

Ted Scouten

Comments (10)
  1. misunderstood says:

    why didn’t see just call 911 so they can pick up her location through her phone??

    1. Carol says:

      I think these kids watch way to much TY but they always seem to have a good endings and the sick part of all this all of us have to pay our taxes to find these children that are “taken” but not taken at all.

      1. RANDRAND says:


  2. clo56 says:

    Sounds bogus. She texted from a trunk? Why not call 911 and have the police track her whereabouts through the cell? Another runaway if you ask me. Most vehicles have an emergency trunk release that is flourescent and easily identified in the dark.

    1. Carol says:

      You answered my question about the trunk release I knew there was one in the trunk so if that ever happens to me I will look for flourescent pull and easily found in the dark because without my glasses I can’t see a thing.

      As I said before it is sad that all of us have to pay for something that never happened but once 911 is called and there is a minor out there that could be trouble things have to happen on their behalf to find the child or chidren.

  3. hansy says:

    Maybe she didn’t want to call 911 because she was afraid that someone would hear the operators voice and discover that she had a phone?

  4. JWN79 says:

    So she just walked through the hotel lobby with someone? I don’t believe this was an abduction. If this ends up being a teen wanting to run off and to do this to her parents, I seriously hope that she has to spend some time in juvenile hall. I just find this too suspicious.

    1. John Cuba says:

      This “hotel” has private garages. There is no need for the passenger to ever be seen… It’s a “Cheat on your Spouse never be seen” type of hotel… 🙂

  5. RANDRAND says:


  6. Kathy says:

    I’m glad she they had found her safe! That’s all we should be thankful for.

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