Big Story:
Guh. That’s the best way to describe the Panthers’ defense and goaltending last night; the Heat are still the best team in the NBA, Linsanity…please; and UM’s bubble is about to burst.
My name is humpty…spelled with an umpty.

Panthers: (off tonight)
Well, the good news is the Panthers can’t lose tonight.
The bad news is, that’s because they don’t play tonight.
Wow, that was an ugly, ugly loss at a time when the Cats can’t afford to lose like that.
I mean, really, you come home off a road trip, have two days rest, and get skunked by the Senators?
And you are never really in the game after the first period?
Three goals allowed in the second period?
You expect to get to the playoffs with that kind of performance?
I don’t want to say it was bad, but c’mon man.
That’s the equivalent of giving up 40 points in football or 110 points in basketball.
Seriously, you could have driven a truck into the goal the Panthers were so missing from the ice last night.
Ottawa is good, but they’re not THAT good.
Now comes the really fun part.
The Cats have to rebound quickly and tomorrow battle the Washington Capitals, who are in second place.
Luckily, the Caps haven’t gained any ground on the Panthers, but they have plenty of time to do that Friday.
Obviously, someone needs to step it up for the Panthers if they are going to make it to the playoffs.
I just am not sure they have anyone left on the roster who can lead this team to the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Jeremy Lin:
Okay, I’ve taken it as long as I can.
If he played in Sacramento no one would care. Period. End of Story.
But because people/the media in New York think that is the center of the universe, we’re going to be force fed this crap the rest of the season.
Or until Carmelo Anthony comes back and wants the dadgum ball all the time.
Look, the kid’s impressive, smart, and a hard worker.
Three things you can’t say about the typical Knicks star…I’m looking at you Melo.
But he is NOT the end-all be-all that the New York media has made him out to be.
He’s a flash in the pan at this point, a good flash, but that’s it right now.
Good example, he had 13 assists and 6 turnovers last night.
A 2-1 turnover margin is okay in the NBA, but not a superstar caliber player.
Now if you want to talk about a guy who is having the best year maybe of his career, let’s talk LeBron.
He’s the MVP, but you wouldn’t know it watching any national sportscast.
Enough with this Lin crap…please.

Well, the Hurricanes needed a big victory over North Carolina last night to keep the NCAA dream alive.
Yeah, about that.
The Canes couldn’t cut it in crunch time and are likely on the outside of the NCAA looking in.
I wonder how Frank Haith is doing now….
Funny you should ask.

Mizzou Update:
If you watched Missouri last night, you saw a complete team totally annihilate the Oklahoma State Cowboys, one of only two teams to beat Mizzou this year.
The victory ran Missouri’s record to 24-2 on the season.
Look, the seniors get a lot of credit, but so does Haith.
He had to buy into them and they had to buy into him.
It’s amazing when a school is dedicated to not just football but also basketball what some coaches can do.
He’s the likely national coach of the year by a large margin.
Next up for the Tigers is Texas A&M, who lost to Mizzou by 19 the last time they played.
After that, Kansas State comes to Columbia where the Tigers want to avenge their only other loss this season.
Then the big one, February 25 @ Phog Allen Fieldhouse against the Kansas Jayhawks.
That place has been the location of nightmares for Mizzou and it’d feel good at the end of the rivalry between the two to walk out with a victory on the road.

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