MIAMI (CBS4) – People who are looking for the perfect match, both men and women, go  online seeking a certain kind of arrangement.

A “sugar baby” is typically younger and eager for adventure. A “sugar daddy” is usually an older, financially established provider. A website called helps the two meet.

CBS4’s Jorge Estevez found a 22-year old who is looking for her first sugar daddy.  She is a Miami student looking for someone to help her pay for her higher education and all the related expenses.

A self-proclaimed, cute blonde who is looking for fun in Fort Lauderdale admits to being a college student looking for some help.

And another pretty, young Miami college girl, who does not want to be identified, is more direct, asking specifically for 10 to 20-thousand dollars monthly. The 22-year old claims to be looking for someone who will never say “NO” to her needs.

“The lesson here… ask and you shall receive,” she told Estevez.

“What have they given you?” asked Estevez.

“They have given me cars, trips, jewelry. These guys will take you out and they will court you,” she responded.

Jorge asked “What do these guys do for you?”

“They support you financially… financially,” she replied.

Support is proving to be crucial for a 20-year old sugar baby, who is in college at Florida International University.

“Have they paid your tuition?” asked Estevez.

“Yes Jorge.”

“Books?” he asked.

“Books. Everything,” she responded. “When I say everything… I mean everything.”

In fact, her profile asks for someone to “help a young’in out”.  And she is not alone. Numbers compiled by the “seeking arrangement” website showed that in the past six months, FIU ranked 20th in a list of the top universities with “sugar baby” sign ups.

Florida ranked third in the U.S. behind New York and California with 67,815 total users, of all ages. There are just over 1,000,000 and growing .

Our FIU student argued that it’s a way to survive the times.

“I don’t get support from my parents. As soon as I turned 18, they told me I am on my own. I have to figure everything out on my own Jorge.”

“And you discovered this? And you thought…?” asked Estevez.

“My dreams came true Jorge.”

“Your dreams came true,” he repeated.

Then his interview added, “But with every give…  there is a take.”

“They give you trips. They pay for school. They give you presents. What do you give them?” asked Estevez.

“Sex,” said the FIU “sugar baby.”

“Just like that,” asked Jorge.

“Just like that,” she said.

“And you are OK with that?” Jorge probed.

“I am OK with that,” she replied.

But seeking arrangement, which began in 2006, insists they are not an escort service and specifies the terms of the relationship are left up to the two consenting users. Estevez spoke with the website’s founder, Brandon Lee.

“Why is this not like prostitution, since you mentioned it?” asked Estevez.

“We do not allow escorts or prostitutes to use the website. That is what I call a one or two-hour arrangement. It is not what this is about,” Lee said.

In fact, the website monitors profiles. They claim they shut down as many as 20-a day for alluding to inappropriate behavior.

“To make sure that terms such as hourly rate, in call, out call and terms like that aren’t used, we highlight them and catch them.

We put that question on the table for our “sugar baby.”

“What do you say to people who say this is a form of prostitution?” asked Estevez of our FIU student.

“That is not true,” she explained. “Prostitution is when you get paid for sex and that is just it. Sex. For this, you build a relationship with someone.”

It’s a relationship that begins online, a common practice nowadays, where one person logs on hoping to find another who is also in search of that perfect match.

“Years from now you are successful. What do you say to you about doing this?” Jorge inquired.

“They have money they want to help you. They see you struggling, They want to help you. Whether or not it is an arrangement… it is still a relationship,” the woman explained.

A match, found online, between two consenting adults looking for their own special arrangement.

So what is the ratio for these consenting adults? Well, most dating websites have more men than women. But at, it’s the opposite. The ratio is 20 sugar babies to every one sugar daddy.

Seeking Arrangement is developing a mobile app for your smart phone and the website is going global with a Spanish language version and other languages.

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  1. EL CUBACHON says:


    1. Dad of Carolina girl says:

      My daughter was taught this way. Tell them all no. The bad ones will leave, the good young men will be intriguied and stick around. She’s a good girl and lost several boyfriends over this. It works.

      1. Joe Doakes says:

        Some advice . . . take it or leave it.

        The bad ones. Become their best friend. Invite them over for dinner. Etc.

        The good ones do same as above.

        In either case if your daughter decides he is the one, take him aside and explain to him if he mistreats your daughter or your grandchildren your going to kill him.



      2. armyman62 says:

        Joe sometimes you don’t need anything more than a good old fashioned FIRM handshake. It helps if you have a shotgun broken down for cleaning and a pistol or two laying around too.

    2. no says:

      shut up el cubachon, and take you caps lock off you fool. if this makes the world sick to you then please, dont leave miami because you might need hospitalization.

    3. Rita says:

      AMAZING…no one recognizes that the education system is the issue and paying for that process…via tax dollars or free education such as some European countries have instituted…wild. Everyone is watching the bouncing ball…

  2. Pandora says:

    she needs to stay in school .. she sounds very uneducated .. im a sb and ii would never carry myself that way

    1. Too MUCH says:

      I want to know how someone so “uneducated” even got into college in the first place. Proof anyone can obtain a degree. Perfect example of why having a degree doesn’t matter anymore.

      I’m willing to bet her major isn’t Computer Science. Probably some other useless degree that there isn’t demand for.

      1. sweet_nothings says:

        Yeah, like women’s, Afro-amerikan and Latin-amerikan studies!

      2. nickatdabeach says:

        it’s much more than sex – it’s also companionship, arm candy, an ear to listen, intimacy.. and more

      3. Jeff Sherma says:

        College educations are so over rated. The preponderance of this country’s educational system is corrupt and guilty of malpractice.

      4. WILLIAM TELL says:

        Hey Sugar Daddy,
        Stop wasting your money.

      5. choybalsan says:

        Its usually some kind of chem, the one that doesnt require linear algebra no less. That particular subject is a big pull for a certain type of female….

    2. Opened says:

      Carry yourself like what? Do you mean like a prostitute or a moron? Either way if you’re a “SB” you’re both. There’s no way you SB’s can justify what you are doing as not being prostitutes – a person, who engages in sexual activity for payment. If there’s no sex involved than just call yourselves gold diggers.

    3. Jason says:

      Dang! I wish I was a sugar daddy!

      1. Demerara says:

        Jason, yours is the first honest comment I have seen here.

  3. Kenshin says:

    Whatever happened to the word dignity, that is just wrong on so many levels, what are these parents teaching these kids to take the free ride into success? If i had a daughter wouldn’t i be ashamed of telling everyone how she makes money for a living? Frankly i would tell her to grow up and stop taking a free ride.

    1. JByrd42 says:

      No such thing since Obama has taken office. More and more people looking for handouts and these women will sell their souls for money.

      1. texas.tincup says:

        Sugar babies and Sugar Daddies have been around for years….quit blamin’ Obama for everything!

      2. al says:

        And therefore, I guess we can blame Bush 41 for AIDS since it arrived during his administration?

      3. cm says:

        actually, patient zero was a canadian airline steward who frequented gay bath houses during the mid to late 70’s. (carter era)

      4. Buckaroo Bonzai says:

        Hey al – AIDS started in the 1970s in California actually, sometime during the Carter administration. It was discovered by the CDC officially in early 1981, and then became an epidemic in the 1980s. Way to look like an idiot. Or was that your intention, Obamabot?

      5. James D says:

        Actually, AIDS has now been traced back to colonial Africa in the early part of the twentieth century, which is when they believe it made the jump from apes (probably through a hunter who cut himself while dressing some infected monkey meat he’d killed).

        “Patient Zero” may have been the, or one of the, or perhaps the most promiscuous of the, earliest persons infected in the US. But the disease predates then entire postwar era, although it was unknown to medical science at the time, and took a while to really start to spread out across the world.

      6. No More PoliticalCorrectness says:

        Just think CM if patient zero worked at KMART and visited local bathhouses hundreds of thousands would not be dead today…

        But he had a typical gay job…airline steward

        actually, patient zero was a canadian airline steward who frequented gay bath houses during the mid to late 70′s. (carter era)

      7. lisaf says:

        Regarding Patient Zero, check out the hepatitis vaccine trial in NYC as the real Ground Zero.

      8. choybalsan says:

        What they need to stop doing is putting banner ads on blackplanet.

  4. Chupacabra says:

    Old divorced guys with some money left after going to court and losing their kids and half their money, and young students who need help with money for school and loving expenses. This is done worldwide, now its in the open.

    1. Thors944 says:

      Guess you wouldn’t have a problem with me banging your daughter or niece??

      1. Raptor1 says:

        Depends. They would have to be really cute.

      2. Raptor1 says:

        ‘cuz you’re certainly not.

      3. I P Standing says:

        someone is doing yours now idiot

      4. David H Dennis says:

        Most 20something women are sexually active. If you’re a father and not OK with that, there’s something wrong with you, not your daughter.

        From my viewpoint, I see no difference between a 22 year old boy sleeping with my (hypothetical) daughter or a 48 year old man. Both are sleeping with my daughter, and both can cause potential problems. But neither is better or worse than the other – they are doing the same thing, with the same consequences! If anything, the older guy is probably better equipped to deal with any issues, like pregnancy or disease, that require expenditures.

        I think this kind of arrangement can work very well if there’s real affection between the two parties – not necessarily long term love, but they have to enjoy each other’s company and sexuality for it to work. If I were a 20something girl who enjoyed sex, I’m sure I would wind up in an arrangement like this and enjoy it. And if I were a rich single 50something I’m sure I would enjoy being on the other side of the equation.

        On the other hand, $10,000-20,000 a month? Yikes! I always knew I needed to earn lots more money to have a mistress, I just didn’t know how much!

        Honestly, being a mistress to a rich man seems like a much better career option than Taco Bell. Save half that money for a few years and you could be set for life with no need to work, ever. This is especially true since it is a “gift”, not “wages”. No social security tax or income tax for you. You can take the money tax-free. Your man has to file a gift tax return but that’s just to offset the estate tax if you eventually inherit his fortune – neither of you need to pay taxes. Of course he cannot deduct this from his taxes, but you get the idea. This arrangement, if it lasts, is way better than any job.

        Makes me wish I was a poor 20something girl :).

        But in view of the financial demands of these women, no wonder the ratio is 20:1. They may have to let up a bit on their requirements …


      5. liza says:

        David Dennis, you’re wrong about the taxes.
        The IRS allows you to give $1,000 per person per year as a gift
        without taxing it. If you give more than that the recipient must declare
        it and will be taxed accordingly.
        If you want to get technical you would be right that the man doesn’t have file social security on this employee because she would be considered contract work because she brings her own “supplies”.

      6. Steve Rings says:

        @David, I guess I am that guy because my virgin daughter would never even think of that … and don’t spam me saying she isn’t because you do not know her. As Christians and home-schoolers, I can assure you there are many who still make it through life without living in your gutter.

      7. Sam says:

        Trust us, Steve, nobody wants your virgin daughter….

    2. Kevin says:

      lol “Loving Expenses” lol

  5. tennrg says:

    As an “older” man who likes young women, there is nothing wrong with this site and the cocnept. All women including wives cost a man something. What’s wrong with taking your girlfriend on a trip, buying her gifts, and having great sex? South Florida is a meca for hedonism and you can meet a woman, buy her dinner, and go home with the Miami Herald. Seeking Arrangement has allowed me to meet women from all over the world (I travel often) for a drink, meal, not always sex.

    As for young women paying for their education with a sugar daddy, is not a problem, if the arrangement is made up front.

    1. karl anglin says:

      for the right woman I might become a sugar daddy!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I P Standing says:

      basic honety is always a problem,,most women prefer a marrage to get what they want then blame the poor slob for everything

    3. Scarface86 says:

      You should just call the women what they are – prostitutes.

    4. Demerara says:

      Yes, I don’t see the problem, either. Would she be wiser and more virtuous if she were giving away her favors to some drunken ignorant impecunious frat boy? Apparently many people here think so. Older women, young men and poor men, I suspect.

      I’m a well-off older man and like women about my own age, but oddly, very oddly, many 50+ women are more demanding and needy than younger women. Faced with that choice, I can see how some men prefer being a sugar daddy.

  6. Dandy Don says:

    Like the argument for abortion, it is a woman’s body and her decision.

    1. Kabro says:

      Dandy Don, you are absolutely right. But like abortion, you wouldn’t be thrilled about it, either, if it were your daughter. You wouldn’t be all, “yay, that’s it, have another abortion! Such savvy business sense!” Women who choose to prostitute themselves are free to do so, but it’s still sad.

      1. Eric says:

        Same thing could also said about your daughter going into “Porn” I sure as hell would not want that either.

    2. gigrafante says:

      UNLIKE the argument for abortion, this is SOLELY about a woman’s body and her decision. No other life involved.

      The argument for abortion is about a woman’s body AND her decision to kill the life growing inside of her.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for killing unwanted fetuses. But don’t conflate prostitution and abortion into one issue.

  7. Thors944 says:

    tennrg, the thing that is WRONG with the site is that it is not moral. Remember those pesky little morals?? They always seem to get in the way of those lesser among us. Shame on you and shame on all these little harlots for allowing themselves to be used by older perverts like yourself.

    1. Logic says:

      Morals are an individuals. There is no high and mighty moral law either. And don’t pull that bible bs either. Read leviticus before you try and spew bible morals.

      An individual should be free to do whatever they wish.

      1. Ned Stark says:

        There is a higher moral standard, call it God’s law or natural law to suit your own personal beliefs, but the fact remains that moral relativism is garbage, just as cultural relativism is.

        Either an action or idea protects human dignity and life, or it assails it.

        When bringing up the Bible remember that Christians get their morals from scripture, attempting to preempt it shows complete misunderstanding of your audience. Any Christian lives first by these rules: “…thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

        It’s the love thy neighbor part that should not be tossed to the wayside, even when your neighbor is an abrasive, self-centered, disrespectful, ‘logical’ individual.

        An individual SHOULD be free to do whatever they wish until their right to do so infringes on another’s rights. Without that free will, according to us stupid, illogical Christians with all our Bible ‘BS,’ there would be no choosing God, no point to faith.

      2. Jim says:

        The individual is free to do whatever they wish. However, remember that all actions have consequences, and the consequences can last a lot longer than the momentary pleasure. Also remember that at the end of your life, you will have to stand before your Creator and give an account for your life. Just something to think about…

      3. Iman Azol says:

        My creator approves of sex and booze. Sucks for you Christians, though.

      4. Jim says:

        The Creator God of the Christians has no problem with sex – He created it. The only restriction is it is to be enjoyed between a man and woman within the bonds of marriage. Not a bad thing…

      5. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

        @Iman Azol – you are obviously an observant Muslim. Alcohol will get you 30 lashes.

        “They ask you (O Prophet) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: ‘In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but their sin is greater than their benefit…’” (Quran 2:219)

        Unmarried sex for a women means beatings and perhaps death.

        “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or illegal fornication flog each of them with a hundred stripes: let not compassion move you in their case.”

        Gay sex will definitely get you killed.

        “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes. Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.”

        Sucks to be a Muslim.

      6. llllll says:

        No they’re not and here’s the proof. Someone believes it’s ok to steal from your house. Their ‘MORALS’ say it’s fine. Same as if someone’s ‘morals’ were to cheat on their wife with another mans wife.

        Do you feel ignorant by making that remark yet?

      7. AndyCandy says:

        Individuals are free to do whatever they wish. What individuals can’t choose are the consequences. Pesky little consequences.

        No, what you want are no consequences. You don’t want anyone to think differently then you. You don’t want to have anything negative happen because of your choice. You want to have all the pleasure, and none of the pain. That is your ignorance speaking. That is your immaturity leading you on.

        Go ahead, choose. No one is going to stop you. But you are delusional if you think, if you ever think, your choices don’t have consequences

    2. OS says:

      Thors – you are forgetting that there exist multiple moral codes. They are all axiomatic in nature, meaning that you have to start with some arbitrary principles. The adoption of different first principles leads to the different codes.

      The existence of these types of relationships isn’t a violation of my own moral code, which states: individuals have an inherent right to liberty, as long as they are not violating the liberty of another individual. More simply stated: you cannot have a crime without a victim.

      This is certainly nothing new, but I’m happy to see that there are now more efficient markets for willing participants to meet. Everybody wins here. One individual with a resource deficit in dollars but a surplus of youth and beauty exchanges with another individual with a surplus of dollars and deficit of fulfilled experiences; that of bathing in the joyous glow of youth and beauty. Markets are a wonderful thing. I’m 34, but it’s nice to know this market will be there in my future… as I slave away building my company… and a great dollar surplus.

  8. JesusismySavior says:

    Prostitution nothing more..

  9. George says:

    Jorge Estevez – you need to learn how to spell. If you weren’t part of the News Media, I wouldn’t give half a rat’s butt. But you are, so your spelling should be better than most.

    It’s not “young’in”, it’s “young’un”. It’s not “eluding” it’s “alluding”. You should know better.

    1. Grammer Rebuttal says:

      He quoted her in the phrase “young’in”. And he used the word “alluding” in the correct manner. “Eluding” is also a viable word but has a different meaning. You should know better before being critical of others.

      1. Bulldawg says:

        It’s Grammar not Grammer, you dolt.

  10. BJ says:

    This is prostitution – no other way to describe. The fact that the “relationship” may last a few months vs a few hours doesn’t change anything. What an absolute embarrassment to our society.

    1. Ned Stark says:

      Different from dating – how?

      If anything, this is more morally correct, as there’s a level of honesty to it. What’s described here is not much different from traditional marriage, only in marriage you make a lifelong commitment. (or used to)

      There are countless relationships out there right now in this world where all one person brings to the table is sex. By the strictest definition, they are all prostitutes.

      1. I P Standing says:

        lifelong committment is nonsemse

      2. Ned Stark says:

        Unless you’ve had one, you aren’t qualified to say.

  11. A Disgruntled Youth says:

    You know, there was a time in my life that I wanted to be a journalist: travel the world, break the big stories, bring down corruption. But then, as I got older and (theoretically) wiser, I began to realize that journalists are actually a significant part of the problem. They’re corrupt, dishonest, and unwilling to set aside their personal beliefs in pursuit of Truth.

    Then I read this article, and realized that they also have no idea how to use spell-check.

    1. Weenie says:

      Nothing like painting everyone with the same brush. Of course, every journalist is bad, self-serving, and corrupt. There’s nobody in that line of work who does a good job. You twit.

      1. A Disgruntled Youth says:

        Have a sense of humor, buddy.

      2. Astra says:

        Wow. Your reading comprehension is amazing. Your capacity to absorb wit is phenomenal. Your ability to recognize sarcasm is other-wordly. Wow.

  12. SumrKnght says:

    Oh I see. Going to school on the Anna Nicole Smith plan.

    Yep. Prostitution with another name slapped over it.

  13. NotBuying says:

    Glad to see that we have finally legalized prostitution in Florida… about time.

  14. NotBuying says:

    Anyone else wondering at what point in her college education will this young lady, er escort, er prostitute, learn how to speak? ….Just sayin’

  15. jnsesq says:

    Typical Obama voters. Why work and earn for yourself when you can simply take other people’s money?

    1. julz says:

      what an ignorant comment. you just lumped all housewives in as “Obama voters” because they depend on their husband’s support to survive. shame on you

  16. Rocket Ron says:

    The outrage expressed here amuses me. How many women in America-let alone the rest of world, where the number is literally in the billions-have married a man they didn’t necessarily love in order to gain some financial security? The number is literally in the tems of millions, and that’s down significantly from before, when women had far fewer prospects. The only difference between that and this is “a piece of paper from the city,” as Joni Mitchell once described it.

    I see no problem with it, personally. They’re both consenting adults, and nobody ever said love HAD to be a part of any relationship whatsoever.
    However, since there is no legal or expressed terms of commitment, it would behoove any “sugar daddies” to lawyer up and make their “sugar babies” sign some sort of pre-arrangement agreement that defines what right any of the women-or any children produced-might have to their assets should something happen to them.

  17. Snailmailtrucker says:

    Actions have consequences !

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      Like when their wives find out and their pain.
      Like when STDs happen and pregnancies, then maybe abortions,
      Blackmailing the sugar daddy into telling his wife.
      Realizing she is being sold short: cheap Victoria’s Secret gifts and side cash for rough sex (most likely anal).
      Living a lie and working very hard to believe the lie.
      Having to always cover up the lie and fight hard for respect to their immoral acts.
      Facing/dealing with the consequences when they come.
      The reality that its not as glamorus as it sounds.
      The man realizing that he is still old and middle aged and she only wanted his money.
      The damage he is doing to his marriage and family.
      Possible divorce to what should’ve been a beautiful marriage/family.

      The mainstreaming of this behavior and how it is so accepted is sickening. I’ve met girls who do this and some I can tell are not happy, have been hurt by this, are not earning a lot and the arrangements did not end very well. The are so poor that any cheap gift will do. Their greed and lack of remorse frightens me. These are also not real men. They both deserve each other. I know one girl that married her former sugar daddy who was married at the time. She is stupid and desparate and he is too. They are both charming and manipulative. They have an open relationship and 2 years into their so called marriage we can all tell she is far from happy. BUT they deserve each other. Both the babby and the daddy deserve what they have coming. Health insurance shouldnt pay for their STDs or abortions either. 2 consenting adults=They deal with the consequences.

  18. OLDRICHGUY says:








    1. Matthew says:

      I would except tax money is paid for abortion services, contraceptive services, and when you get an STD there is tax money for medical services. Society is not a bunch of individuals but a group of interconnected people whose actions have consquences on the entire group.

    2. Layne S says:

      “THIS HURTS NO ONE.” Unless the sugar daddy is a husband / father. It would hurt the wife and children – whether they know about it or not. And if this happens on a grand scale then it hurts many families, even communities, states, and nations.

      Offering a “service” like this or women initiating it themselves encourages men to treat women as objects, and not people with feelings and desires beyond sex.

      1. armyman62 says:

        At least SOMEONE gets it. That in and of itself is a miracle in the current faux pas that passed for polite society these days

    3. ECM says:

      Wow, talk about irony! You tell people to get off their high horse, while climbing on yours! Good job!

    4. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      hurts no one? What about their wives? And children? You know one day the cat gets out of the bag right? The wife isnt bought and paid for her services rendered. She is his WIFE. As in family he chose to have and children he chose to have with her. They are being cheated. What about her pain? All the work she has invested in her marriage, husband and family. It isnt innocent fun if someone else will deal with the consequences of the baby and daddy’s selfish actions.

    5. monogamous partnerships says:

      This mentality is selfish and self-serving, which might also be their point. The poster may think that is the point of life, to satisfy his own urges. That’s really sort of animalistic and while I think a little of that is fine, I believe that everyone should aspire to be greater than their most basic wants. your actions do affect other people and it is their right to impose penalties for undesired impacts on their life by you or others. Layne S has it right.

      I think we could investigate alternative forms of marriage without an immediate wide-reaching change to our culture to see how it might work for everyone but, we’d have some form of more or less monogamous partnerships to raise childrn for thousands of years. If you are single and want to rent a womans body, you are hurting her and the people around her, but maybe a little of that is okay. If she adopts it as a lifestyle, then we will have serious related problems that are not worth your individual pigish wants.

  19. cm says:

    this arrangement has been legal for thousands of years, but under a different, more socially acceptable name: “marriage”
    at least these girls are being HONEST about what they want.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      You have no idea what amarriage is even about. Real marriages are about work and commitment. Not just sex and money. Men even benefit more from a wonderful loving marriage then women do. Especially traditional marriages. Why do you think most societies had marriages all this time? Have you noticed that they used to last. You dont even know what a marriage is and go on bashing it.

  20. Julie says:

    What I find interesting is not so much the moral issue of getting money for college in exchange of sex but rather, that young women have the need to take that path to get an education. Is nobody disturbed that parents say ”you’re on your own” at 18, as if they were some foster kids or some kind of burden? Is nobody disturbed that parents would not find getting an education important enough that they have to help, at least according to their financial means? Is nobody disturbed that university fees are so high some girls have to turn to prostitution to pay for an education? I find that a lot more questionable than the mere fact that they do sell their bodies. I do agree there must be girls who go overboard and want more than an education but some of them want only that and I can’t blame them nor judge them for wanting that.

    1. Matthew says:

      oh please take out a loan and pay for college! between the federal government and banks you can fund your own education, I am doing that right now.

      1. bob_lazar says:

        This is why the cost of tuition is nine times higher than the rate of inflation.

    2. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      Most girls I know who do this arent even in college. Liek strippers most arent in college either. They are just lazy and greedy. Some arent even THAT poor. There are a bunch of jobs here in America look at all our immigrants doing them. They just dont want to do hard work. They still expect respect. For what? They splurge the money and planned parenthood has to foot the bills for the STDs and abortions.

  21. Greg B says:

    Ignore your initial reaction. This is not high dollar prostitution (/sarc)

  22. DEEP says:

    This makes me think of the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charolette Thompson Iserbyt. Find great video interviews with Ms. Iserbyt on You Tube!
    Ignorance can be emotional and moral. ignorance isn’t only expressed by blatant violence or lack of academic ability.

  23. Jason says:

    Otherwise known as prostitution.

  24. Garr Obo says:

    Now, wait a minute. I’m a 72 year old male who needs financial help from a sugar ‘mommy’ so I can travel around and do some scuba diving. I can’t afford it on my retirement except for short trips, staying at fleabag hotels and riding the bus when I get there. I’m nothing to look at, just an average guy for my age and can’t do the nasty anymore. I’d prefer a knock-out middle-aged Momma who liked to travel and shower gifts on an old fogie like me. I don’t smoke or drink (very much) and bath when it is necessary. My prefs would be Truk Lagoon, Fiji, Maui, Upper Keys, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Red Sea. OK?

  25. Sandy C says:

    I’m a girl and make 25,000 a month. More than you clowns ever will. I can buy a house cash, you can’t. I can fly around the world by lunch, while you are owned by the man. suckers.

    1. lc says:

      I feel very sorry for you. In another 10-15 years, you will, hopefully, have wised up and see how you sold your body and your soul -for what? These men value you simply for your body. What happens when that ages? Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say that you’re proud of your behavior and how you’ve conducted yourself? Would you be able to stand in front of your parents, your child, God and say you’re proud of your behavior?

    2. Scott says:

      Technically, aren’t you the sucker??…”C&*k sucker”

      1. LibStooks says:

        LOL, well said, Scott.

    3. william mony says:


      i swear i was going to call you,sorry


    4. Guadalupe Hidalgo says:

      I make about 4 times that much Sandy. Sometimes 10, sometimes 2. But most times about 4. One (wo)man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

    5. ordosincorporated says:

      Dissillusionment is the killer of all human sentiment. Mistresses are simply abandoned.

      1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

        These men go through sugar babies in 3 months time each. These girls dont earn a lot. Once they become sexually bored of her, he simply finds another. If she blackmails him over threats of telling his wife, he may even become dangerous and she will end up in a swamp somewhere. Its always on the news “man kills mistress etc.” “escort/stripper found dead in marsh.”

        Since this is now mainstream be careful to everyone because STDs are on the rise from teens to seniors.

  26. Tim says:

    I’m just excited that CBS Miami seems to be condoning prostitution. I have always thought it should be legal.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      It shouldnt. In Sweden they legalized guess what happened? Human trafficking got to an all time worse to the point Swedish girls were goign missing and STDs is rampant more than during the Aids epidemic.

  27. Dfore says:

    Simple test: would you recommend this arrangement to your daughter? If so, in the words of Clint Eastwood – you’re nothing but a dirty little pimp.

    1. Cuthbert says:

      Dfore: Your hero, Clint Eastwood is 81, and is married to Dina Ruiz Eastwood, 46. That’s a difference of 35 years. They got married when she was 30 and he was 65. Do I need to spell out the rest for you…?? Can anyone say “sugar daddy”?

  28. walter12 says:

    And these are someone’s little daughters and future mothers of America? No wonder the US is going the way of ancient Rome, and soon.

  29. Sold! says:

    Sign me up for some overpriced under 25 tang.

    1. davec says:

      Plus a case of clapp or VD they cant get rid of now…

  30. Amish says:

    If you have to prostitute yourself to go to college STAY HOME!
    Get married.

  31. Astra says:

    Thanks Clinton. Thanks Monica. Thanks alot.

  32. Amish says:

    Why do you go to college?
    To get a better job?
    To support the family you hope to one day have?
    Only to become a prostitute?

  33. theoxman says:

    What a country!!

  34. YouHeardMe says:

    Surely no young woman has ever traded her youth and looks for money and protection from an older man. SURELY THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!!!

    You’re a bunch of morons living in a Hollywood induced stupor. Believing in fairy tales about “true love” sold to you by the Disney corporation. And you Christian moralizers are the worst of the bunch, in Biblical days you’d be selling your daughters into slavery and marrying your 10 year olds off to 40 year old men much like the more fundamentalist Christian cults STILL do today.

    In fact, with Obama and Globalism having destroyed the American economy, the vast majority of men under 30 have NOTHING to offer women anyway. Half are unemployed and living at home, while the other half are mostly working pathetic low wage jobs. Gee, I wonder why women aren’t attracted to 25 year old manchildren living in their mom’s basement?

    Not that all women are materialistic, greedy, gold diggers or anything. Oh, they are.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      I work in residential houe cleaning in Boston. I clean 5 houses a day and make 5K a month and self file all mu taxes and business expenses. I need 3 more years of this to pay my college so I can start studying. There are a lot of hard working sweet women out there who want to work their way up. These low class women make it harder for women like me when we make it or are on our way up. I have noticed that men who frequent these places and services prefer women who are low than honest hard working women. They give women who are nice a hard time and I’ve met girls like these who are so insecure and dumb, they will go out of their way to make me feel low to make them feel better and boys/mn will join in. This has a consequence in society you know. Some men actually like gold diggers. Some men actually prefer stupid women and s.l.u.t.s and some men want a woman who id lower not equal to him. Observe men more carefully and see for yourself. I get turned down by guys a lot who actually prefer dumb golddding s.l.u.t.s to real women. Goldddingign is darwinism btw. a woman w a low IQ will seek/poach a man to provide for her offspring and men w a low IQ will go along.

    2. jg says:

      I was with you for the first two paragraphs. Did someone give you a stupid pill between paragraphs two and three?

  35. CM says:

    Oh, get over yourselves. For thousands of years, women have had relationships with men for their money. That’s the way the world works. Before money existed, our chimp-like female ancestors were trading sex to males for physical protection, food, etc.

  36. REALITY says:


  37. gary says:

    This is the world you Fox News watchers and Drudge readers wanted. You poop on the Occupy Wall Street movement for wanting government to provide some checks and balances on the wealthy. It’s fine with you if the moneyed minority takes over the country until they’ve choked the economy so badly with their greed that nobody else has a chance. Fox News has you all so brainwashed that you’re happy to shine their shoes, light their cigars and call them “Sir.” Then when there are no more opportunities left for normal people, you’re happy to sell them your daughters. Hey, no problem! That’s capitalism, right?

  38. Bubba says:

    So it’s a website where young women looking to prostitute themselves can find Johns. What’s so new?

  39. jeff says:

    women are by and large co-dependent. its the reason why they stay with abusers, drug addicts, drunks etc…just wade thru em until you find an independent one, itll happen. until then, just pretend youll spend a little cash (usually just a meaningless dinner) until she climbs in bed with ya, easy-peasy,

  40. Paul Battis says:

    How pathetic, tragic and sad.

  41. davec says:

    The ONLY catch why this isnt prostitution (it is) is the cops dont see MONEY CHANGING HANDS ON THE STREETS.

    Its PROSTITUTION. Period.

    “We do not allow escorts or prostitutes to use the website. That is what I call a one or two-hour arrangement. It is not what this is about,” Lee said.

    Prostitution is not defined as a period of time, its MONEY for SEX.


    1. jack-o says:

      Are you joking? Have you ever dated or been married?

      I’ve done both, and although I have no bad feelings about any of the women I’ve been involved with, in the end it *was* about money for sex.

      It just is, accept it.

      I’m not saying it’s right, just that it has *always* been that men have more earning power and women have used their sexuality to snag one with particularly good career potential. We’re physically strong, and can be put to good use, but we’re weak (speaking broadly) when it comes to dealing with a woman’s charms.

      Don’t moralize, it’s silly.

  42. Charlie says:

    So essentially, the story focuses on women looking to be functional prostitutes, and men looking to become functional “johns”.

  43. davec says:

    at least no one can call them cheap *wh0res:

    1. davec says:

      this site attempted to censor me, sorry kids, too many ways around it

      1. Eric says:

        HAHA good one!

  44. Megaflunky says:

    I wonder if I cane get one of them to rub my feet?

  45. Megaflunky says:

    This is prostitution plane and simple. Money for sex. Its like have a wh0re on a contract basis. No matter what you call it a rose is still a rose.

    1. Locke says:

      It isn’t prositution to any greater degree than arranged marriages or traditional marriage.

  46. midwest mama says:

    Prostitution is prostitution, no matter how it’s presented.

  47. Marco says:

    Come on people. How many girl friends and wives give their men sex to encourage the men to do or buy something for them?

    Look at it this way, the men aren’t paying for sex. They’re paying for the girl to leave afterwards. 😉

  48. jesse says:

    Why have we not legalized prostitution yet? I see a great source of tax revenue here.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      see my comment above.
      we are not equipped as a society to deal with all the consequences yet. its illegal for a reason. cus its bad for you. you will just be in a never ending cycle of immoraliy and guilt. the pleasure is fleeting and the consequences outweight it een more. look at all the thing that already messes ppl up in america from bad families to lack of self control to alcohol abuse. we dont need any more problems. we cant even manage the ones we have. ask a social worker and law enforcement. how bad the decay of society already is. we dont need more.

      1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

        or just legalize the illegals. that serious tax revenue there. less consequences. a law that will be eevn easier to repeal later.

  49. Juish Bangaholian says:

    This is very threatening stuff to older women. So naturally, they are very critical of it and resort to name-calling regarding the younger women who go in this direction. But there’s nothing wrong with it, if both adults are consenting. It’s no different from any successful relationship — each gives the other person what they need.

  50. Rosemarybaby says:

    The men are no better than the women. Both are mutually using each other.
    Same thing as it has always been throughout the ages. Nothing new. Men want sex. Women want support. Done and done.

  51. Render says:

    Ladies, can anyone explain the difference between this and prostitution? Wait, I’ll collect a few hairs you can split. While I’m doing that, maybe you can tell me how you’d feel about a “kept man” doing it for the same goals.

  52. Locke says:

    Is this a commercial for a website?
    Sure does seem like one.

  53. Jockey says:

    What is so new about this? This has been going on since College girls started to college.

  54. James Jimmy Johnny says:

    Are they both consenting adults? Then who cares. Non-issue.

    1. gigrafante says:


  55. Ax says:

    LMFAO Sugar baby?? I’ll be ur candyman but for 10 – 20k that sugar better be fookin sweet as honey and come a runnin whenever I deem its boom boom time..

  56. Smouch says:

    Prostitution in Florida is legally defined as the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire. This arrangement sounds pretty much like prostitution to me.

  57. Brian says:

    Is this supposed to be something new? College girls have been trashy for years. They don’t become Ms. morally superior until they hit their 30’s. Then they try to pretend they have dignity by claiming they want that “one true love”.

    I feel sorry for younger generations of guys because all their girlfriends are going to basically be tramps.

    1. Rocket Ron says:

      You make it sound like women weren’t like this in generations long before this one. People are people, and it has always been this way.

      We just don’t want to think so because we don’t want to imagine Mom and Grandma playing the field and finding sugar daddies when they were 18 and poor but pretty.

  58. just intime says:

    Where is my post?

  59. Dan says:

    Gold diggers attaching themselves to rich guys so they can buy stuff? Gosh, that’s never happened before. ;+}

  60. Felix says:

    The se xual revolution had one primary beneficiary – rich men. They figured out that they could get everything they wanted with no permanent ties or responsibility. But really, there is nothing new under the sun. It’s just easier now due to birth control. You’ve come a long way baby.

  61. pentt says:

    sugar babies are young and looking for fun? that’s polite. everyone knows this is prostitution. truth is lades, you’re overpriced. i can get a much better lay for cheaper and not have to listen to you drone on about your superficial life over dinner.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      she is actually being sold short. cheasp gifts and lets say $100-$200 for each session. We are talking rough sex here. not the type with wifey. porn sex. then she gets old and is not longer attractive. as in over 27ish. she will realize it wasnt worht it and he had the upper hand. he can keep going on since he can afford it The greatest punishment for some people is: aging. Depending on how much evil deeds they did in their youth, there is a time to pay for it. Thats middle age. Some you pay here, some you pay when you pass over.

  62. pentt says:

    men should stick to regular prostitutes. when these ‘sugar babies’ don’t get the cash they expected after having sex, then they are very likely to cry rape or blackmail or extort money in some other way.

    prostitutes have a code of conduct and the process has worked for thousands of years. this ‘arrangement’ system messes with that. it’s ambiguity is going to put many men in hazardous situations.

  63. Cindi says:

    Ask anyone under 25,,this goes on all the time. It is better to have MONEY to do things on than to have some victorian era sense of ‘dignity’…Middle age people growing old at there job struggling to keep the mortgage paid ..slaving 5 days per week ..OR…being 20 and driving a nice car and flying to europe or asia any time we like…its an easy choice.

    1. Vlad says:

      Dignity may seem like some victorian era outdated concept to you, now.
      Please remember this comment in 10-20 years when your life is hell and all you have holding you together are pharmaceuticals and therapy.
      I want to buy your soul, apparently you do not think it is real.
      What’s your price?
      $10 …… $100 ….$1mil………$0, because it does not matter right, how about 2 cents?
      I will buy it and have a contract written up and notarized.
      Why would I such a thing? Because if you actually stay alive a decade or two, I grantee you will try to buy it back. It is a good investment for me, if I choose to sell it back, might just keep it to watch what happens.

  64. momof5girls says:

    After this girls gets her degree, then what? What will she do when she can’t make $20,000 a month at a “real job”? She’ll probably continue to prostitute herself until she is no longer “cute”. By then no decent man will want to marry her. One day she will wake up and realize that she sold herself for easy money.

  65. TerriC says:

    These women are someone’s daughter, and someone’s future wife. America women are mostly wh0res. A product of a feminist culture.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      feminism had benifited men more. a lotof men are divorcing their educated career wives w/o a care in the world since she can support herself. now a woman ahs to work and be a mother. also have you noiced that some of these feminists dont marry and dont have kids? sexism=the old way guaranteed that most womnen got married and were provided for. sex for money was the old way cus now women are on their own. you also have to afford being a feminist. the sugar babies and strippers dont even count as feminists since they cater to men and make a living off of them. I am a non-feminist who has I admit learned a lot from them, I am dominant at work but in love relationship extremely submissive. Dont paint all feminists by the same brush. some successful women arent even associated with them. its has just got better for men. they cant support a family but not their wife bring in the other half. he can even afford a sugar baby. I know men who live off their wives.

  66. stonedome says:

    prostitutes, plain and simple

  67. Ma BABY says:

    There’s only TWO reasons a woman goes to college – 1) Get an education and career, OR 2) Find a sugar daddy. In effect she ISN’T educated enough to know anything and there IS a sucker out there for her.

  68. Kris says:

    Finally the 1% ers are giving back to the 99%.

  69. Rowdy Boots says:

    Gee, I did not know Prostitution was legal in Florida.

    Now it is.

  70. jenjen says:

    Many, if no most, man-woman relationships (including marriage) are just like this. A woman gives her man sex for him financially supporting her.

  71. Brandon says:

    A fool and his money are soon parted…

  72. sly says:

    Well I suppose it’s better than working street corners.

  73. jim says:

    Why is this news? SeekingArrangement has been around for years.

  74. James says:

    Names Jim looking for woman needing company. I’m 6’0 250 pounds brown hair brown eyes. Just turned 50 on Feb 15th. Looking for woman who wants to have fun.

  75. woodNfish says:

    I didn’t know prostitution required a college degree. And if that gal can make $10 – $20k a month, she doesn’t need a freaking degree, she needs an investment account.

    All vice should be legal as contracts between consenting adults. It is no one else’s business unless the contract is broken. Then there should be legal recourse. No government has any right to enforce morality or behavior.

  76. Larry says:

    No matter how they try to dress it up they’re prostitutes – period.

  77. Lakeisha Jackson says:

    Prostitution has been around a long time. If these girls have no more self-respect than to just spread ’em out for old goober to clip off a little of that snap, at least they’re getting value in return.

  78. Cheapo Magneto says:

    I have $50..I wonder what that would get me?

  79. Ralph says:

    I’m a 50 year old male looking for a Sugar Momma.

    Come on. You can be my especial lady.

  80. bleubob says:

    Hmm, so if I get into an “arrangement” with a prostitue & I don’t pay her, then I don’t get sex.

    If a sugar daddy gets into an “arrangement” with a sugar baby & doesn’t pay her, then I would expect he doesn’t get sex either. Sounds like prostitution to me.

  81. Face says:

    Your kids are prostituting themselves through college…. how modern.

  82. Anton says:

    They are not prostitutes, they are concubines…

  83. Doug Lynn says:

    Rich guys call their prostitutes mistresses and girlfriends, and get away with it. What a joke. The only difference between these girls and street corner prostitutes is they sell sex to one rich guy for a week, a month or more instead of for an hour or a night.

  84. Marcus68 says:

    Girl “working” the street = Prostitute
    Call Girl = Prostitute
    Escort = Prostitute
    Sugar Baby = Prostitute

    Different names for the same “job” earning money while providing sex. The girl in the article admitted to it. Every “John” has his favorite, the Surar Baby/Daddy “relationship is no different.

    1. Marcus68 says:

      Thanks Anton for another example:

      Concubines = Prostitute

  85. Dwayne Keith says:

    It’s funny that much of the indignation over this is coming from the very crowd that created the climate for it to be happening in the first place. Sounds like this website is just facilitating a woman’s right to choose. Better redouble your efforts to seize and redistribute the wealth of these geezers so they can’t afford these Sugar Babies. Of course once you take their money they won’t be able to afford to invest and create Sugar Businesses that employee lots of people and keep the economy of the country vibrant and productive. Ahhh…the conundrum of the lunatic left…to at long last figure out how to aim at the big guy without hitting the little guy. They just can’t figure out that whatever is bad for the folks that sign the front of a paycheck will also prove bad for the folks that sign the backs of them (or want to again someday). These little college girls have figured out economics a lot more thoroughly than most of the people they routine vote for like Obama and most everyone else with a (D) after their names.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      there should be more social mobility so that a family can in 18 years time help their own sons and daughters through college. the kids will pay the rest of the loansback after graduation. most parents dont own enough to save uo for their kids colleges. and there arent that many scholarships. even most immigrant kids dont receive them. thats the solution. not the affluent guy being done over and affecting the poor guy as well. why cant a fmily just earn more so they can help out te=heir own kids? The pay in america needs to rise. try living here with barely 50K. a family of 4 with 50k beofre taxes in Boston is poor with no future. doesnt matter the background. thats the problem and solution, lack of social mobility and opportunities to better paying jobs.

  86. Ranger01 says:

    Sounds like Prositution to me? Services for Money? Put out, get paid, get laid, get Educated. So what is new with this concept?

  87. Joe says:

    I will guantee you, that the 20k figure is possible, but not the average.
    This stuff is supply and demand. If there are 20 girls for every guy the guy is in the position of power.
    People assume that a young girl cannot feel any affection for an older man.
    Years ago, I had a very young girl that really started to fall in love with me as I was good to her in every way, sincere and honestly showed her respect.She had just gotten out of a terrible marrige.
    She was one of the nicest people I have ever known. I left so she could go on with her life and marry. She did, and now has a great life.
    Each situation is different. If a couple started communicating and got together
    with a mutual affection and respect, it is a relationship.
    If they don’t care about each other and the girl has no feelings for the guy, it is prostitution. That can be said about a lot of marriages.

  88. Mina says:

    Coming from a woman in her early 20’s, having student loans, and a lot of debt is very stressful. If this wasn’t about having an intimate relationship, I would sign up. I work full time and I make decent money, but I haven’t been able to save because of all the bills I have to pay. I have two student loans out, multiple hospital bills & doctors bills, and have credit card payments. I live with my Dad, but he makes the same amount as me. I’ve only had this job for a couple of months. I don’t have enough to make complete payments for everything. Plus, I have to have the money to survive and pay gas. From what I’ve seen between sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships is that they are both consenting. If he is willing to wine and dine her, and she is actually into him (that’s whats been the big kicker here.), then it goes from there. No sugar baby sticks around with someone because of their money. It’s very interesting kind of courtship. The truth is women always want to have that stability with money and their men. Do I believe this is prostitution? Not really, I’m sure some things go under the radar on the site, but it’s going to happen. Then you need to take a look at maybe there are some instances where they do make a marriage commitment. However, not everybody wants to be married. It’s all up to everyone’s belief and how they feel. Some people just see it as a ring and some paper, while others see it as much more. We are not to judge what others do with their life.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      most are already married. go to your local strip club. 75% of the men there are married and far from faithfull. guess what their looking for? their next mistress gf whatever they call it.

  89. Estevez's Gonahrea says:

    haha. Basically this is their way of being a prostitute and saying he is my sugardaddy instead of saying that she is a little trick performing for her john.

  90. PK says:

    I am a 23 year old law student in South Florida. Between books, tuitiion, and living expenses I will incur over 150k in debt. I could work a job as an attorney and eventually pay that off in 6-7 years, or I can have fun with some older guys and pay it all off while in school. To me it is a no brainer. I am going to have sex anyway might as well get paid. Yes, I suck off the guys. And yes, I would suck off guys regardless.

    Us women are only going to have our looks for so long. Why not take advantage of them and make an insane amount of money for basically NO real work. Anyone who disagrees has moral hangups and/or is just plain jealous.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      there is work. if you are lame in the sack, he will drop you soon for another. competetition is stiff. rough anal sex. you dont call that work or what? how about maintaining your appearance or interest when you dont care? thats work.

    2. bob_lazar says:

      this post made my d*** hard for some reason

    3. MC says:

      PK, the only problem is for most women, the experience of being a paid professional will leave you emotionally changed and unable to form meaningful relationships later in life. If you are honest with yourself sooner or later you are going to tell the love of your life that you were kept by a SD. Don’t be confused – SD arrangements are not the same as casual dating.

      1. Jacqueline says:

        Im glad you pointed this out. My friend Matt fell hard for a girl until he found out she was a mistress of a rich old dude who is married with 3 kids. He automatically didnt know what to think. She didnt even work or study. Just chilled and stayed on his beck and call. He now wants a real woman with a real job and isnt afraid of a hard underpaying job. Real men will find it hard to accept one of these sugar babies as wives one day. You have to explain to them how you made it through college with no debt.
        Prostituting. Some that wont sit well.

  91. BundyGil says:

    What’s the problem? A commercial arrangement between two consent in adults.
    Much like many marriages.

    1. Julia Oliveira Madden says:

      Many marriages ar eactually loving and sweet. 50% get divorced. Let me tell you something: of that 50% one part manipulated the other into it. only 30% divorced due to natural causes: infidelity, irreconsilable differences, grew apart, starter wife etc. most marriages arent perfect and may end later like around 15 year mark or after or not but most arent just about sex and money or “for the kids.” or “cheaper to keep her.” they are actually real.

  92. The Fine print says:

    Read the fine print young dumb prostitutes: all the sugar daddies on here talking about how good it is to get sex from you w/o having to make any committment to you; w/o having to be responsible for you, cheap women who they can use and dispose of like soiled rag, and note all the talk about what to do with any children you mig produce if you get knocked up, which they want nothing to do with. ths is how much they care about you. This is the reality behind all this nonsense trying to make this sound soooo good. Wake up and take a good hard look at reality. You’ll be abandoned like a bag of trash on the side of the road.

    1. Larissa says:

      This is true. My friend did this in college. She was replaced every 3 months and the daddies werent very well off, just middle class spending pocket money. She got pregnant from one and he paid her abortion. It was 4 years ago and she still freezes over the sight of a baby carriage. She was greedy, lazy, stupid, thought it was glamorous, inexperienced and she was sold short for all the rough sex she did. She still has a lot of debt to pay and she is wiser but more depressed at how dumb she was. These “relationships” arent real. You dont take them home or introduce them to your other 20something friends. This is quiet in the sheets. Most SDs wont pay tuition just life expenses. Some just the sex and thats it. She regrets it BIG TIME. Now she has: a real job.

  93. What's up with that? says:

    The picture of the reporter, Jorge esteves, looks kinda gay too.

  94. Mark Rose says:

    What I find unfortunate is the insane cost of higher education, even in the public universities. I’m sure that many of the Sugar Babies wouldn’t feel compelled to hook up with a sexual benefactor if tuition and student loans were within their reach..

    Who can blame them when the only other option is to be buried by debt? Besides, it sure beats resorting to pole-dancing in a strip club; I’ve known several women who’ve gone that route…

  95. Jeb says:

    Let’s change the name of the article to ‘young women choose prostitution to pay for college’. Don’t give even younger women the idea that they are anything but prostitutes buy giving it cutesie names

  96. Lena says:

    In retrospect, this doesn’t seem like such a bad decision. I worked my way through 3 college degrees only to find that when you get out to the working world you (as a female) are always grossly underpaid and you probably won’t be promoted either. Why? Because the old white men who still run things only want white men like themselves to advance through the ranks. You, as a female, will always be an “also ran.”

    So, if I were to do it all over again, I would have accepted the money I was offered when I was young (by the rich men I did date without any “strings”) and invested it and then I wouldn’t be worrying about money now. I wish it were a different world–it’s just not. Believe me, no one in the government or legal system enforces the equal pay or opportunity laws out there. I gave that a try for years.

  97. Mike says:

    Local television news sites uniformly have the worst comments on the web. It is quite troubling to read a few and not wonder about the state of this country’s mental health.

  98. T-143 says:

    It really comes down to envy. Young women have something that older women do not. Youth. Older men often have something younger men do not. Money. Women have a strong natural craving for security. Men have a strong natural craving for female youth/fertility. They wise women use that youth to get ahead financially, then when they are too old to continue on the sugar baby gravy train, have a huge nest egg that many would never achieve with a lifetime of work. That is, if they are smart with their money. Many young people don’t know how to manage their money and end up living a high life for a short while and then finding themselves with little to show for it. But for the smart ones, this can be a path to instant financial security for the rest of their lives. And all within the years it would have taken them to get a college degree. They can always get that degree later in life with all the money they have, while living in a completely paid-off house.

    As for the morality of it. Well, that depends on your religion or philosophy of life, I suppose. Yes, actions have consequences… but the consequences to a smart sugar baby are having to want for nothing for the rest of her life. The STD/Pregnancy risk is usually *LOWER* than it would be if she were just going through the normal gauntlet of guys at any University.

    1. cm says:

      you said it all. the only difference between this and marriage is honesty. a wife can pretend to be one thing until she has children and financial security, and then CHANGE into something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. and her husband can’t do a damn thing about it.

  99. RickBangkok says:

    Ah the age of self-entitlement and lack of actual responsibility. When they get the college degree and go for that first job, will they offer sex to the hiring manager? Will they intern in Congress? Mae West was head and shoulders above these girls.

  100. alain smithee says:

    I’m a guy who doesn’t date anymore because I got tired of being complimented on the way that I treat women, but I kept being banished to “The Friend Zone” after being told that I”m “Too Nice to Date”.

    I’ve thought about finding a “sugar baby” or a mail-order bride out of loneliness.

    It would be an honest relationship – I understand that she would be there for the money with the remote chance that she would actually fall in love with me and see me as more than a meal ticket.

  101. aurum79 says:

    As a hiring manager, I’m always glad to hear that my interviewees worked their way through college. I’m sure these folks will be a great addition to my business….

  102. Dan says:

    do these women really think they’ll be able to stop their lavish lifestyle once they’ve gotten their $15 an hour degree in liberal arts? Don’t think so.
    They’re just trying to satisfy their hunger for materialistic things, a college degree comes second…

  103. Jane says:

    Education should be fully subsidized by taxpayers in order to serve the general welfare. You can’t get anywhere these days without a university degree so no wonder these young women are so desperate. This is small government in action. No thank you!

  104. Nancy says:

    This is a symptom of a failing society. People have to sell their flesh to afford college. The army capitalizes on the same thing.

  105. Ashley says:

    I’m sure they picked this girl for the interview for one reason. She’s new to the whole concept and did not explain it well.
    I know I wouldn’t give an interview or get in the media, it’s something society does not exactly accept and I want to protect myself.
    I’m on my 2nd year with my SD, it’s more than sex, he’s been a mentor to me, he care about me and we have a love for each other. I’m done with college and work part time for his company, he spends about 150K on me a month, now tell me what college student make 150K a year out of college? I’m not going to say there isn’t a loophole in the system, but there have yet to be a day he made me feel like a prostitute.

    1. Larissa says:

      He must be very well off and paying your college tuition. Most sugar daddies just help out with life expenses and/or just pay for the sex itself. 150K I think you’re lying or he is paying your tuition. I know a lot of girls who have sugar daddies and they dont get THAT much okay. Its either money for sex, gifts or life expenses. No tuition since most daddies arent well off and married.

    2. Matt says:

      150K? I think you’re lying or he is paying your tuition. Most sugar daddies arent that well off to help out with tuition. The just give gifts, pay for the sex and bills. Thats it. Your must be the exceptional rich one. Most are middle class and married. And one question How long is this going to last? You will get older and he will go find another. Enjoy it while it lasts. Dont expect the friendship to last long either.

      1. Ashley says:

        He’s very well off, specially for his age considering he’s not a grandpa. He’s paying all my bills, apt, shopping spree, school loans and I still get an allowance and gifts. I don’t expect it to last forever but I know for sure I will be well off with my career and in life when I decide to walk away. Society can judge all they want, but Sugarbabies are smart and most of them are not just materialistic females, they’re trying to build a better future for themselves.

    3. Doubting_Thomas says:

      Ashley dear, that’s 1.8 million dollars a year. You must be very talented. I’d love to see how you present this on your tax return.

  106. Doubting_Thomas says:

    The Obama administration, recognizing that the sugar baby syndrome is grossly unfair to appearance-challenged persons of all genders and sexual orientations, and dedicated to ensuring social fairness, has proposed several new regulations to address the situation.
    1) Persons who are naturally more attractive than others and use this advantage to unfairly extract money in return for sexual favors will be taxed at a higher rate of 56 percent for sexually-enhanced income. In a White House statement, the president said, “We cannot allow the one percent of the cute and super-cute to unfairly monopolize the resources of our society.”
    2) Government funded training programs will provide opportunities for the attractively-challenged to enhance their appearance and sexual skills in order to better compete in the sugar baby marketplace. The International Union of Cosmeticians and Plastic Surgeons has enthusiastically endorsed the proposal. Special urban appearance-enhancement zones will ensure that inner-city residents have adequate access to these resources.
    3) Initial proposals for mandatory disfigurement of unfairly advantaged attractive persons have been modified to provide a more market-driven solution where disfigurement will be legally required but those who decline to participate will pay a penalty that is not a tax.
    4) If by 2018, a significant disparity remains between the attractively advantaged and the attractively challenged, congress will consider appropriate remedies.

    1. cm says:

      the scary thing is that satire eventually becomes reality

      1. Patrick says:

        this is true. they only want hot sugar babies. the ugly ones and so-so girls have to go to minimum wage jobs to put themselves through college. its onl open to those with the personality and looks. even some looks like a 7 at least. anything lower is staying poor in this world, looks of a woman is 50% of her.