Big Story:
Hmm, well no one played last night locally so let’s see…there’s plenty going on tonight. The Cats take on the Capitals for first place in the Southeast Division; the Heat return to Cavaliers; and the Hurricanes play this weekend.
Putting the tone in loc, here we go.

Heat: (@ Cleveland Cavaliers, Sun Sports, 7:30 p.m.)
I don’t have a lot to say about the game because Miami should absolutely annihilate the Cavaliers.
So let me address Miami Heat fans who have gone into full-fledged freak out mode over King James.
First, you knew he was a rental when he signed here. He can opt out of the last two years of his contract and depending on where the Heat are then, he may or may not do that.
Second, he was just being polite when he said he could see himself playing in Cleveland at the end of his career.
Third, he’s not going anywhere for the next three years.
Fourth, shut up about it already and get out of freak out mode.
I actually feel bad for LeBron. I don’t think any athlete since Muhammad Ali has had everything he said scrutinized as much as LeBron.
If he farts strangely, the national media and sports talk radio will go into a tizzy about it.
I wanted to reach through the car and strangle people this morning when they were saying, oh we should trade him for Dwight howard today.
Really? REALLY?
People, if you are that ignorant about basketball….just guh.
Look, LeBron on his worst day is still worth more than Howard, who’s a one trick pony.
But do you honestly think Pat Riley would do that?
Plus, the Heat are playing out of their minds right now, so let’s enjoy the ride and worry about tomorrow if it gets here.
Heat fans who are up in arms about this need to dial back the paranoia and take off the tin foil hats.
As for tonight’s game, I expect the Heat to come out firing on all cylinders just like they were during the last 8 games.
I think the Heat are getting angry and instead of it distracting them like last year, I think it’s making them more focused.
In other words, the last thing the rest of the NBA wants to see from this team.

Panthers: (vs. Washington, 7:30 p.m., Fox Sports Florida)
If you want to watch some good hockey, head out to the Bank Atlantic Center tonight.
The Caps and the Cats are battling for a playoff berth and tonight’s game will go a long way towards determining who’s gonna be chasing Lord Stanley’s Cup.
The Cats were humiliated in their last home game, but beat Washington on the road just over two weeks ago.
Florida needs a W to pull six points ahead of the Caps.
A loss narrows Florida’s lead to just two points.
Hopefully, Florida’s defensemen and goalie show up for this game, unlike in the second period of Wednesday night’s shellacking at the hands of Ottawa.

NFL Notes:
Looks like South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey is free-falling in the draft and may not be drafted in the first round.
He’s apparently gotten kinda chunky and won’t run below roughly 4.6 seconds.
Hey, maybe he can learn to block and become a tight end. He’s got good hands we know that.
Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said he wanted top 5 quarterback money.
Hey, I want to date Kate Upton, but that ain’t happening either. (my wife smacks me now)
Texans defensive end Mario Williams said his free agency isn’t all about the money….anyone want to bet on that one?
Former Miami Hurricane defensive end Calais Campbell will likely either be re-signed or franchised by the Arizona Cardinals.
The NFL Combine is next week, which means free agency is almost here.
Trust me, deals will get done during the combine, regardless of the tampering rules.
It always does, otherwise $100 million contracts couldn’t be completed hours after free agency opens.
I still say the Dolphins should go all in for RGIII.
But my gut tells me they’re going to take a flier on Matt Flynn.
If the Fins sign Flynn or Manning, the first round pick will be used on an offensive lineman….again.
Even though I think Trent Richardson will be on the board at the time.
If he is and the Fins pass, shame on them.
He’s the best running back since Adrian Peterson, now let’s see who does the smart thing and draft him.
By the way, I bet Alabama has around 4-5 players selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Spring Training is now just 5 days from getting underway for the Miami Marlins.
Some pitchers and catchers actually start reporting Saturday and Sunday. Miami reports on February 22.


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