MIAMI (CBS4) – On a day most women want flowers, two women went to court hoping for justice.

Rose Marie Anglade and Sheila Brissault have waited years to see the man they say swindled them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars go to trial.

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On Valentine’s Day they got their wish.

Testimony began in the trial of Paul Francois.  Francois is charged with grand theft and organized fraud.

Prosecutors say he romanced Anglade and Brissault to drain their bank accounts.

“I trusted him and he’s nothing but a big, big, big liar,” said Anglade.

In tearful testimony, Anglade described for the jury how Francois convinced her to see her home in New York and buy a house in Miramar to be with him.

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The divorced mother says the house is in foreclosure after Francois stole $280,000, her life savings, from her. Anglade said she is in the home but could lose it at any time.

“The judge lets me stay there, I don’t know for how long,” said Anglade.

While romancing Anglade, prosecutors say smooth talking Francois was two timing her with Sheila Brissault.

Brissault took out a one hundred thousand dollar loan and gave the cash to Francois.

While he may be a bad boyfriend, Francois claimed he truly cared about the women.

His lawyers say this case belongs in civil court, not criminal court.

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Testimony continues on Wednesday.