MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Police say they a person and car of interest in the hit and run accident that injured two cyclists early Wednesday morning.

Authorities have not revealed their identity, but say the driver was found on Key Biscayne.

According to Miami Police, two men on bikes were struck on the eastbound side of the Rickenbacker Causeway around 5:15 a.m.

The victims, 37-year-old Aaron Cohen and 48-year-old Enda Walsh, were both rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Cohen, a father of two,  is in extreme critical condition after undergoing emergency brain surgery. Sources confirm to CBS4’s Gio Benitez that Cohen leads the Esserman International Racing Team.Walsh suffered a leg injury and spoke to CBS4’s Gary Nelson when he was released from the hospital.

This damaged black Honda Civic is suspected in the hit and run accident which injured two cyclists on Rickenbacker Causeway Wednesday morning. (CBS4)

“We were cycling up the Key Biscayne bridge side by side, in the bike lane, having a conversation. We didn’t even see anything. then there was a loud bang and the next thing you know I was on the ground and Aaron was 30 feet up the road lying on his back on the road not moving,” said Walsh.

The car that hit Cohen and Walsh left debris behind which enabled police to figure out what kind of car it was. Miami Det. Lorraine Rubio said the car is a 2009 – 2011 Silver Honda Civic. The Civic will have right side front fender damage and missing a right side mirror.

Cohen’s wife is heartbroken. “It’s just horrible and I just really want to find whoever did this,” said Patty Cohen.

“It’s shocking and I worry every time they go out because so many accidents happen especially there even though there are bike lanes,” said Mary Walsh, Enda’s wife.

Enda said both he and Cohen were wearing helmets and both were in the bike lane obeying the law.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of the vehicle or driver wanted in this hit and run, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I feel bad for the cyclists. I am a long time resident of Key Biscayne. I head to work around 6 every morning and see the cyclists daily. Many do not obey the traffic laws. Many do not have lights on their bikes.

    1. Geoffrey says:

      Cyclists should most definitely obey all traffic laws, but nobody can pretend for one millisecond that cars here obey traffic laws.

    2. Greg says:

      I agree Lisa. I drive down Bayshore Drive every day and none of these bikers obey any of the traffic laws. Frankly, if these people drove their cars like they ride bikes, they would all be in jail for wreckless driving.

      1. Vern says:

        Stop blaming the victim here. These cyclists here were in the bicycle lane. And let’s get real, instead of lamenting cyclists, we need to understand they represent a transportation future and should be applauded. God forbid we have healthy, non-polluting people using a non-roaring exhaust belching means of getting around. How about blaming the driver that veered into the bicycle lane?

      2. Jesse Hall says:

        “NONE” ?? and you are an authority in bicycle traffic infraction statistics? More than many obey the laws. How many cyclists you see pulled over??
        Frankly Greg, 2 people are injured because of some one else’s negligence not their own.

      3. Carlos Iglesia says:

        None? Many of us do have lights, often front back and sometimes more, and obey the laws. Some drivers just don’t know what our rights are. True some cyclists don’t stop at red lights, or take too much space in certain streets, instead of going single file. But not all of us. Drivers and cyclists all need to LEARN how to coexist and do this right.

      4. Eugenia says:

        Excuse me Greg!!!! DO NOT GENERALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They where in the bike lane not breaking the law in any way, the driver was just plain irresponisble!!!!!

      5. Dave says:

        As an avid cyclist I obey 99% of the street rules. Stop at red lights, keep the right lane for myself as it’s allowed under new law. I love driving cars too and must say that over 40% of Miami drivers don;t know how to drive. It’s crazy.

        I would agree with you that big group riders are often times abuse the traffic rules. There you can see rowdy behavior and using sometimes too much of the road due to their high numbers of riders.

        Bottom line, if you crash with a rider. Stop and make sure he is ok. If it’s not your fault police will know. They can see where you braked, measure if the riders where outside their lane etc.. But not stopping makes me think a) he was drunk or b) neglected to watch the road.

      6. laura says:

        greg – are you always such an insensitive moron? this chap was OBVIOUSLY in the bike lane, had lights on his bike AND was wearing a helmet. when the police finally find this coward, he will have either been drunk or texting.
        instead of driving down bayshore, why don’t you ride a bike?

  2. Geoffrey says:

    The opening comment is, “There were major delays for commuters..”

    We can see where priorities are in this city. The car.

    1. Thisguy says:

      Greg is an idiot. That sentence is a gross exagerration. NONE of the bikers obey ANY traffic laws. Really? As long as one is wearing a helmet you, are wrong. The person who was hit is a friend of mine, and he has ligths on his bike, wears a helmet, and follows all traffic laws. He is a professional triathlete. Also, notice how the bike is laying in the “BIKE LANE.” Thats like saying all people named Greg lack common sense. So you know, it was an intoxicated driver that caused this, not a bike making a right turn on red. Some people should be swallowed at birth.

      1. Vern says:

        Was the crash a hit and run? Is the guy/girl in custody? There are conflicting reports about it.

      2. @LX says:

        I passed by the scene in my bike around 7am and saw the bike. Is your friend ok? I hope so buddy! I’m actually surprised where it happened…almost at the top of the bridge! Either way…I hope they catch the person who was driving that car and that everything turs out ok with your friend.

      3. Thisguy says:

        The crash was a hit and run and he’s in critical condition. The driver veered out of his lane and into the bike lane, where he hit the two riders. Police still haven’t found him. Thanks for everybodys concern. He’s a pretty strong guy so I’m sure he’ll be okay.

      4. laura says:

        thank yyou thisguy. i don’t know aaron but he is a good friend of my niece’s. he has helped her train and lovingly served as her mentor as she’s taken up triathalons. that takes a special man to invest time like that. you are correct, greg should have either been eaten or drowned at birth.

  3. steph says:

    Cars here have no regard for anyone but themselves…hit and run? Really? So you are more concerned with yourself than TWO PEOPLE YOU HIT??? Shame on you. Lights on a bike or not, that is wrong.

  4. Rog in MIami Gardens says:

    It is so interesting that automaitically the first person to post, i.e.: Lisa, claims, “Many cyclists do not obey traffic laws…” Excuse me, so because bicyclists don’t obey traffic laws in general – which in and of itself is a loaded, biased statement — it is okay for a motorist to hit and injur two cyclists and then take off?

    The fact of the matter is that the Rickenbacker Causeway is poorly designed. Another issue is that car is king in South Florida, and motorists have been placed in a privileged position. This can be witnessed in the way they drive, the way they DEMAND parking spaces in every single neighborhood. The way that millions — if not billions — of dollars of environment-destroying roads are built for them. Yes, I am mad and sick and tired of the motorist’s every whim being catered to while tax-paying transit users, bicyclists, pedestrians and others in human-powered transport are ignored. I’m sick of it!

    1. Matthew Toro says:

      Right on, Rog!

    2. laura says:

      are lisa and greg related since they both seem to have the i,q of a tomato.

  5. A.M. says:

    Though certain cyclists AND motorists fail to obey traffic laws, the outrage should be about the all too frequent hit-and-run response by motorists without the slightest regard for human injury and life.

    1. J says:

      Exactly. The hit-and-run culture here in Miami is ridiculous

      1. FYI says:

        I have never seen so many hit and run accidents until I moved here. Between those driving with a suspended driver’s license, no valid license, that have warrants, no insurance, DUI, or a combination of the above is the most often reason.

  6. Matthew Toro says:

    Tragic! I wish a full and speedy recovery to these bicyclist victims.

    I hope the criminal motorist is brought to justice, and punished to the full extent of the law.

  7. Velozi says:

    The truth is that most drivers don’t know that they need to treat bikes or cyclists as another vehicle on the road and yield to there speed. I;m sure that all motorists yield to a huge 18 wheeler even if its going 20mph and gets totally in the way. So why do drivers think that they can speed by a cyclist at 70mph??? Is it possible that they need to show who is boss on the street?? If you are one of these people that need to show who is boss, please stop and think that anything can happen to a cyclist like, a flat tire, tired and dizzy or even worse, a heart attack. If you are speeding next to them leaving 2 feet of clearance what do you think is going to happen if the cyclist so much as moves a bit? Is it worth killing a person for no reason and going to jail or killing yourself in the process? Its is not worth it… trust me.

  8. Yaniel says:

    How is whether a cyclist obeys laws or not relevant at all to what happened here? How is a cyclist having lights relevant at all to what happened here?

    A distracted driver (or drunk) veered out of his/her lane and into a lane not designated for car travel, and struck two cyclists riding in a bike lane. The picture clearly shows the bicycle laying in the bike lane. The picture is on the bridge, the bridge doesn’t have any traffic lights or stop signs. It’s a straight shot to the top and back down. Nearly impossible for a pair of cyclists to violate any law while there. The blame is solely on the driver, who in case some of you forgot, fled and left the cyclists to die.

    You people are twisted (lisa and greg) if you need to turn this into a car driver vs bike rider argument.

    1. Matt says:


      Savet he debate. This accident is clearly the result of wreckless driving and is 100% the fault of the driver (who clearly recognized that, given that s/he is nowhere to be found).

  9. John says:

    It is true that many drivers do not know the rights that cyclists have, and the speed at which cyclists are often going, and as a result there are a number of dangerous situations every day. I’ve been hit in the bike lane in the Village of Key Biscayne by a woman who was stopped serveral cars back at a light and suddenly decided to accelerate into the bike lane (where I was) without a signal and for no clear reason. It’s scary. But more frightening is that some drivers may not appreciate the harm they can do in their cars to a cyclist. Let’s be real. People cross against the light all the time here in Miami, and as a driver, you do your best not to mow them down. Of course, the person crossing the street is wrong, but they do not deserve to die for it, and as drivers, we don’t try to kill them. And yet, there is an odd sense of frustration about cyclists that somehow they’re just asking for it by riding in a bike lane–or in the lane of traffic, as they’re entitled under the law to do. So, to the drivers out there who are frustrated about the cyclists, please consider that cyclists have a right to be there, but more importantly, the harm a car can do to a cyclist. Whether you feel that a cyclist is right or wrong, hitting and possibly killing them is not the answer. Realize it’s only going to take a few seconds out of your day to go around, mutter under your breath if you have to, but please don’t make it a life or death decision for the guy or girl who wants to ride a bike. That’s not the way it should be.

  10. chris says:

    You know, none of you respect the road….you wanna ride a bike? go to a park or India.

    1. A.Cyclist says:

      Hey, Chris Weisson, don’t you have anything better to do than troll a story about a man that will most likely die? Do we need to contact your employers at Acousti Engineering and let them know the character of one of there employees?

  11. chris says:

    the more these things happen, the more you should become aware of this…..ready? CAR>BIKE

  12. AFR says:

    I think everyone is not looking a what each is writting.. At the end of the day there are two injured humans but the main issue is that the person fled. I was born and raised on Key Biscayne and yes cyclists are an issue. I know that not every single one does not obey but the highway is not super safe and most do not. This is not about cars vs bikes cause I doubt the cyclists also ride their bikes to work, to pick up their kids or to publix. Let’s get real. This should not happen and cars just like cyclists need to obey laws and work together. My thoughts and prayers go out to the injured and their families.

    1. Tony Sporano says:

      AFR, i think you are the only one here making a legitimate point.

  13. DDD says:

    I do commute by bicycle into Virginia Key and I always use the bike/walking paths on Crandon Park or along the causeway to avoid any possibility to interact with cars. However, I also use the bike lane along the road on weekends when I train, at which point I share the road with cars.

    It is not useful to speculate about what kind of behavior contributed to this accident. Like somebody said if we all obeyed traffic laws and did not drive/ride recklessly this should not happen.

    We all know what we have to do as riders/drivers to share the road. Let’s focus our energy on doing that and on wishing these two gentlemen a speedy recovery. They deserve to have a chance to ride again on that same bridge. We can all contribute to make sure that next time they do it IT WILL BE a SAFE RIDE FOR THEM.

    1. laura says:

      ddd – nice comment but rose-colored. aaron will never ride again! i was born and raised in miami. used to ride my bike from the gables to crandon every weekend. in those days there were no bike lanes. i guess i didn’t realize how dangerous a lovely bike ride on a beautiful day could be.
      if the person who committed this heinous tragedy is ever found or should actually do the right thing by coming forward, i pray he serves a very long time in prison…if for no other reason than fleeing the scene and causing the delay in these men receiving critical medical treatment.

  14. Ron says:

    Realize that we ride bikes that weight on average of 10lbs, we’re wearing super light clothes and US cyclists read about these acidents all the time. We also know that we will lose in any collition with ANYTHING! We wear blinking lights on our bikes as well as our bodies! We are super paranoid on the street, so keeping all of that in mind, do you STILL think we don’t pay attention on the road. Nothing but good viibes and loud prayers for the man who has to have BRAIN SURGERY!

  15. gladiatorgal1 says:

    He is in extreme critical condition and has a 1-2% chance of surviving!!! I know who he is and he is the nicest person and does not deserve this at all… His body temperature dropped to 92 degrees and is in shock!!! He’s had brain surgery to relieve the pressure but needs more surgeries that have to wait. Has a broken back too. SOMEBODY HAD TO HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN OUT THERE!! PEOPLE NEED TO COME FORWARD IF THEY SAW ANYTHING, PLEASE!!!!! I know the officers who responded to the scene and said it was not good…

  16. JT from MP says:

    FYI – Aaron Cohen, is a husband, father of two and is in VERY critical condition after having to undergo emergency brain surgery. Enda Walsh, the other cyclist who was involved in the accident, LUCKILY only suffered a fractured ankle and has been released from the hospital.

    To all of the people who have commented here that it was/is the cyclist’s fault – please think about what you intend to post before you post it. I am a cyclist and I take offense to your ignorant comments that discriminate against me and many other cyclists out there that DO follow the rules.

    Do you mean to say that you are a perfect citizen and obey all traffic rules and and don’t text and drive or talk on the phone and drive??? Before you come on here and “throw stones”, just take the time to educate yourselves. Ignorance is not bliss.

    Please familiarize yourself with the Florida Bicycle Laws – specifically the column down the right that discusses the “Roadway Position”. I tried to include a link to the page, but CBS Miami does not allow links to be included and my original post was blocked. So if you REALLY want to educate yourself, you’ll have to do some legwork and look up “Florida Bicycle Laws” online.

    Now also, please familiarize yourselves with the section of the Florida DMV Manual pertaining to DRIVING near a cyclist.

    Again, I tried to include a link to the page, but CBS Miami does not allow links to be included and my original post was blocked. So if you REALLY want to educate yourself, you’ll have to do some legwork and look up the Florida Motor Vehicle Driving Manual online and read the section pertaining to motorists and bicycles.

    Notice that the LAW states that drivers of motor vehicles must give cyclists 3 feet clearance among other things.

    So, again, before you start blaming someone that simply woke up and wanted to go for a bike ride before having to head into work, and making it THEIR fault that they were “in the way” of the vehicle – know the facts.

    The fact is, a coward almost killed two people this morning and their lives and the lives of their families will never be the same.

  17. Jessica says:

    Can’t they look at the toll cameras around that time to find the car?

  18. Danny says:

    Things like these always boil down to the same s**t… an unecessary debate, a who did what and who should have, could have etc. THE LAST comment in my opinion makes the most sense of them all (JT from MP). Most of you people make me sick to the extreme. GROW THE F*** UP. These victims have families and regardless of who broke the law, bottom line, the damn car should have stopped! PERIOD!

  19. OV says:

    I have noticed when a car hits a cyclist people usually jump to blame the cyclist. That’s what i call ignorant. First learn the rules because probably the driver is breaking rules. Remember those cyclist that get hit could be your father, mother, sister, brother or a very close person to you. So before you judge, go online and search the info like (JT from MP) said. It would suck if you do hit someone and it turns out to be someone close to you. As I am also a cyclist.

    1. The Truth Hurts says:

      People need to realize that BOTH cyclists and motorists are at fault for not sharing the road with each other. Cyclists will ALWAYS insist they’re never at fault but the truth of the matter is, many of them cannot and will not follow simple road rules. Maybe if they were a little bit more cautious and wouldn’t swerve into the actual lanes of roads they actually followed the rules.

      Don’t be ignorant and just blame a motorist in many cases, this one being an exception.

  20. Geo says:

    I know the People was injury here,, I like Cycle, This man need right now a prayer for his live, So, Remember the law, the car must be at least 3 feet a way for side and more than 30 feet behind, The Driver ran a way like a coward.. Hasta cuando seguiremos lamentando todo estos accidentes que nunca deberian ver pasado.. Please, be advise,, when driver, take care of the Cyclist,..

  21. miamiurbanist says:

    Time to hold the County Public Works Department responsible. The Rickenbacker is not safe for cyclists.

  22. Glades2 says:

    The driver is a coward – he fled the scene, then in court he hid his face…

    Being a club cyclist, the one thing I will say that they did wrong was the hour – many ride very early to get in mileage before work and before the roads get busy, but at 5:15 a.m. their are also drunk drivers on the road, coming back from the bars and nightclubs, and my guess is that this coward (driver) lives on Key Biscayne and was driving back from a night out…

    As cyclists know, Florida has become a terrible place when it concerns bicycling fatalities – one of the highest in the nation…

    1. Tony Sporano says:

      You are absolutely right. I use to run at 4:30 to 5:30 every morning until some drunk creep almost ran me over and luckily hit a stop sign instead of me. These gentleman were not doing anything wrong except being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Hopefully this POS pays for his actions.

  23. Counterattack says:

    Florida has the worse drivers in the world! Hialeah-Miami-Biscayne! I see drivers speeding at pedestrians that are crossing the street all the times, it’s like they want to run you over for fun. Cycling or motorcycle I wouldn’t do it Florida has the worse drivers, drunk, on the cellphone, I drive stick shift no accident no tickets, don’t run over animals or humans, because I pay attention.

  24. NM says:

    I cycle the Key Biscayne bridge several times a week and is just crazy the speed that some cars go up and down the bridge. We ride sub 15 lbs bikes and sometimes the turbulence created by those speeding cars would move you pretty bad.

    I also think that some improvements can be made at the BOTTOM of the bridge to make it easier for drivers NOT to confuse the bike lane for a car lane. An idea is to paint the continuous line in yellow and not white. I have seen many drivers starting up the bridge inside our lane until they realize it is a bike lane and then move left.

    This would have NOT made a difference in this accident as it seems that this driver was either under the influence or at sleep.

  25. JT from MP says:

    Aaron Cohen, may you rest in peace…